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[USA][Custom] ArchlightOnline - Legacy - Coming May 13th 2022

Server Website/AAC
Server Address
Server Port
Client Protocol

Changelog 6/1


● Fixed an issue where allies were being considered in different dimensions.

● Fixed an issue where the Archlight Tokens and Gold from Loot Slimes would go to the depot inbox if the player didn't have room on the inventory, instead of going directly to the bank.

● A confirmation window has been added to awake a stat (this was already ingame).

● Fixed "sets of lives" affix issue on Darkness content.

Darkness Content Changes

● Rift Knife Quest

● Reduced overall strength of Dimension 1 by 20%.

● Dimension 2 is now as strong as Dimension 1 was before.

● Dimension 3 is now as strong as Dimension 2 was before.

● Removed the stun ability from Mathayus and Imhotep bosses.

● Reduced the health and damage from all 3 bosses by half.

● Removed the paralyze ability from Kaiser and Crypt Mummy.

● Kaiser will no longer summon Kaiser's Subject.

● Increased the chance to drop the boss summoning items: Ancient Pharaoh's Artifact by 6%, Ancient Pharaoh's Rod by 40% and Ancient Pharaoh's Key by 100%. They will also no longer be soulbound. For full disclosure, no loot bonuses increase this chance.

● Added informative message when Dipthrah executes its "hide and seek" mechanic.

● Added more information regarding the progression of the quest on the sacrifice counter cutscene.

Vocation Changes


● Runemastery bonus per point has been reduced from 0.75% to 0.5%.

● Hephaestus' Rage, Zeus' Bolt and Warcry will now scale off the caster's vocation primary stat.


● Soul Rune

● Increased its effectiveness Tier 1 from 6% to 10% and Tier 2 from 6.6% to 11%.

● Awakening Guaranteed Effect now yields +10% effectiveness and has had its effect of increasing the effectiveness by the amount of players hit removed.

● Buff Party

● Updated spell description with proper information.

● Decreased Buff Party 2 Attack Power percentage from 15% to 12%.

● Decreased Buff Party 3 Attack Power percentage from 20% to 15%.

● Decreased Buff Party 4 Attack Power percentage from 25% to 18%.

● Decreased Buff Party 5 Attack Power percentage from 30% to 20%.

● Fixed an issue where Buff Party 5 would not give additional effectiveness on the Attack Power percentage with points.


● Call In The Militia

● Fixed an issue where it would not properly scale with the master's stats.

● Reduced the base damage summon damage from 96 to 40.

● Increased the interval between auto attack shots from 1.1 seconds to 1.5 seconds.

● Increased the chance to cast the auto attack shot from 80% to 100%.

● Decreased the range of the auto attack shot from 10 to 4 tiles.

● Card Disciple Awakening Effect will now yield one card bonus to each Blue Coat, instead of random ones.

● Fixed an issue where Soul Rune's Guaranteed Effect of bleeding was not accounting for multiple damage multipliers, resulting in less damage.

● Fixed an issue where Cannon Barrage Hell Artifact effect of bleeding was not accounting for multiple damage multipliers, resulting in less damage.

● Fixed an issue where Exposive Shot's Guaranteed Effect of fire damage over time was not accounting for multiple damage multipliers, resulting in less damage than intended. The value has been reduced from 92% to 90%.


● Holy Retribution - Consecration now follows the caster.

● Removed double cooldown penalty from both Sunfire and Shield Bash awakening effects.

● Decreased Shield Haste Attack Power bonus percentage from 70% to 25%.

● Increased Burning Weapon ticks from 2 to 3, reduced interval between ticks from 1.5 seconds to 1 second and it will now deal 25% of the damage caused by the original hit as a DoT, instead of the previous 10%.

● Heavy Shield, Raise Shields and Shield Wall are now individual buffs and no longer overwrite eachother.


● Fixed an issue where players weren't able to summon Doomlord - Loner while having another type of "inactive" summon up (companions, prison summons, angel slime, etc).

● Increased Doomlord's chance to cast area spell from 60% to 100.

● Increased Doomlord's area spell radius from 4 to 5.

● Ravenous Fiend has had its AoE replaced by a single target spell which has a 100% chance to be casted every 2 seconds.

