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    Jan 2, 2015
    What is Whi World?
    Whi World is unique 2D MMORPG game. You start off in the tomb where you struggle to see the daylight. At first glance you find in yourself in abandoned desert city, but as you continue investigate the people you meet and places you visit you understand you are placed in cruel and violent yet beautiful and mystical world.

    The first narrative arc follows a war between humans and undeads. You will learn to understand, how undeads came to be and how to fight them. Even though this is the main story, there is a lot more going on in this world. War has already began and there seems to be nobody to stand against them.

    Whi World is made with awesome MMO emulator called "The Forgotten Server".
    To test this server, I am using CipSoft copyrighted client and artwork. One day it will be replaced with its own style and client, but for now making the mechanical part of the game, so people could already express their thoughts on this NEW game concept.

    This thread and post1 is updated ~monthly.
    This is thread where I mainly post technical changes for Whi World and keep track of the progress.
    This thread ties all other threads together.
    Post 1 is interactive. Click around to get more information.

    > Overall <
    > Classes < (info outdated over a year)
    > Items <
    > monsters <

    Above links lead to another thread
    >Whi World Wiki: Here I post item pictures or map pictures of Whi World <
    >Whi World Videos: Here I post videos made for Whi World or whenever we stream the game <
    >Whi World Advertisement: Here I post announcements regarding Whi World <
    >Whi World future teamStrategy: Here is team structure plan what I will try to use when its time to "hire" team < -- whenever I get enough money
    >Whi World Looking for assistant: Thread where I'm looking assistant for Whi World <
    >Whi World Looking for mapper: Thread where I'm looking mapper for Whi World<
    >Whi World Looking for OTC programmer: Thread where I'm looking client programmer for Whi World <

    Whi World BETA
    Whi World BETA 0.1.6: First Lore Boss! HYPE
    Whi World BETA return of ranked and unranked PvP arenas and rooms.
    Whi World BETA world pvp
    Whi World BETA pvp games (moba and battlegrounds)[only if there are players]

    "Whi World" LATEST CHANGES for sandbox:

    Started working on new item system
    Updated "Scripting Patch 0.1.5" part 4

    Left home, there will be no more live updates for months.
    Also taking a break for until end of the year.
    In addition offline server updates will be slowed down.

    Whi World PATCH - hotfixes

    Whi World PATCH

    Whi World PATCH

    > [13.01] Creating team for this project <
    > [27.02] Creating Whi World website <

    > [12.05] New YouTube videos <
    > [22.12] Scripting Patch 0.1.5 part 4 <

    Whi World Patch Timeline< (updated 19.08)

    > more of a story like updates <

    >Looking for teammembers<
    When you are interested in this kind of server and want it to be balanced, amazing and fun: play on my server and leave feedback on this thread about your thoughts.
    If you want to speed up my project progress in some particular way: contact me. All kinds of help is appreciated.

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    No experience with this.
    Same as #1.
    Action/movement scripts. doPlayerAddExperience (cid, 1000)
    Action/movement scripts. Use storages and timers. Example below.
    NPC/movement scripts. Removeitem + give Exp.
    NPC+creaturescript. Npc gives task, creature script to count monsters killed (storage +1 when monster killed) complete quest, add timer storage.
    Same as #1.
    Have two separate conditions that activate simultaneously inside the spell script.
    In items.xml I'm 95% sure you can add elemental damage to any weapon. If you need more advanced options you can use weapons.xml to make flashier effects and scripts.
    There are a couple scripts floating around that most servers already use for upgrading armor. Search around, maybe you can modify them to fit your needs.
    Creaturescript\onDeath check items for upgrade, lower upgrade amount by 1.
    Same as #1.

    Hopefully I've helped.

    -- Simple Daily Chest
    function onUse(cid, item, fromPosition, itemEx, toPosition)
    local daysvalue = 1 * 18 * 60 * 60
    local daily = getPlayerStorageValue(cid, 21001)
      if (daily == -1) then
      daily = 0
      if getPlayerStorageValue(cid, 21000) - os.time() <= 0 then
      doPlayerAddItem(cid, 2152, 10)
      time = os.time() + daysvalue
      setPlayerStorageValue(cid, 21000, time)
      setPlayerStorageValue(cid, 21001, daily+1)
      local daily = getPlayerStorageValue(cid, 21001)
      doPlayerSendTextMessage(cid, MESSAGE_INFO_DESCR, "You done your " .. daily .. " Daily Quest. You got 10 platinum coins.")
      doPlayerSendTextMessage(cid, MESSAGE_INFO_DESCR, "You must wait 18 Hours to get your daily quest. Next available will be at: " .. os.date("%H:%M:%S", getPlayerStorageValue(cid, 21000)) .. ".")
      return true
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    Jan 2, 2015

    Knights is the kind of vocation, who fights with close distance weapons. (distance 1-2 tiles)
    Main Damage type is Physical damage.
    Most of Knights spells will support him to sustain LOT of burst damage or ease the damage taken overall.
    So if spells timed correctly, Knights wont die so easily.

    Knights passive is: Armor stat from all sources (gear, food, potions, spells) is increased by 50%
    armorup - gives temporary armor and movement speed on breakdown
    strike - deals physical damage [distance 1]
    rubydef - gives fire resistance for 5sec and heals if fire damage taken
    opaldef - gives physical resistance for 5sec and heals if physical damage taken
    spellname - gives ice resistance for 5sec and heals if ice damage taken
    spellname - gives energy resistance for 5sec and heals if energy damage taken
    spellname - gives poison resistance for 5sec and heals if poison damage taken
    spellname - Taunts all creatures 1 square around you
    spellname - Taunts all creatures 3 squares around you (not full square)

    I am open for more spell ideas what would fit for my gameplay.
    Although i do expect you to me AT least level 3 with that class in my game to suggest any spells for me.

    Druid main purpose would be self survival and support himself and others with his spells.
    Main Damage type is Fire and Ice damage.
    Most of Druid spells will allow to prolong long farming sessions, exploration and boss fights.
    Druid spells will be quite must have for teams to soothe out player mistakes.

