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[USA][7.4] Memoria - a Cerebra Online project | Global Host

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Server Address
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Is the purpose of the proxies to improve latency, and if so, how is that achieved?
The proxies are helping your packages to take a more direct route to the main host in London, UK. It does not have to mean your ping see much improvement but the communication overall could improve and thus the effect in game.

You choose proxy in the client when you login under "servers" and can have either no proxy, NA, or SA proxy. We advice each player to test what works best for them. Most players in Mexico for example seem to have best results with NA proxy
We have introduces the ability to "withdraw/deposit X" amount directly
Player: "withdraw 144"

We reduced the mana of bed mages to the correct amount (1 mana per minute)

We also prepared some new stuff as of player request


Also as of popular request:


See you in game :)

The host is now considered a "Global Host" as the location is moved to US eastcoast. This should provide good enough ping both for EU, US as well as SA players.