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[US] [7.4] Tibia-Retro

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I believe that if you like a server as Tibiantis, this server might be fun for you as well.. We will be running a similar concept.. Not as heavy as Dura and not as original as CipSoft themselves. Somewhere in between.. but as original it gets..
What do you mean by somewhere in between Dura and CipSoft?
What do you mean by somewhere in between Dura and CipSoft?
What I mean is that, we added the old spider sprite, instead of the new spider sprite.
There will some custom mysteriandos for players to explore and quests are a bit changed so its fun to explore the world again.
In the very distant future, when (if) content gets dry, we can allow ourselves to provide new content which fits the genre.

Basically, minimal changes, barely noticeable within the 7.4 patch notes.
When I said CipSoft I was meant to specify "CipSoft 7.4"

I believe Tibiantis did this very well on their server and we will surely follow in their footsteps, except here we provide Ankrahmun from the start

I hope this clarify better what I meant with my earlier message :)
So this is tibiascape but 1x vanilla? That will never work 🥶 your server has too bad reputation to pull this off hehe
No point playing unless custom content, will just be another 1-2 month temporary server. Waste of time & money.
It’s not even close to it, but nice bump I guess 😀
"not even close".. because here u dont have some custom ank or meme kobolds.. wtf is that even kobolds .. this is tibia-retro and so far its retro .. or what do you mean
Last night we finished migrating the server to US same location so we should be good now for a unforeseen future without doubling down on servers or other issues. It was fun to explore Europe, maybe we will do that again in the future.

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i tried it, but not gonna invest time in server that doesn't guarantee any longevity, also its not even being advertised the right way. Not for me have free bump
Yes i had a pleasure playing this ots but your random ass rune makers pk that im highly grateful to made me quit and bunch of my friends i played with Constant neutral Pk People using rune makers to kill you as much as they please all it takes is relog on new maker and continue to follow you. People will slowly quit tibiantis and i praise them for it. And i wish to see tibiantis fail Considering im from times where there was average 200 online, You are very close to have no players at all within a time , Your ots lacks community , Dominando guild and rules that existed , You can bring your copy paste 7.4 you cant reproduce the community that existed on that protocol because tibiantis is full of toxicos. And yeah maybe i havent reached lvl 200 , even if i did it would of been a waste of time. Goodluck though

Nothing changed, there is a certain groups of players that dedicates their time to destroy tibiantis from within
And they are succeding in their mission , i mean just look at this shit.
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Just look at the kill graphs, Some was justified some was not mainly this isnt pk to gain anything, this is pk to make low lvls players exit. And from having 400 players going down to 100 average says a lot . Who is gonna spend 3-4 hours daily to play to progress to gather items, when you have bunch of of people constantly murdering neutral players? Not many will.
i tried it, but not gonna invest time in server that doesn't guarantee any longevity, also its not even being advertised the right way. Not for me have free bump

@damianek113092 I'll be honest I don't think 7.4 is for you buddy.

Best of luck with the server, been watching some stuff people are streaming on twitch for the dose of nostalgia
i tried it, but not gonna invest time in server that doesn't guarantee any longevity, also its not even being advertised the right way. Not for me have free bump
You don't invest in anything, because the moment it doesn't go your way you find an excuse to quit, judging by what you've been saying the last day or so on just about every OT existing. xD
First update since launch 3 weeks ago, experimenting within the 7.4 retro realm a bit. Trying to stay within!

This rarity update is very very subtle, adapted within the 7.4 genre without any new special ones.
A fun update but also a technical one with a proper proxy server activating soon.​
What ping from London ?

Not sure but probably like 70

We added a new library to the website


QoL updates


A character auction house (bazaar) is now available for Tibia-Retro players


New outfits available and our Bestiary/Task feature has been added
This server is good, feels just like old tibia, Idk but it feels like even smoother graphics too, and ofc without lag because back then we had like trashy modems lol. Ive been having a lot of fun and nostalgia playing it, Im lvl 20 already its pretty nice and good and community is nice and plenty. Its impressive how recreating the same old scenario gives the same outcome like same messages in trade chat and similar vibe and feels. Pretty good and server latency is good, good drops x1 everything as it should be. Would recommend it yeah
I could own the classic elf_colorable outfit. 10/10, would buy again.
I've never purchased premium for an OT before, but I spent the $5 here and I don't regret it. Though that system will be changing to an in-game method in the near future. As someone who started playing Tibia in 2003, this version feels like "true" Tibia to me. The little updates and modifications they have done do not detract from that experience at all. The community is also quite nice, I haven't managed to get myself PKed yet.
If you're looking for a long-term home with a true retro feel, then you should give this server a try.