    Druid passive is: Resistance stat from all sources (gear, food, potions, spells) is increased by 25%
    heal - heals caster
    heat - Deals Fire damage [distance 4]
    shiver - Deals Ice damage [distance 4]
    buff - caster gets damage reduction buff for 1 hour
    spellname - heals target
    spellname - heals everyone around you
    spellname - hp regeneration spell selfcast for 60sec
    spellname - Mana regenration spell selfcast in 60seconds it gives back 25% from total mana
    spellname - Area Buff
    spellname - Transform to "Beast" (basically world of warcraft idea of transformations)

    I am open for more spell ideas what would fit for my gameplay.
    Although i do expect you to me AT least level 3 with that class in my game to suggest any spells for me.

    Mage will be a Yolo class, You die first or your target dies first, planning to have lot of combo and damage spells.
    Main Damage type is Energy and Death damage.
    Most of Mage spells will be for various damage spells for different situations.
    Although he still has his own unique way to defend himself + quite needed support spells.

    Mage passive is: Resistance stat from all sources (gear, food, potions, spells) is increased by 25%
    spark - Deals energy damage [distance 1]
    death - Deals death damage [distance 1]
    barrier - Absorbs Damage and reduces incoming damage from all sources
    deathii - Deals death damage 2 tiles ahead [distance 2]
    sparkii - Deals energy damage 2 tiles ahead [distance 2]
    spellname[x] - Elemental spells up to distance 4 and then left and right tilting
    spellname - Dispels target - takes away all damage debuffs
    spellname - Mass dispel - takes away all damage debuffs from everyone around you
    spellname - Somehow something like AOE spells (haven't given real though to that)
    infuse - your physical hits deal energy damage for 30sec. (you loose the power to cast damaging spells for 30sec)

    I am open for more spell ideas what would fit for my gameplay.
    Although i do expect you to be AT least level 3 with that class in my game to suggest any spells for me.

    Kite, dostaff, kite, CC, kite, BURST, something like that.
    Main Damage type is Physical and Earth damage.
    Most of Hunter spells will be for various kiting spells (laying traps, throwing bombs, slowing target or even stunning targets)
    He will have funny way to trick all monsters and players too.

    Hunter passive is: Being awesome.
    spellname - Places trap
    spellname - taunting targeted area
    spellname - Untaunt
    spellname - Stacking spell (damage or debuff or both, spell will stack and refresh each time you damage again)
    spellname - Aoe spells (Arrow volley)
    spellname - Double/Triple Hit
    spellname - DeBuffing target
    spellname - "bomb" throwing skillshots (like runes, but without using them)

    I am open for more spell ideas what would fit for my gameplay.
    Although i do expect you to be AT least level 3 with that class in my game to suggest any spells for me.

    All vocations can learn these spells, but they will be like OP rare items what you rly have to grind hard with team, if you want to get one.
    spellname - revive spell (resurrects dead target)
    spellname - Upgrades items (reduces item cap)

    I am open for more spell ideas what would fit for my gameplay.
    Although i do expect you to be AT least level 3 with any class in my game to suggest any spells for me.

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    Jun 27, 2014
    Everything you wrote on your "future" list can be found on these forums, with the search utility and some patience, nothing can stop you! :)

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    Jan 2, 2015
    Swords / axes / maces
    Swords are fast.
    Axes are slow but can hit hard at sometimes and sometimes fail.
    maces are slow but guarantee decent hits.
    Distance Weapons and knives
    Allows player to shoot or throw with weapons.
    Rods / Wands
    Practically all these weapons do mixed elemental damage with 1 hit (ice, fire, death, energy, earth)
    usually only item what gives defensive stat.
    usually improves equipped arrows
    Helmets / Chests / Legs / Boots
    Items for protection.
    Main source of reducing lot of damage.
    Upgrade Gems
    Each upgrade item has its own limit how far they can be upgraded.
    Both stone and gem upgrades can be applied to single armor piece at the same time.
    These items will help players to customize their gear for hard bosses.
    Gems cant be mixed with some other type of gem
    Gems can be taken out of gear with hammer
    Example: if you use fire gem then you can only use that type of gem
    gems increase overall damage if used on weapon.
    gems increase resistance if used on armor equipment.
    gems give unique effect if used on shield.
    Food helps to regenerate health back over time.
    Best food is with low cap and high tick value*. (tick value* how long lasts)
    some food only gives mana, some food only give hp

    Potion will give unique effects. All potion will have good effect what comes with downside.

    (There is not a single useless item when monster drops something, they are always for something)

    Tools for professions
    Rings / Amulets
    not added to game yet

    All these items can be upgraded with upgrade gems an stones
    All items can have unique effect!!
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    Nov 17, 2010
    I'd be interested in making this small village for you. can you post your current map so I can simply add to it instead of guessing the version and all that?
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    Jan 2, 2015
    [11.11] Scripting Patch 0.1.5 part 4
    Started working on new itemSystem.

    Long time ago when I wanted to learn meta tables (OOP kind of things in Lua)
    I wrote itemSystem with meta tables.
    Over time I learned that the methods I have been using and perfecting (similar to functional programming) would have been much better. Since there were few things I could simply not manipulate with old itemSystem, but what I would have liked to manipulate.

    In new itemSystem I will be able to effectively and automatically randomize the unique effect attributes items have.

    Left home, there will be no more live updates for months.
    I can not access my host from Norway (where I am now)

    Also taking a break until end of the year.
    Christmas with family and settling in.

    In addition offline server updates will be slowed down.
    My main priority is now to help my father to build his house.
    But when I got free time and I'm near computer I will be spending it on my life goals > Whi World

    Whi World PATCH - hotfixes

    Whi World PATCH

    Whi World PATCH

    Whi World PATCH

    Silent patch (no patch notes - some things will be mentioned in future patch notes)

    Started working on new special bag: Mineral bag

    Play testing with friend

    Whi World PATCH

    spell book is ready

    Testing spellbook and spells takes more time than expected. I practically have to spend 1 hour for each spell Oo
    (Setting up test environment, constantly compare function flow if something feels off, sometimes fix something, etc)

    I got over 100 spell buffs and I have to check how they work for every single spell.
    And finally gotta test every single spell with every single buff xD
    So yeah. thousands of tests to do and thousands of things to check.
    Even though some of them can be bulk tested it still requires lot of time.