Reasoning: with these changes, Ravenous Fiend can fulfill its intended role as a high single target damage dealer, having a better sinergy with its awakening effects, while Doomlord is used for farming.


● Increased Cunning Blades duration from 6 seconds to 10 seconds, but reduced the Attack Power percentage bonus from 45% to 20%.


● Tiger Blade Hell Artifact base effectiveness reduced from 10% to 5%.

● Shisui Blade Dexterity bonus percentage reduced from 20% to 10%.

● Reduced Samurai's Base Soul Rune Damage from 308 to 216 on Tier 1, from 339 to 238 on Tier 2.


● Increased Infused Energy Beam base damage from 67 to 100.

● Fixed an issue where the Auto Attack rune effects weren't properly scaling.

● Fixed an issue where Infused Energy Beam - Guaranteed Effect was not properly working.

● Fixed an issue where Infused Energy Beam - Infused Energy Orbs effect was dealing more damage than intended on the single target effect, but less damage than intended on the spinning effect.


● Gorilla has had its melee replaced for an area spell which is casted every 1.5 seconds, dealing 80% damage of what the melee used to do. It scales with spell damage.

Reasoning: this change has been made to improve Tamer's farming without affecting PvP.

For the next week:

● We are currently working on a big internal change that should address the late game damage overscaling and PvP one-shots.​

Changelog June 8th

● The Olympus Amulet and Olympus Ring requirement to trigger enhancements is now killing Hades, instead of the Hydra.

● Now to upgrade the stage of an Olympus Amulet or Olympus Ring, a single piece of the same is required, instead of one of the same stage. For questions or issues with this change, please send a private message to Phoenix, on Discord. He will respond when he is able between his work hours in RL.

● Shining Oils may not be used through hotkeys anymore, to avoid the issue of the bulk roll not being properly applied.

● Fixed miscellaneous english typos on Olympus questline.

● Fixed an issue where World Boss bonus wasn't being applied to all worlds.

● Fixed an issue where Gem Remover bulk rolls where being prevented if a stack of Gem Removers with less than the requirement amount was found.

● Fixed an issue where in a specific circumstance, the Sigil Bonus removed by mimic scrolls from an equipment could not be re-applied to it.

● Fixed an issue where the guild broadcast command [/bg] would not send the message accross worlds.

We are still working on the attack power overscaling issues on late game, we are aiming to patch it next week without a specific day, but this might be changed if needed. We believe that most vocation specific balancement issues narrows down to the Attack Power overscaling, hence why we haven't had any vocation specific changes for today.

July 20th 10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST / 19:00 CEST

Archlight: Rise of the otherworlds has been the largest era of Archlight ever. We have never even had a past Era in our 3 years of Archlight that hit half as many unique daily logins. We are following it up with a bang. In 2 weeks, on July 20th, Archlight will be resetting for a massive fresh start! Before we ramble about all the exciting things we will be bringing to you with Archlight: War of Gods, lets talk about why we're doing a fresh start!

Following up our largest and longest era ever, nearly half a year long, we have set new expectations for ourselves as a team, and as a increasingly growing game. This new Era our MAIN focus is Quality of Life improvements, Bug Fixing and Balance. After our massive growth of new players this Era (6x more new accounts joining than any past Era... Yea... 6x..) we are preparing for a insane launch of Archlight: War of Gods. Giving 1000's of players a chance to start fresh, correcting mistakes, playing a new vocation, or taking a different path in said vocation. Now, let's talk about some of the kickass features coming in War of Gods + how you guys are rewarded for this era going into the next!

Archlight: War of Gods Timeline


Archlight: Rise of the Otherworlds Servers Go Offline: July 10th 10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST / 19:00 CEST
Archlight: War of Gods Early Character Name Reservation Opens: July 13th 10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST / 19:00 CEST
Archlight: War of Gods Public Character Name Reservation Opens: July 15th 10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST / 19:00 CEST
Archlight: War of Gods Releases: July 20th 10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST / 19:00 CEST

Our Promise

Archlight has now been online for nearly 3 years. Including the first beta it has been up for over 3 years! Since day 1, we have always garanteed that every dollar you spend on Archlight you will receive back in the event of a new Era! Our team will always keep this promise to every single player of Archlight. As in past Era's, points will be rolled out to ensure that the economy isn't destroyed by a dumping of Archlight Coins. Our new method this Era showed massive benefits, ensuring the economy was never compromised.

