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[USA][7.4] Memoria - a Cerebra Online project | Global Host

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Sep 23, 2011
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Memoria is our 7.4 clone of Tibia, here you can expect to find a true copy of the gameplay you remember, that means creatures, combat, magic and overall balance works the same way as they did back in the days. Memoria is built on The Violet Project engine that is reverse engineered from cipsoft files.​

Memoria is a long term server with no reset or restart as reflected in our settings :)

Launch 2023-Feb-01

30 Days of free premium at launch

Spawn time: 2x
Experience: 1x
Mana Gain 2x
Magic: 1x
Skills: 2x
Loot: 1x


While we forever want Memoria to keep the core gameplay mechanics our rates are slightly adjusted as you see above, these are the adjustments we feel are needed to balance out the vocations. Together with Ankrahmun of course being in the game as well as Port Hope our players will have a large variety of hunting grounds to visit!​


We also have shared experience, to make sure teamhunts are fair and make druids a more viable option!


Dynamic Client
On top of all this we offer a Dynamic client but in old-school format, with integrated cam player to share your adventures! You can use sidebars and wasd walking if that is to your liking! But more importantly it provide our players with a smooth experience while enjoying the game!​


Quality of Life

QoL changes are and should be expected, for example on Memoria you can use the bank to withdraw and deposit money to your bank account. You will find furniture packages, some small alterations to some houses as well we made sure small stones fall to the ground instead of braking, the same as spears.

On top of that Memoria allow players to use 2 accounts, if one account is passive. Like making runes, skilling or doing small administrative tasks. Not only do we think this is needed for the balance of a 7.4 world to work, but in essence this is actually how it worked back in the days and therefore is a more accurate representation of genuine oldschool gameplay. Since runes can only be made or bought from players this together with the 2x mana gain will achieve a balance between grind and fun.

List of typical 7.4 featured you can expect to find on Memoria:​
  • No roping on covered ropespot
  • No PZ on boats
  • Quick Drag
  • Player Stack damage and UH Trap
  • Correct spells and exhaust
  • Overspawn of monsters
  • Monsters spawn with loot
  • Spells based on magic level
  • Only player made runes
  • Player luring


To keep a server that does not want to change the core mechanics or add new powerful items, alter vocations and stuff alike we instead plan to add a different form of quests. Our Legends are each unique and will hold items of different tiers depending on difficulty. The premise is once one is solved, that legend is closed. However a future legend can hold the same item even though the quest itself will be different. In this way we also intend for all items to be accessible, but rare items might only be reachable once a year or less.

Hope to see you in-game and good luck,
// Cerebra Team
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I'm in, good luck!

have task system?
Greetings, hope to see you in game later :)
This have been discussed internally and we are not against it, but since we try to keep Memoria rather true to form we choose to leave this up to the community once it builds up, it is easier to add it if requested than to remove it because it was not liked (or more fair to the players).

It kind of falls into Quality of Life or longevity content, however I personally kind of like things to be a little more rpg minded, so if we add it by request I think I would prefer to add it so that multiple npc give out suiting tasks. A city guard could ask you to help with problems surrounding that city and things like that, instead of just one task npc in a corner somewhere.

We will simply see what our community thinks

I recommend to take care about people at depot for a long time, in this version they can broke the game, modifying the client, and changing the sprite of the store site items, this bug possibility they stuck their depots and use items inside like mana fluids forever. they can clone store points also, so always check the console.log :)
how can you make ankh on tibia 7.4 ?!?! mages will get high lvls! look at tibiantis they made retarded ankh and look it worked only high lvl eks and rps are online
Nice but we dont need second tibiantis but bugged tibia 7.4
the truth I see that it is a good project, there are those who want to start in tibiantis but it is already a server that is very advanced, it is very good but there are people who like a new start.
Just a last friendly reminder the server opens up in ~30 Minutes (19:00 CET)

And as a collected reply to some questions:

Mail verification should be rather quick, check your trash or spam folder if you don´t see the mail in your inbox

If you can´t see the register page or download you may need to clear your browser cache (shift+f5 or ctrl+f5 on most browsers)

Else register here.

Download client:
DX Client
GL Client
See you in-game in 30 minutes :)