    [14.11] - [17.11]
    working on new spell book

    Sometimes the current spellbook doesn't calculate spell damages or whatever accurately.
    Some buff descriptions are inaccurate and overall the entire spellbook is like put together by 5 different configuration tables.
    Spell book should work automatically and stay updated while new content is being added, but right now if I would need to add something, lot of things would require special treatment.
    With the new spellbook I will make more function tools for myself which allow me to modify and balance current and upcoming spells even more effectively.
    + I make the spellbook calculations accurate and reduce the complexity of entire spellbook.
    + make it autoupdate when already linked spellbuff gets nerfed/buffed

    Whi World PATCH

    Whi World PATCH
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    Jan 2, 2015
    YouTube videos
    Last Update: 15.03

    [29.02 - 09.03]
    Started working on new Youtube video "Whi World Stream Highlights 1": #post 33

    [02.12] -- This got stopped, because this video requires 5 people and I could not get this amount of people together to finish up this video.
    Starting working on new video:
    "Whi World thanks OTLand" (name might change)

    making video for "Whi World GamePlay review":
    #Post 6

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    Jan 2, 2015
    History Page1

    [02.01-08.01] Starting with Znote tutorial

    Currently i set my eyez on: http://otland.net/threads/video-tut...ing-ot-server-website-and-shop-system.166818/
    Nice, long and detailed guide.
    Sadly it seems too outdated, so i'm trying to follow the guide with:
    The Forgotten Server 1.0 & his latest Webpage Znote AAC_10

    Stuck with the webpage access.
    Problem posted here: http://otland.net/threads/video-tut...e-and-shop-system.166818/page-15#post-2182384

    i had port problems, i changed it when i installed webserver and didn't know its important to keep it as default.
    Thanks to HalfAway, I got Znote AAC up and running perfectly.

    [02.01-08.01] Since i'm having problems with Znote webpage access tried to use DevAAC (TFS 1.0)
    struggeling to understand the instructions and in the end i managed to get this text again:
    god dang it ..
    here is my detailed report of my fail:

    no progress..

    found error log :D
    and was able to move away few errors.
    still no permission

    i can see DevAAC webpage now!! but nothing is working there! xD

    took upon myself to learn basic php punctuation and word meanings.
    because so far i have gotten no help, and still trying to figure all of this out by my own...
    Access Denied! welcome back!! Now in the apache error log.

    Thanks to HalfAway, I got Znote AAC up and running perfectly.
    [07.01-09.01] Starting to custom the map
    Since it takes forever to create account in webbrowser i try to get account into server manually so i can try some scripting and mapping, while more educated ppl with php knowledge dish out some ideas for my web access.

    O boy, 3 hours of "mapping" and did like 1 room (and only to simply test different things), lol
    And i want to make entire custom world. Gj me.
    Will c is it possible to get help with mapping. Because seems like a thing ppl don't do it for free.

    First AREA COMPLETE!! WAAAT! SOO AAMAZE!, Pop the alco!
    I uploaded pictures in this post: Starting Area

    I have not given hope to find more map helpers :p
    Did u notice word 'more'??
    Yap. 1 guy helps me to do a first main town! WAAAT! COOL!! bring the Drugz!!

    Well i hope i can keep the steady pace of producing map content to the point i feel i should start scripting. Making new goals for early stage map.
    [09.01-12.01] Drawing out early stage map content
    So what i want to map before i move onto scripting:
    1. Starting Area (check)
    2. Main Town (check)
    3. Chapter 1 quest
    5. hunting area (check)
    8. 1 daily quest

    For saving up some time and get faster to scripting i just get important initial areas ready.
    But it still takes LOT OF TIME!
    But its not like i have sitting casually. I have been drawing map quite some hours.
    Sadly thx to my pickiness and restrictions how to map pushed away the only mapper i had for help, so now doing it alone again :/
    Anyway here is the area in progress, so you can see i'm still rushing to create the best & hardest PVE server out there.

    This mapping takes LOT of time, i skipped detailing areas for now.
    And instead of mapping out the Quest areas i just hop into scripts. and make the map for scripted things later, because i want to see how hard and time consuming scripting is.
    Im doing server alone anyway so little change for activity would be nice.
    Still not yet given hope to find help for mapping.
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    Jan 2, 2015
    History Page2

    [13.01]-[18.01] Scripting my first objects
    Today i tackled spell scripts and found out that most of my ideas i cannot even produce in .lua files!!
    This is sad! i hoped i can avoid touching source code for now..
    Well i learned some things about .lua spells and made a 1 custom spell, but yeh seems like most of my spells are going to be made in .cpp file.
    Since i didn't feel like taking on the source files and change spells there i decided mess with player on death things. I want to remove that thing entirely, but guess what! Seems like this is only possible to change in source code also >.>
    uff.. Well seems like a stop for scripting and a start for coding.

    Apparently i was not done with all the damage formulas.. I missed monster ones.
    And took me lot of time to find them from source code.
    But now i have them all!! All i have to do now is place down monster test what item i should use to kill that first monster.
    But before i can do that. i need to create 1 spell for all class.
    Before i went for spell scripting i took one of my ToDo things up.
    Rest of the day fought with onLook function.
    FINALY i got it to work!
    i feel i deserve a break now.
    no moar scripting today.

    Thank god we have VanderLay! in da forum!
    I did not know i can access Source Code.
    With a little guidance i was able to find my formulas in there, and lot of more interesting things what will come handy.
    Its like Extra information datapack. I take it.

    I spent 4 hours preparing myself a server and filling my excel sheet,I had all weapons from ATK1 to ATK 10 and ATK 15,20,25...till 50. then mademyself EXP orb where i could level myself up and start testing max dmg with my weapons again xD and dont forget the skill too.

    Well thx to VanderlLay i saved myself another 4hours until i would have finally filled my excel sheet + then i would have had to do some serious number-crunching to make up the fitting formulas.

    Instead for next ~3hours i searched for formulas in the Source code, made myself guide with balancing methods and learned hopefully everything what there is to learn about tibia combat values.

    Time to take a freaking break now

    This was hard day. I tried to get initial early hp/mana balance.
    And give appropriate ATK weapon and appropriate ARM armor piece
    To barely survive the first "dummy skeleton".
    Problem with balancing was this: TibiaWiki had incorrect Damage formulas.
    And i even made myself some tables already based of it before.. That time waste.
    I assume def/armor/shielding values have incorrect formulas too..
    I planned out excel sheets with lot of different variables so tomorrow i could Create client 10.41 formulas for myself. without this i cant continue, so gotta get them right and perfect else i will have problems in future when i try balance.