Rewarding Players For Their Progress, Their Legacy On Archlight, Forever

As mentioned in January, with Rise of the Otherworlds, all progress on Archlight will forever be rewarded. All players will receive Legacy Crystals for not only their Awakening Level Progress, but also their overall Power Progress (We feel this is most efficient way to measure someones overall strength progress, from equipment looted, to stats, to upgrades, to gems). Unlike donated Legacy Crystals (which are released in progression) Legacy Crystals from your characters progress are available AT LAUNCH! They will be sitting waiting in your account for when you login to enjoy! Crystals from progress are also recorded forever in your account from any era! And finally... these earned Legacy Crystals (and only the earned ones) will become a highscores/hall of fame list from Era to Era, showing the most powerful Archlighter who has left the most impactful Legacy. This Hall of Fame will be added in for the New Era!

The amount of Legacy Crystals gained will be based on the following chart, simply add the total crystals from your awakening levels + your power rating!

You will have until the servers close to progress as far as possible! Make sure to scoop up as many juicy rewards as you can for the War of God's Launch to boost your starting progress and get that competitive edge!

Awakening Levels (401+)

401-500 = 1 Crystals Per Level
501-600 = 2 Crystals Per Level
601-700 = 3 Crystals Per Level
701-800 = 5 Crystals Per Level
801+ = 8 Crystals Per Level

Power Rating (After 4000)

4000-5000 = 10 Crystals per 100
5000-6000 = 20 Crystals per 100
6000-7000 = 30 Crystals per 100
7000-8000 = 50 Crystals per 100
8000-9000 = 100 Crystals per 100
9000+= 200 Crystals per 100

Archlight Team Strengthening!

As Archlight Grows, our team grows and strengthens! We would like to welcome our new Developers - KRWone (Mapper), Madison (Mapper), Maxcreed (Pixel Artist), Fae1z (UI Designer) and Disasterpiece (Media/Graphic Work)!
We would also like to specially welcome our new full time programmer Breadfan to the team! Breadfan, out of The Netherlands, will be having a primary focus on bot support in the near future, fixing up ongoing bugs and issues, and overall improving the functionality it has. He will be also helping in any area Ninja is overwhelmed with work, to ensure certain bugs, and new features, can be implemented quicker than in the past! His first few full time days with us he has coded our new 2.0 Arch-Launcher! Let's chat a bit about that now!

2.0 Arch-Launcher Released!

With a cleaner UI, quicker navigation, better organized news and patch posts, and.... it automatically deletes and cleans up old Archlight files when it updates to the latest version! We're very excited about our new Launcher and it's new streamlined features. This is just the start of what our launcher will offer in the near future - Offline chat anyone?

New PvE Content

Archlight: War of Gods is dated in a time of conflict, of war, between Heaven and Hell. Archlighters will not only have to pick sides at times throughout this war, but also choose to betray many. War of Gods will bring in multiple new dungeons, several massive new quest lines, dozens of new creature/boss sprites, environment sprites, and two massive worlds (Heaven, and Hell) to explore and conquer!

Sieges, Sieges, Sieges! and more...

A full list of our current Siege changes can be viewed below as well! Sieges are something our team is very excited about. Not just the Guild Siege event, but the almost endless limitations of what this base provides! Making the PvP more impactful, not only for the player experience but the way it shapes the Archlight World. We put a great deal of time and effort into improving our community and social systems this past Era with the changes and additions to Guilds, adding more benefits and reasons to be apart of a guild and social community, we are excited to further expand on this through Sieges and Siege PvP!

Focusing on Bug Fixes and Quality of Life Improvements

A huge focus from our team going into this Era is Bug Fixes and Bug Control. As a team, we have streamlined the bug reporting and fixing process ALOT, and are very excited on our new setup to receive reported bugs, and properly monitor the fixing process! Moving forward our goal is to never have an outstanding bug for more than 1 patch cycle!

