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[USA][CUSTOM - OTC] Zoltyum - Age of Cataclysm | Beta Launch 6/30/2023 - 11A.M PT

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Zoltyum - Age of Cataclysm is a new server born from the work of 10 years of development, mixing the best features of the 2013-2018 zoltyum project and the existing shadow realm project with the purpose of providing a ground up reworked server with a balanced implementation of the features built across the years, this server is designed to be a mid exp server with tons of features and content to be released over time, starting with a feature rich early game, balanced spells and spawns.

Connection Information

Website: Zoltyum - Latest News
IP: zoltyum.org
Discord Server: Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers

Exp: Custom (Semi - Low)
Skill: 3x
Magic: 1x
Loot: Custom (Special items on all creatures)
Type: Open PvP (Expert PvP available)
Frags to red skull: 10 on a day, 1 frag removed every 4 hours
Skills/Mls grant dmg exponentially in a 10 by 10 factor
Armor reduces incoming damage (both magical and physical)​


Let’s begin with the very basics, awesome hunting spawns, quests, areas with wonderful mapping, providing a real RPGish feeling of exploring a mythical universe filled with all sorts of creatures and endless dangers.


In your journey you will face dangerous and epic bosses with A.I. and mechanics which will take your fighting experience to a whole new level.


Special Monsters Spawn​

In Zoltyum - Age of Cataclysm in very spawn you have the risk to face custom and stronger variations of usual creatures, these special creatures are usually the most powerful warriors of each race so their strength is different than usual. Killing special monsters of this system will reward you with a larger exp pool and possibly larger loot pool.

There are 3 classes in this system


Veteran: Are usually the strongest monsters from a race, but they are easy to fight in low amounts by a single player.

Elites: Very powerful foes, usually too hard to kill by a single player, these monsters are rare to be found in a spawn, the yield lots of experience and will provide special loot.

Champions: This sort of monsters are extremely powerful, they are anomalies in the space time, born from the chaotic void itself, these monsters are very, very rare to find and they are considered mini bosses, soloing one of these creatures is extremely hard, a small to large team is required. Killing these creatures will grant 50x more experience than a normal spawn monster and it will also drop unique loot sent to the reward chest.

Item Upgrading Mechanisms​

Zoltyum - Age of Cataclysm brings a large variety of systems which allow you to upgrade your items to further strengths.

Upgrading Crystals:​

These crystals can be used directly on your items and will provide either a new attribute or an enhanced already existing attribute in case of your attempt being successful, you can use our QoL tool “Upgrading Station Screen” to attempt large or faster amount of tries saving a lot of time.


Mystic Forge​


Note: Mystic Forge upgrades have a chance to fail depending on the stage.

Exaltation Forge (WiP)​

Killing certain monster ingame can grant you exaltation dusts, these dusts can be used on the Exaltation Forge to increase the tier of your item, doing this will unlock further item attributes or values depending on the tier.

Some of the strongest attributes ingame can be achieved via this method from tier 5 and above.


Boss Fragments (WiP)​

These unique and rare fragments can be rarely obtained by slaying certain bosses, using them via imbuement system will provide your items with unique abilities.


Crafting System - (WiP)​

Zoltyum - Age of Cataclysm will also includes a large crafting system with multiple crafting skills connected with our professions systems, you will find all sorts of items, upgrades, tools and more


Mastery Tree​

In your daily life im Zoltyum - Age of Cataclysm you will be able to complete different tasks/challneges which will reward you with mastery points or mastery stones, these can be spent on the mastery tree and are divided into 3 categories, depending on your progression stage you will unlock t2 and t3 mastery points which will allow you to push your mastery bonuses to the limit.


Tasks System + Tasks Tracker​

You will also notice that serveral places around the map will provide you with killing challenges which will reward you with mastery points, gold, among other things and you can also conviniently keep track of them using our task tracker feature.


Daily Bosses System​

This feature brings a new and challenging way to face daily bosses, every level increases by 25% the HP/EXP/DMG of the boss, also increasing loot probabilities and even unlocking special drops


We also provide you with a QoL feature which will allow you to keep track of your cooldown to face the bosses.


Prey System​

To provide you with an in-depth creature hunting adaptability we provide you with the prey feature which will allow you to spend prey cards in bonuses like:

  • Extra damage to the selected creature
  • Reduced damage of the selected creature
  • Increased exp when killing the selected creature
  • Increased orb rate when killing the selected creature

Prey Tasks​

We also count with prey tasks, which based on the monster’s difficulty will reward you with prey tasks points which can be spent on rare cosmetics among other useful things.




In order to take your take your monster fighting possibilities to new levels we decided to implement the long waited bestiary system, bestiary will allow you to unlock data of the monsters you hunt, once you reach the max kill requirements you will unlock all the monster info and also be rewarded with bestiary points, these points can be spent on unique and powerful charms amont other things.


A few examples of your charm points would be:

  • Freeze:
    You have a 5% chance to deal 10% of the total selected monster’s health in ice damage when its procs.
  • Parry:
    You have a 5% chance to counter the attack of your selected foe reflecting their damag back in full.
  • Dodge:
    You have a 5% chance to avoid a hit from your selected foe.


Another years awaited system finally makes it to the game, achievements is a long term system designed to allow you progress over time, they are divided into multiple sections and also divided by stages, unlocking an stage of any achievement will provide you with different bonuses that will make your character considerably stronger.


Frontline Battlegrounds​

Frontline Battlegrounds brings a whole new dynamic to your hunting, certain monsters have a chance to drop a portal where you will find a dungeon like 10 min battle experience, where you will face ferocious monsters and evil creatures which will grant you points per kill, these points will scale based on the difficulty of the frontline which is based on the killed monster and your current str.


Points obtained in the frontline battlegrounds can be spent in the frontline shop located in the champion challenge temple!

Champion Challenge​

The Champion Challenge is a feature available on Zoltyum in which allows you to fight powerful creatures by sacrificing gold. The more gold you sacrifice, the stronger the creature will be, but its rewards will also be better.


World Boss Raids​

World Raids are special events that happen once every 8-10 hours, in which you have to do certain tasks in order to spawn the ultimate boss at the end of the raid. You will be rewarded properly by helping to take down the boss. Dying inside world raids will not result in death penalty.

  • This stage is the first contact with the boss realm. Here, you will need to slay a certain number of creatures so the passageway for the next stage gets cracked open. Once it opens, you may proceed to the next stage.
  • This stage consists in sacrificing a specific item obtained from the stage 2 creatures’ loot. You need to sacrifice a certain amount of the items in order to proceed to the final stage, as instructed below. After the final stage is unlocked, a portal will be opened at the beginning of the stage 1 that will lead into the second stage.
  • This stage is simple. Defeat the boss and get some awesome rewards. Be careful! This creature is very strong and it’s highly recommended to avoid being hit by any of its attacks.

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Zoltyum, what the heck! That brings back memories. Gonna be fun seeing how this develops.
Is it starting at 11 AM PT tomorrow or 11 am CET? Countdown on website is CET...
So... This server was the only tibia custom server with a decent "thief/assassin" class implemented ingame, but for some reason it was removed? why?
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