    Also learned to use modalwindow function, whats going to be a our spellbook in this game.
    I will get to it when i get over with this balancing i guess, right now its in the ToDo list.

    Then i got few pointers how to make onLook functions work. So there is hope i dont need 100+ new spellscroll items with new ID. But this also added into ToDo list.


    O boy, i got lost in codes :D i scripted 6hours in row and managed to do practically nothing.

    The StartingQuestItems script is now in single file and it works correctly (fixed it myself *Le boss face*)

    Changed the HomeTown script so, if in future i add more towns, i simply copypaste and change coordinates and monument unique ID.

    added SpellScroll in-game, when used with high enough lvl and right vocation, you learn the spell.
    i worked hours on the onLook function and tried to make it work, but then i found out that type:look does no longer exist in TFS1.0 . AAARGH DAT TIME WASTE.
    So now i added create 100 SpellScrolls with different ID, to do list. No idea how to make items or change them. But when i get to that point, i know what i have to make lot of xD.

    I prepared the working SpellScroll script. so if i do get the new scrolls with new ID's i simply gotta add it to action list and boom it works like an amaze.(hopefully)

    well yeah.. that was all i did in this 6 hours :/

    I first looked some C++ tutorial which explains how to basic codes and loops and such.
    Then i looked already existing .lua and .xml files and tried to understand each line to logically make the language make sense for me.
    All the questions what popped out i added to problem section.

    Well my scripting day just begun.
    I will now try to make .lua file what has OnUse effect on sarcophagus:
    Only druid/Knight/Sorc/Paladin can open this and will get his starting items once.
    (4 different sarcophagus each ment for different vocation)

    ------several hours later..but still the same day

    I now have 4 sarcophagus what will give starting items for specific vocation
    (still have the item problem to return it default item if unique ID does not match)

    i now have onUse monument what will make first town HomeTown and since the first quest is to find the town you get 1 time experience making it your hometown :D

    [31.01]-[02.02]Scripting task system
    Pretty chillaxed day.
    Entire Task system was ready today and rest of day spent on having fun and finally reworking the task system to make it more developer friendly. (now to add task you only alter table)
    Small overall planning what to do next and well
    tomorrow going to add initial mission npc.
    Don't feel like updating this thread post 1 right now, but i feel like i will do it soon
    (its simply makes it even better to browse trough my latest updates and more accurate information titles)
    This thread is not only keeping you up to date, but also keeping myself on track and gives me hints what to do next.

    Well.. no big update then..
    I was trying to upgrade Task Master by adding chooseable skill rewards.
    I got it working, but trying to figure out how could i make the code look thinner, because right now for each task i copy-paste ~12 lines what are exactly the same xD

    Also trying to modify the npc text more user friendly, by adding test for every end.
    what i mean is, right now when you say a word what usually does something, but it doesnt do anything this time because none of the requirements you need aren't matching it will say and do nothing.. so it kinda annoying..
    I cant fix it with simple IF else thing. so its more complex.. will c if i get it work somehow better.

    Entire day spent on NPC Task Master
    finaly the Npc script works
    Then at some point my uniserver crashed so hard i had to get clean install for it.
    Lost all chars and accounts. Recreated them.
    and for final note i was able to get new errors for creaturescript (good thing, didn't get nothing before)
    Tomorrow if all goes smoothly i will finish up with the task master.
    And do monthly recap how things have progressed :eek: because well.. 1 months is passed when i first stepped into this forum.

    [20.01-13.02] Coding my first lines
    This is hopeless cause(due to fact i cant compile), but also irrelevant, Seems you can do almost anything with scripts.
    The only part what will change with codes is TFS version.
    Currently its still TFS 1.0 but im making my scripts both for TFS 1.1 and TFS 1.0
    Because when experience handling issue gets fixed for TFS 1.1 i will continue from there and forget TFS 1.0 all together
    (i get my TFS versions from releases)

    Tried to get the compiled exe to work but hopeless cause..

    So many errors -.- , i hope i get past that problem fast..
    Huge problem.. In my computer i cant compile files because i have cracked windows and compiling guide tells me to install visual studio, what requires a better windows7 version than i have.
    Well so the compiling will do the other team-member all the time.
    Now the issue with compiling itself was some missing DLL files. Ok he got them and now after compiling, his compiled.exe does not connect to server.
    What should we do? no idea.. config.lua file has the correct SQL input.
    When he gave me the exe file, It only says: Error 0xc000007b

    The Forgotten Server.txt file contains lot of similar these errors:
    Warning LNK4099: PDB 'mpir.pdb' was not found with 'mpir_d.lib

    Also did some hypothetical Spell changes, but cant check does it work:
    Made Thread about the spell before, >so here is the update<

    [03.02-28.02] Scripting mission systems

    1 time Boss rewards added

    Exploration mission system added (previously it was planned to be called adventure mission)
    daily Exploration mission system added. (scales with levels)

    not going to add boss missions. Instead there will be 1 time Experience reward for killing a boss. (will be launched with beta.)

    Chain mission system added (some mission require some other missions completed before you can take new one)

    i now have daily item collecting mission what scales with levels.

    Im missing: adventure/daily adventure mission (traveling around talking to other NPC's or doing something at some place, etc)
    Im missing: ~boss missions / daily ~boss missions (similar to task system, also daily should scale with level)

    I now have now item collecting mission
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    Jan 2, 2015
    These are monsters only located in main quest line(lore)
    They drop FAT loot, but are very hard to beat. At minimum you need 4 different Vocations.

    These monsters will have:
    1. Constant 1-3 Tile area effect around them what deal LOT of elemental damage. These elemental damage types will change in middle of fight or are doing 'grid elemental damage' (different elemental damage in different directions)

    2. Increased Attack and attack speed. So don't better mess around with low armor.

    3. Random hit mechanics. Changes target, Deals X amount Y type damage. (usually x amount id off the charts so better keep your hp up puny backliner or u get 1 shotted

    4. Of course target switch once in a while to make situations a little "OMG GET HIM OFF MEH"

    5. Minion summoning to make things messy.

    6. Somehow there is always loads of annoying elemental fields everywhere

    7. Huge aoe blasts with decent intervals

    8. Warning spells (Monster says something before he does something, usually prepares for KO attack) You have to position yourself certain way to avoid it.

