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ZINGI FTW - Offering Cinematic Tibia Trailers - Promotional 4K -


Mar 5, 2010
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Whether I'm familiar to you or not, allow me to introduce myself. I'm known for editing some of the most known Tibia war videos. As a seasoned Tibia veteran, I've gained my skills across various war servers and with that also gathered a deep understanding of the Tibia gameplay.
I started Tibia in version 7.0 or 7.1 but my Tibia career didn't really start until 8.3 and followed up with igniting my passion for video creation around 8.7. In addition to the official servers, I've also played a lot in the OTS scene, playing servers like:
Shadowcores, Softcores, Exodus, Eloth, Tibianic, Tibiantis, Medivia, Classicus, Mowhawk, Zantera etc.. With that said, I'm aware of the OT scene. :)

Also, I'd say that my taste of "cinematic" trailer songs is quite known which I believe makes a perfect recipe for a Tibia content creator for promotional purposes.

I'll link my channel here below:

For inquiries, write here below or send me an email to [email protected]

  • Dedicated Focus: I'll dedicate my full attention to your project, ensuring timely completion with no distractions from other commitments.
  • High-Quality Delivery: Expect exceptional quality deliverables. (currently in stunning 4K resolution).
  • Copyright Protection: I'll handle music rights acquisition, eliminating copyright concerns for your YouTube channel.
  • Flexible Uploads: You have the final say on where the content is uploaded, be it your YouTube channel or mine (considering copyright restrictions to multiple uploades).
  • Clear Communication: I'll always be clear about what is achievable and what is not.
  • Graphic Design: Prepare logos beforehand as I do NOT do graphic design work - Gather your logos, I'll work my magic.
  • Payment Flexibility: Choose your preferred payment method, either Tibia Coins or International Bank Transfer - Payments of 50% are taken after me accepting the project and the rest of the 50% before sending over the final file.
  • Collaborative Process: Open communication channels ensure your vision is realized. We can discuss revisions and feedback throughout the project for a final product exceeding expectations.
  • Expanded Services (Optional): If desired, I can extend my expertise to include scriptwriting for a cohesive cinematic narrative or basic editing to further refine the final product of your OT server/Video.
  • Professional voice-over: If desired, I can bring over an additional professional voice-over actor to enhance the feeling of the video. (I'll need a script for that).
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You cans see my latest video here:
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This is just a test of how a client work that I was about to do with their logo without having received any files, voice overs or anything which was going to be in my latest video.
What I did was that I just took Tibia Blackjack's logo from their website, edited it a bit, and then got a professional voice actor to say the name of the logo along with some edits.. not much really (10 min job).

And just for clarification, we didn't go through with it as we could not agree on the price so I didn't release this in the main video.
The logo/animation/voice over would be placed on 3 different spots on the latest video along with a 10-second ad in the end:
I am currently unavailable for further projects until the 28th of May.
Do you have any previews of straight up trailers? Could only find war videos from ten years ago on the YouTube channel linked above.
Do you have any previews of straight up trailers? Could only find war videos from ten years ago on the YouTube channel linked above.
Hi! I haven't done any like that as I haven't had any client work of that kind. But it's easier to create trailers than creating war videos of 10+ minutes containing animations and sound sync etc. (not that the trailers doesn't need that also but its less amount).
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