Wings & Mounts - United!

No longer do you have to choose between your favorite mount or wings to showoff! In War of Gods both will be able to be used simultaneously! Display both at the same time and ride in style!

Client Optomizations and Improvements

We have been putting alot of time into further improving the draw speed and animations of our Client. We will be releasing teasers of these in the next couple days as well.

Outfits/Mounts/Wings Bonuses Reworked

Something we've always wanted to avoid is forcing players into wearing a specific outfit or mount, for the bonus it offers, this is why inititially we have had a passive system, in which you received 0.5% max health and mana for each addon/mount you had unlocked. This system feels boring and stale to us! We will be slightly revamping this system in the following ways..
1. Outfits, Mounts and Wings have now all been split into 4 different "tiers"
2. Outfits, Mounts and Wings will give their own unique amount of +% health and +% mana, +skill and +profession skill based on their tier!
3. Many outfits previously unobtainable from anything but the shop, are now available by playing!
4. Many tasks will now reward players with products needed to craft outfits, addons or obtain mounts!
5. Many bosses will now drop rare mount or addon items
6. Additionally addons, outfits, mounts and wings will all have a more unique and engaging way of obtaining them compared to before!

Giving the Client a Facelift!

Our new, more unique and aesthetically pleasing windows will be implemented and functioning for Age of Gods - We're very excited about these as they are a drastic quality of life and navigation improvement, as well, the new leader board looks even displaying who the true leaders / top tier players are ;)

Solo, Duo and Team Arena Reworked

This has been a major talking point for our development team - how can we make the Arena more interesting, challenging and engaging while also keeping its core principles and ideas in tact. Well, we're excited on the following new changes to the Archlight Arena!
  • Solo, Duo and Team Arena all have their own 23 hour cooldown - 1kk to enter, This entry fee goes up every week by 10% automatically
  • Every wave will spawn 5 creatures off this list, each wave the creatures spawned will have 10% more health and damage compounding.
  • Duo Arena the creatures will by default start at 50% more health and damage and will have 15% more health and damage each wave compounding.
  • Every 10th wave is a Boss Wave. The next wave will not start until the boss is killed.
  • Highest wave is recorded and on leaderboards (Solo, Duo and Team records)
  • Anytime you join the arena after your first time, you will start 10 waves back from your last wave you reached. So if for example last time you got to wave 27, you'd now start at wave 17 the next time you do your arena. This doesn't apply for Duo or Teams only Solo.
  • You receive Arena Bags based on the Arena Wave you get to. Example: If you died in Wave 23, you would get 23 Arena Bags (Will be same contents as Lord Ritual Bags)
  • Duo arena's both players will receive the amount of Arena Bags based on the wave they get to.
Team Boss Arena's will behave very similarly, however, be focused on bosses!

Archlight: War of Gods coming in hot!

MMORPG.org will be writing another bigger article on Archlight coming up to the fresh start. Their last review of Archlight bringing in over 1000 new referral players! Otservlist will have a 5 day countdown, bringing in further new player hype, as well as multiple stream + youtube partnerships being formed! New players are the lifeblood of growing the Archlight Community, we are excited to make a larger push this upcoming expansion on not only drawing awareness for new players but also encouraging their early gameplay and experience. We cant wait for what will be the largest Era of Archlight Ever.

Siege Changes

(These may be modified and WILL be expanded with a few more changes/improvements)

  • Limiting the amount of structures a guild can have up at a time: 30 Walls / 20 Traps / 10 Ballistas / 5 Catapults
  • Finetuning the health and damage on structures (capture nodes, walls, ballistas etc)
  • Respawn at closest node you control, if none - default to closest graveyard
  • Constructing a siege structure will now require a short channel time
  • After a trap is activated, damaging a player, the trap will be removed.
  • 30 second cooldown after dieing before you respawn
  • Creating Structure Zones - So only some structures can be used offensively rather than defensively, as well as preventing structure/ballista camping of a graveyard.