    9. Huge damage reduction and switches his elemental resistance mid fight.

    10. well eh nothing else comes in mind.
    Same abilities like bosses but with smaller values. 2 player at once can fight them at most.
    Certain areas where only 1 player can be at the time.
    These bosses have same abilities like rest of the bosses but even smaller values.
    Rest of the creatures:
    They can wield same abilities like bosses but not at once.
    EDIT: 3 months later:
    all the points above are pfft information, bosses are way more smarter, than that.
    You can go find out yourself.
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  12. whitevo

    whitevo Feeling good, thats what I do.

    Jan 2, 2015
    Overall Details
    health and mana:
    There is few things what give health and mana to your character:
    1. Spell effects
    2. Item effects
    3. Priest in the town heals to full hp/mana
    4. Food returns hp/mana rapidly with small quantities.
    5. some potions might give conditional regeneration (all potions have negative effect too)

    in other words your health and mana resources are limited and you cant explore forever

    Experience system:
    Monsters give no experience
    The source of Level Experience are: Quests, missions and first time boss kills
    Which means there is a limit of how much experience you get

    Professions experience is gained by doing something specific to that profession.
    There is no limit here, but each time you level up you need more experience.

    Cap system:
    all players will have 1000 Cap.
    All containers shall be not pushable (not implemented yet)
    Cap is balanced to the point that player can have:
    -- full gear,
    -- 1 container,
    -- some food
    -- extra cap for projectiles/ or extra food depending on vocation
    -- loot

    There are special containers where you can put specific items and these items will loose all its weight.

    Loot system:
    In this game you mainly progress with items.
    Items will reduce incoming/output damage alot in order to progress deeper into dungeons/enemy base.

    Every monster drops different unique items.
    Some monsters also drop new spells.

    Almost all monsters drop upgrade items. (there is lot of different type of upgrade items in order to help customize your gear for your boss battles: upgrade gems/ upgrade stones/ herbs)

    When in party you get 40% more loot for each member, however this buff does not apply to all the items monster drops.

    Some items have higher chance to drop when you haven't gotten it before.
    Some equipment items increase loot chances of specific items.
    There are many more bonuses which manipulate loot chances.

    Death penalty system:
    When you die you do not loose Experience, equipped items or skills.

    before level 10, death does practically nothing.
    After that you start loosing upgrades you have put on items.

    monster system:
    There are different categories of monsters:
    Usually every area has boss in there.

    1. Bosses -
    In the main lore there going to be boss battles what are extremely hard and all vocations needed there. (first boss comes patch 0.1.6)

    2. solo-bosses - Rooms where only 1 player can be at the time. These monster require you to have decent gear and sense of controlling your vocation. These balanced fights can drag out to be few minutes long and only few mistakes might cost you a life.

    3. semi-bosses - These are hard monsters what usually requires more than 1 player to deal with.

    4. World bosses - These bosses spawn regularly on open maps, so beware.

    5. Regular Monsters - Simple creatures from who you can farm your food and upgrades and regular items.

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  13. whitevo

    whitevo Feeling good, thats what I do.

    Jan 2, 2015
    Whi World Patch Timeline:
    This list is contained of BIG changes what will affect game entirely.
    Keep in mind that, new area always means new monsters, items, spells.

    Patch 0.0.9
    Available to create account, log in and "play" in differently balanced custom server, Dummy :p

    Patch 0.1.0
    Fores area.
    NPC systems: Task system, collecting mission system, exploring mission system.
    new Spell learning system.
    new custom weapon system.
    new monsters AI improved. (unique spells)

    patch 0.1.1

    Bandit Mountain area.
    new Boss room system.
    new spell casting system for players.
    new shop system for NPC's.
    new damage system calculator. (First signs of player statistic collecting)
    monsters AI improved. (spell pattern, improved target switching)

    patch 0.1.2
    Cyclops Dungeon area.
    new Item upgrades/enchanting system.
    new death system for players.
    new food system.
    Boss room system rework.
    monsters AI improved. (checking environment around them, stances, building environment)

    patch 0.1.3
    Forest area rework.
    new Cooking system.
    new Brewing system.
    new Custom skillpoint system.
    new Hardcore system.
    monsters AI improved. (advanced path finding system, passives, debuff system)

    ----- this is as much I got for 16.05.2015

    patch 0.1.4
    Bandit Mountain level 2 - Hehemi
    monsters AI improved
    . (actual advanced MONSTER AI and spellCreating system)
    new PlayerData system created (halfway)
    new feature in Boss rooms (hardcore life protection)
    new tools added to game.
    new contruction system system.
    new spellBook system.
    climbing system update
    updated TFS to 1.1.x

    patch 0.1.5
    Cyclops dungeon rework.
    skillTree system.
    new bounty system.
    new loot system.
    new NPC System.
    ----- this is as much I got for 19.08.2015
    new reputation system.
    new quest system.
    new tutorial
    new potion system
    new food system
    new condition system
    new addEvent system
    new highscore system
    new challenge event
    new item system
    new death system
    new stat system
    hardcore system improved
    container system improved
    upgrade system improved
    damage system improved
    playerdata system improved
    herb system improved
    monsters AI
    maps improved
    recipe system improved

    ----- slow and steady: 26.12.2015

    patch 0.1.6
    new spawn system
    spellCreating system
    new item weight system
    new modal window system
    new teleport system
    new central system
    new token system
    new activity chart for website
    content in forest (2 new areas, 1 new quest)
    new content in bandit mountain (1 new mission)
    new content in rooted catacombs (4 new quests, 1 new mission, 1 new monster, 8 new equipment items)
    new monster AI
    updated gem system
    updated recipes
    updated loot system
    updated skillTree
    updated special bags (gem, loot, herb bag)
    updated getPath
    updated herbs
    updated potions
    updated stone upgrades
    added Tonka herb information collecting to tasks
    added buff display
    added more depot room
    changed game experience rewards
    ----- Patch (date 18.08.2016)
    new content in rooted catacombs world boss

    patch 0.1.7
    new lore system - to be able to keep track of the progress and see the game story in bigger picture
    new building system - so player can build their own house
    update pvp system - (allow pvp once again)
    new world pvp system

    patch 0.1.8
    --- when all above is ready and working perfectly, I will do a bit advertising.
    If at this time, Whi World gets enough capital support, the game will go a bit off-course to create a "perfect" official public beta. (which means skipping to add more content and going straight to client editing and sprite buying)

    patch 0.1.9
    cyclops dungeon level 2 - maybe final
    bandit mountain level 3 - final
    insect cave - bonus adventure

    patch 0.2.0
    start working on OTC
    keep adding more content to Whi World

    patch 0.3.0
    start working on website
    keep adding more content to Whi World

    patch 0.4.0 - 0.9.9
    start working on new sprites
    keep adding more content to Whi World

    patch 1.0.0
    Whi World Official release around the world.
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  14. whitevo

    whitevo Feeling good, thats what I do.

    Jan 2, 2015
    [27.02] Creating Whi World website
    Spent quite some time searching for picture examples and general looks and more ideas for Whi World website design

    Initial layout for first Whi World website has been created.

    Initial first crappy layout has been made for Whi World website.

    I have made somewhat "ok" documentation for Whi World website.

    There has been several updates and improvements for the documentation ever since, but totally forgotten to write this down in this thread. So let it be.

    Started designing layout and sorting information.
    This website most likely will no make it into beta.

    [13.01] Creating team for this project
    Oh god.. Idk trough all this time I have forgotten to mentioned that I actually have new team-member in Whi World team who joined about 2 months ago xD
    He has no specific obligation nor tasks his doing for Whi World, but he is supporting the Whi World project with money if something critical is required to progress.

    Created thread in Jobs section where I say that I'm looking for Web Developers.

    Created thread in Jobs section where I say that I'm looking for Client Programmers/Editors.

    Created thread in Jobs section where I say that I'm looking for Mappers.

    This has been while, since I last updated this xD
    For months I have been working alone on this project :)

    I kicked out other people from team.
    Jeffro mapped the first town in few days, but after that, never seen him again.
    Laur1 was simply deadweight for me.
    dhrsantan didn't have time to contribute for server and left on his own.
    My friend Gerh still helps me once in a while, but not really part of team.

    I have been on search all this time, but haven't found anyone who I could team up with.

    I seriously hope I find mapper xD
    Because this is such a tedious thing I do not like to do.

    More the Merrier! Raize your DoNgErS! for @Laur1
    ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
    Laur1 is new person in team!

    RAIZE YOUR DONGERS! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ once again!
    We have new person in team: @Jeffro

    [Ye, ye i know its 23.03 already and i released this information rather late, but its never too late to RAIZE YOUR DONGERS!!!]

    RAIZE YOUR DONGERS! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ [if i dont see this image in post by the end of the day(18.02) i'm dissapointed.]
    We have new person in team: @dhrsantan

    This weekend we will have scripting and playing session with fellow teammebers and friends. We are going to play on this server and "balance it"

    Well, almost a month has passed when i first "created" a team.
    Currently there are 2 person in team. me and Gerh.
    I have gotten lot of help from this team, when i have issues with scripts or website.
    Thank you again: Limos, Ninja, HalfAway, Vanderley who has been actively answering my questions when i have posted/asked them something.

    Well, i just tried to bring back the focus to fact that joining my team is still an option.
    We are more experienced with data changing now and have far better todo list compared to the one i had in start. When you join my team as: whatever you can do, i assure you, you will have something to do. Also perhaps we will have some funtime testing things too. Because well last day we did already had competition Me vs Gerh playing in the server :D. Le fun times.

    Also when you noticed we have estimated beta launch.
    So extra people helping along with the project would speed that launch time up.

    For mappers, same thing as before. Still need a map detailer. I got areas, but haven't used time to make it look nice. And most likely wont do it before launch either. If you want to chisel some great maps for tibia players, here's your chance.

    Contributed some time to make teamwork possible even faster and smoother, but the setup to to join a team is now a bit trickier, ofc i guide you, how to use both softwares what you now need, if you want to join this team.

    Team members who are changing Data for game must have SourceTree software and BitBucket to exhange files and to keep eachother up to date with latest data changes.
    Teammembers now need Skype software to join "Teamchat".

    I actually like that setting up for teamwork is harder, this rly shows, how much the other side is interested to help out.

    Well, 3 people (none of them is me xd) seem to be interested a bit more about my server and seems like they are willing to spend more time helping me with project.
    So far with only 1 i have shared most details about my server and his ready to script things for me when i need to. He also doesn't know much about tibia scripts, but his fast learner like me.
    2 others have just freshly contacted me and will see how its going to turn out. Hopefully i get some manpower :D

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  15. whitevo

    whitevo Feeling good, thats what I do.

    Jan 2, 2015
  16. whitevo

    whitevo Feeling good, thats what I do.

    Jan 2, 2015
    Looking for teammembers:
    *** Website ***
    1. Looking for photoshopper who can make images for me:
    logos, backgrounds, button like pictures (logout, character, highscores, etc)
    2. Looking for website manager/coder:
    Person who can implement unique things to website and pull data out of database and make it look nice and smooth.
    We have a plan, but takes lot of learning to do it.
    *** Scripting ***
    1. Looking for Scripter, who is comfortable or eager to learn how to script in [TFS 1.0]
    We have loads of Things to do scripts unwritten, and lot of System unbuilt for server, Join us when you want learn thing or 2 and contribute for Whi World.
    *** Mapping ***
    1. Looking for Map detailer:
    I have created and keep creating areas with little detailing to produce areas faster, Looking someone who likes to make areas look creepy/cool/fit to the theme.
    As a mapper you are not creating or brainstorming ideas about areas. You will be making already existing areas look better.
    You ofcourse can give ideas, but when will them implemented will be discussed in team.
    *** Spriting ***
    1. Looking for Spriter:
    Lets make the game look good and reach for bigger audience.
    Spriter will be drawing from tiles to items, from monsters to animated effects.

    **If you want to make this server global(available for large market(1kk+ppl)), then ALL the sprites in game must be altered (and by all i mean all.. (currently about ~500+different sprites used). Why can't we market server with current sprites? because law is a bitch.
    *** OTClient***
    1. Looking for person who knows how to modify OTClient:
    I know very little about Clients in general, but what i do know are:
    1. You can change how much tiles you see at once.
    2. Change the outfit of player UI
    3. Add Extra "healthBarLike" bars to track something.
    4. Remove buttons we don't need and add buttons what would be useful.
    5. Make buttons open modalWindows

    If you know how to change some of these, i would happy to have you in my team.