Misc Changes & Bug Fixes

(Dozens more will be added over the next week)

When players go AFK they will be removed from the Dungeon Queue to avoid players joining a dungeon with an AFK player.
Entering quests will now require a small amount of gold. This is primarily made to limit player harassment.
House and Guildhall rent will now automatically increase by 10% each week, instead of us manually increasing it at random times!
Stamina refiller now properly shows recovery to 35 hours instead of 36.
Fixed an issue with bard's legendary spell being able to summon twice and not despawn.
Fixed an issue with the behavior of the Rogue's Blink Step skill.
Fixed and issue where Monk's Claws evolved from Goldencrafted straight to Reforged Mastercrafted.
Fixed the description on Atrisan Shark Soup.
Fixed an issue where players could not pick their daily bonus when first crating a character.
Fixed an issue with Rogue's Slice and Dice spell where it didn't scale with awakening spell points.
Fixed an issue where Necromancers were not able to summon Lesser Shadowfiends.​
damn its crazy its been 4 years since oylmpus content dropped and still nothing has been released after it
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server has potential but owner too incompetent enough to care, focused on his nft scam server too much, every reset they release content that isn’t tested and the live era is basically one big test of the newly added content, knighter gets mad an will ban you from disc if you disagree with him along with rest of staff, also don’t forget that Brazilian players get 60% off donations for some reason compared to other countries. They don’t balance vocations and when it goes to live they will nerf the vocation to the point you have to donate to swap vocations to compete, another scam. Gg @Sir Knighter
Straight facts @sethg15 , as a self proclaimed "business man" I'm not sure why he carries him self this way. He may justify it BECAUSE he is a business man, but let's be real, that isn't the case. The guy & any staff that has power/authority, all seem to have the mentality of north korea. If he or the staff don't like what you say, you better watch out because there will be retaliation #NorthKoreaBestKorea.
The upcoming Legacy Season is quickly approaching! With this, will be adding the Unlock ArchPass Cosmetics token to the Token Exchanger for 1 Archlight Token. It requires a Premium ArchPass to be used and it may only be used once. In preparations for the new season, we will be taking Legacy's live server down for maintenance this Friday, March 10th, at 10:00 AM Pacific Time (15:00 Brasilia Time, 13:00 Eastern Time, 19:00 CET). The server will be prepared for Legacy's New Season starting March 18th!
Fresh Start Legacy Season Starts: March 18th - 10:00am Pacific Time | 1:00pm Eastern Time | 14:00 BRT | 18:00 CEST

Character Creation Opens: March 13th - 10:00am Pacific Time | 1:00pm Eastern Time | 14:00 BRT | 18:00 CEST

For years, Archlight has had roughly 3-6 months between new seasons. We wanted to do something bigger with this expansion. After nearly 8 months of development, we are excited to bring you the next Expansion of Archlight. Minerva's Uprising. The Archlight team has been working incredibly hard over the last 8 months to build Minerva's Uprising, not only a massive amount of new content, but also completely new Guild System (That you all are going to love), many Quality of Life changes & so much more. The patch notes are incredibly long, so I will keep this short. We are excited to now share with all of you everything coming to the new Season of Legacy! Read the full patch notes at: https://archlightonline.com/
wizard expansion 10.png
Great server with great custom skins/animations/char progression. But unfortunately it's a playground for p2w people. If ur a f2p here u will have to get carried by p2w and u will get 1 shot by p2ws if u even try to compete for spawns or anything else(which u cant). Sad they haven't done anything about it all these years. As a f2p u will need months to get to 5k power and p2w have it on 3rd day just from cosmetics
Thats why you just dont play it
Yeah I played since era 1 as a complete f2p, farmed some cosmetics with LATs and everything, but then it feels more of a job then anything haha and here donating 100$ legit doesn't bring u anything. 500$+ or nothing at all
We're excited to announce that the launch of Legacy's Fresh Season is just around the corner! Doors will open in 1 hour (yes! you will have 2 hours to set up your character!) The client will be available at the Launcher at the same time. Fresh Legacy Season starts in 3 hours! Based on the community’s feedback, we have applied some changes. Check them out now! Also, create your character now if you haven’t: ArchlightOnline (https://archlightonline.com/)

3 HOURS untill launch.png
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Prelaunch doors are open, 2 more hours for the actual launch​
Post automatically merged:

The actual launch is not yet live and we are hitting 410 players. already​
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It's time to gear up and get ready for a new era! Legacy is now live, and we couldn't be more thrilled to share it with you. This era promises to bring a fresh and exciting new experience to our game, with new challenges, changes and new opportunities for adventure. We've worked hard to create a world that's even more immersive and exciting than before, and we can't wait for you to explore everything it has to offer. Whether you're a seasoned veteran of Archlight or a new player just starting out, this era is the perfect time to jump in and start your journey. With new gameplay mechanics and exciting updates, there's something for everyone in this new era. So, what are you waiting for? The adventure awaits! Grab your friends, level up your characters, and explore this new and exciting Era. We can't wait to see you in-game and witness all the amazing things you'll accomplish in this new era. Welcome everyone, and happy gaming!
Legacy launch poster is live.png
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We are absolutely ecstatic to announce that Legacy has achieved a monumental milestone of 700+ players online in just two days since our launch! We could not have achieved this without the incredible support and enthusiasm from our dedicated player community. We want to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of our players. Your feedback, suggestions, and support have been invaluable to us as we strive to provide you with the best gaming experience possible. We are committed to listening to your comments and taking them into consideration as we continue to develop and improve our game. It's truly inspiring to see how Archlight grows and thrives with such a passionate and dedicated player base. We promise to keep bringing you exciting updates and new features to keep the game fresh and engaging. We hope that you will continue to join us on this thrilling journey as we work together to make our game the best it can be. Thank you once again for your support and dedication. We look forward to continuing this adventure with all of you.
700+ players online.png
Latest changelogs
● Fixed an issue where Sharptooth Sword, Axe and Club reward chests weren't working properly.
● Fixed an issue that could cause guilds to unsync in some rare cases.
● Fixed an issue where World Boss monsters were broadcasting their loot to the server.
● Fixed an issue where Berserker's Life Steal was healing on Wargates after the boss died.
● Fixed an issue where reconnecting the client could in some cases result on not being able to move.
● Fixed an issue where players could join events even inside dimensional hunts.
● Re-added missing bonuses to Everblazing and Sharpwings companions.
● Fixed an issue with the Health Bar Color which would change to red even if the player was an ally.
● Fixed an issue where players couldn't see the description of some backpacks upon hovering over the item on Player Inspect.
● Fixed an issue with some Special Furnitures where their bonuses wouldn't be applied through the Special Furniture Window.
● Added cosmetic bonuses to Chicken Mount: T6 Health/Mana (2.5% health/mana and 50 power) and to Purple Swords Aura: T6 Attack Power (30 attack power and 50 power).
● Fixed an issue where the text above the teleports on depot weren't being displayed.
● Fixed an issue where Bounty and Daily Tasks brackets weren't considering access for Darkness Otherworlds monsters.
● Solo Arena will now grant an amount of Glyph Tokens regarding the bosses players have skipped. That is, if you died on wave 45, next time you will start at wave 35, therefore, skipping 3 bosses and losing 9 Glyph Tokens. With this change, players will receive the Glyph Tokens accordingly.
● Fixed an issue with Minerva's Raid, where players weren't receiving the race win as intended upon defending Minerva. Players affected have already received their race win.
● The movement speed from monsters from the new Minerva's Uprising content has been doubled.
● Hide and Seek event will now broadcast to Seekers how many Hiders are left.


● Fixed an issue where players couldn't remove defenses from Siege.
● Reduced Siege's Ballista range from 10 to 8. Fixed an issue that it would still hit enemies through walls and out of range.
● Fixed an issue with Bounty and Daily Tasks creatures that despite considering access, it was not considering Prestige Level correctly.
● Fixed an issue with Berserker's Forgotten Soul Rune and Reflex Glyph, that were unintentionally working on Zaqor's Tower Survival Challenge and PvE events.
● Reduced the spawn range from creatures on Zaqor's Tower Waves challenge.
● Fixed an issue with Monk's Absorb The Elements - Fire Summon damage. It was causing 0.5% damage instead of the intended 50% damage.
● Following Survey's results, the Minerva's Race has changed: it will now be unlimited and it will be granted upon triggering the introduction cutscene. Players that have done the cutscene will receive it on login.
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