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  17. whitevo

    whitevo Feeling good, thats what I do.

    Jan 2, 2015
    History Page3

    [24.01-27.02] Scripting L1 early game content (Level 1-3) [Part 1]

    Players not longer drop items or loose exp.
    Currently don't know how to make death penalties more specific, but no need it for beta anyway.
    Field system is completed.
    Tip: avoid death fields (1 does not simply step on it and live to talk about it)
    [unless he has lvl 5 mage nearby, who has obtained dispell]

    Started making Field system.
    Every field in game is going trough a custom script.
    Currently i have made system for fire field and energy field.
    All fields does the initial damage depending on what action id they have.
    (so we no longer have to script any future fields, we just rank up the action id)
    Fire burns you always half the previous damage after every 3 sec.
    Energy burns you after every 1 seconds for some damage.
    Today, going to add Death field and poison field and purple field too.

    Updated spellBook and now shows also the spells what you have when you start the game.
    Priest now will {heal} you even when you are not saying hi, and does not take Chat Channel focus.

    Command !spells now open ups a window of learned spells you have with detailed information.

    command !keys now open ups window of collected Keys with information:
    where did you get this key
    and if you have used the key, then also says, where did you use it.

    Reverted back to TFS 1.0
    Knight is balanced and remade the ArmorUp spell.
    Now gives movement speed boost when armor is off
    Knights can kite!! w00
    eehm, did some things here and there and ready to map new area for new content today(after i have had some sleep)

    If you noticed i haven't done paladin(hunter).
    Its because this guy wont make it to beta launch.. not enuf time!
    well then dats it for now.

    Today morning i finished Knight Second spell, what makes damage.
    Today i hopefully can balance the early game for Knights too.
    so not much of scripting today and more like Playing :D FUNFUN :D

    Knight has now balanced weapon to do some damage.
    His ArmorUp spell is BUFFED ALOT like 5 times better than before xD and now has customerfriendly wearoff (no longer has to guess when the buff is down)
    Armor Up also scales with stats.
    Magic level increases duration.
    Level and magic level together increase armor value

    spell Barrier now has scaling system too.
    The more stats you have the more you can absorb

    Keep in mind that all spells can be altered with specific items when they are equipped.

    back to the weapon. its kinda funny but whatever. All weapons now have a script attached to them. currently the value ATTACK on sword doesn't mean anything xD, but i will find use for that attribute for some weapons. maybe. :D [currently i'm just showing average physical damage with attack value]
    The reason why i have it like this is: it is very hard to keep the sourcecode formula under control for my server. So i decided i make my own simple formula. Each weapon has its own damage, not multiplied by anything.

    Further into game i have now lot of unused attributes (factor, defence value, attack value)
    Time will tell how i use them.

    Knight has new spell: Armor Up
    Gives 10 armor (tomorrow i will see how much it should give after balancing Knight vocation)
    now i have Upgrade Stones in game. They give armor to items.
    Tier1 stones give 1 armor until total of 5 armor. Tier 2 stones give 2 armor at once and go up to 9.

    Also Slowly upgrading to TFS 1.1, customized some scripts over already, BUT there is 1 HUGE issue with tfs 1.1, i cant turn off exp gain and at the same time get exp with scripts..

    And for last thing. Found out that my NPC's arent actually that smart, there are some bugs. Gotta fix them soon.

    Not rly early game content i'm scripting here, but whatever, im doing something.
    Finished first part of Upgrade system. I can now add any kind of attribute i want to item with gems.
    Examples: Dragon Damage/resistance, Undead damage/resistance, PvP damage/resistance, etc
    Why i did this? no idea.. not even needed for beta xD, i wanted to add armor to attributes with gems and then i just got carried away.
    Well then.. i didn't even make script what add armor with item :\
    I will make it next asap and rush with on with the knight vocation for beta..
    time is closing in!

    Changed spellScrolls scripts (now i have tables for onLook and onUse effect) much easier to add future spellscrolls. Polished few other scripts too.
    Tried to figure out how to make knight spell, but no avail.
    Tried to figure out first paladin spell also. Seems like its gona work. somehow, soon.

    Yeiia. Sorcerers have now new spell: Barrier
    Cost: 100 mana, CD: 20sec
    Effect: Gives barrier what absorbs 100damage.
    barrier takes 50% less damage from all sources.

    Almost like mana shield. but you cast it before.
    You can think of it like with 100mana you add 200 hp.

    In boss fights its ment to block burst damage and early game its simply a tool for spending mana.

    In the end-game also items will boost this spell significantly.

    2 more NPC's added (Smith and Cook)
    both have new collecting missions.
    All NPC's are now smarter (their messages depend in what state you are)

    finished NPC Priest

    finished NPC Tanner

    Added NPC Tanner - he will be giving out some missions, daily mission and shop where he is buying "tanning" materials. (first money income for players in game :D)

    customed and balanced few monsters: Boar, Bear, Wolf, Deer
    made a spell for boar (charge) :D
    Balanced vocation: Druid
    Priest NPC now heals to full hp

    added Task Master NPC who does nothing atm, trying to make him give tasks

    Well, i have went beyond starting area content now..
    I added new fully ready monster to game and placed it to starting area and with that, pretty much everything done there (expect fields are unbalanced), but i get to them eventually.

    I started doing Level 2 content for Druids.
    Made a new spell. Now fully functional and even better scroll system :3
    This is not scripting, but mapped new area and added monsters there.
    Soon going to balance them.

    Big part of the day was spent to figure out how to get remere's working perfectly and how to import things..

    Then messed around with NPC for hours, but they are so broken :| No idea what to do with them atm. Made new thread in support for that.

    Tried to remove Crosshair from using Key.. No avail..

    Cleaned map.. (from old houses/map areas/hometowns)

    Balanced hp/mana gain per level.

    Changed nitty-gritty things here and there. (made scripts look better)

    Distance weapons now have direction check before they shoot. No moar shooting over shoulder!
    No idea what i'm gona do next now. This compiling issue holds me back.. Cant go forward with all vocations at once.
    Guess im going to take on those spellscrolls again and try to make the modalwindow work.

    Lot has been done today, 8hours scripting in row and didnt even notice how did that time fly.
    Made 8 mirror maps for starting area, so 8 different players could do starting area alone.
    Keys now are collected to player database. No need to carry around Keys.
    Changed early monster.

    Today i made playable content for Druids and sorcerers. benchmarked **** out of the starting area to make it interesting. few mistakes and you start again xD (setting up the difficulty right away, if new players cant handle it after they go trough tutorial, this server aint for them.)

    So now i have 2 minutes playable content for Druids and Sorcerers. Both have 1 spell and amazing wand. Starting dummy monster is also nicely balanced with his 10k hp :3

    Still cant test out the Knight due to compiling issues :/
    and gotta figure out how to change paladin playstyle abit, not sure can i do it with script or have to do it in source.

    Tried to do wands what make all damage types with single attack.
    With help of limos i succeeded with it. very gud, very gud.

    [06.03-08.03] Adding custom Stat system
    Modified armor stat in game. Now also protects from any kind of physical damage.

    Modified my first stat in this game. Defense
    It reduces any damage by the amount of defense value player has from equipment.

    It was pickle to make at first, but the ground work has been done and future stats are much easier to implement. I shall do them, when the time comes!
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  18. Breed

    Breed Active Member

    Jan 7, 2015
    I like dynamic code :)
    May or may not work because i didn't test it but I thought it would be something you could learn from :)
    -- unique ID: 10001 sorcerer only quest
    -- unique ID: 10002 druid only quest
    -- unique ID: 10003 paladin only quest
    -- unique ID: 10004 knight only quest
    local c = {
        uniqueId = 10000, -- using vocation id + 10000
        level = 0, -- greater then this level
        bag = 1996, -- grey bag
        voc = {
            [1] = { -- sorcerer
                    ["weapon"] = {2376, 1}, -- sword
                    ["armor"] = {2467, 1} -- leather armor
            [2] = { -- druid
                    ["weapon"] = {2376, 1},
                    ["armor"] = {2467, 1}
            [3] = { -- paladin
                    ["weapon"] = {2376, 1},
                    ["armor"] = {2467, 1}
            [4] = { -- knight
                    ["weapon"] = {2376, 1},
                    ["armor"] = {2467, 1}
    function onUse(cid, item, fromPosition, itemEx, toPosition, isHotkey)
        if item.uid == (Player(cid):getVocation() + c.uniqueId) then
            if Player(cid):getLevel() > c.level then
                Player(cid):sendTextMessage(MESSAGE_INFO_DESCR, "Trying to open "..Player(cid):getVocation():getDescription().." Sarcophagus")
                if Player(cid):getStorageValue(Player(cid):getVocation() + c.uniqueId)  == -1 then
                    Player(cid):addItem(c.bag, 1) --grey bag
                    Container(Item(c.bag).uid):addItem(c.voc[Player(cid):getVocation()]["weapon"][1], c.voc[Player(cid):getVocation()]["weapon"][2]) --sword
                    Container(Item(c.bag).uid):addItem(c.voc[Player(cid):getVocation()]["armor"][1], c.voc[Player(cid):getVocation()]["armor"][2]) --armor
                    Player(cid):sendTextMessage(MESSAGE_INFO_DESCR, "You opened "..Player(cid):getVocation():getDescription().." Sarcophagus and found a "..getItemDescriptions(c.bag).name)
                    Player(cid):setStorageValue((Player(cid):getVocation() + c.uniqueId), 1)
                    Player(cid):sendTextMessage(MESSAGE_INFO_DESCR, "It is empty")
                Player(cid):sendTextMessage(MESSAGE_INFO_DESCR, "It won't open")
            Player(cid):sendTextMessage(MESSAGE_INFO_DESCR, "you are too GOD for this script")
            return false
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  19. matti450

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    Apr 13, 2008
    Gl dude i hope tibia finds you :D
  20. Vanderlay

    Vanderlay Back on track Premium User

    Sep 20, 2007
    Here is a list of various things defined in const.h within the source code:

    Current Talktypes(colors will depend on talk type):
    enum SpeakClasses uint8_t {
    TALKTYPE_CHANNEL_R1 14//red - #c text
    TALKTYPE_PRIVATE_RED_FROM 15[email protected]@text
    TALKTYPE_PRIVATE_RED_TO 16[email protected]@text

    Current Message types(color will also depend on type):
    enum MessageClasses uint8_t {
    MESSAGE_STATUS_CONSOLE_BLUE        0x04/*FIXME Blue message in the console*/
    MESSAGE_STATUS_CONSOLE_RED        0x0D/*Red message in the console*/
    MESSAGE_STATUS_DEFAULT        0x11/*White message at the bottom of the game window and in the console*/
    MESSAGE_STATUS_WARNING        0x12/*Red message in game window and in the console*/
    MESSAGE_EVENT_ADVANCE        0x13/*White message in game window and in the console*/
    MESSAGE_STATUS_SMALL        0x14/*White message at the bottom of the game window"*/
    MESSAGE_INFO_DESCR            0x15/*Green message in game window and in the console*/
    MESSAGE_DAMAGE_DEALT        0x16,
    MESSAGE_HEALED            0x18,
    MESSAGE_EXPERIENCE            0x19,
    MESSAGE_EVENT_DEFAULT        0x1D/*White message at the bottom of the game window and in the console*/
    MESSAGE_LOOT            0x1E,
    MESSAGE_EVENT_ORANGE        0x23/*Orange message in the console*/
    MESSAGE_STATUS_CONSOLE_ORANGE    0x24  /*Orange message in the console*/
    Short answer, yes. Long answer: Google to find out more about more accurate randomization.

    Yes. You need a position(fromPosition) to let the client know where the magic effect will appear.
    Currently available effects as taken from source(const.h):
    enum MagicEffectClasses uint8_t {
    // 77-157 are empty

    //for internal use, dont send to client
    CONST_ME_NONE             0xFF
    Fluid types are defined in const.h as well:
    enum FluidTypes_t uint8_t {




    Fluid colors:
    enum FluidColors_t uint8_t {
    FLUID_EMPTY 0x00,
    FLUID_BLUE 0x01,
    FLUID_RED 0x02,
    FLUID_BROWN 0x03,
    FLUID_GREEN 0x04,
    FLUID_YELLOW 0x05,
    FLUID_WHITE 0x06,
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