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Znote AAC 1.4 - [TFS 0.2.13+] & [TFS 0.3.6+/0.4]


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Feb 14, 2008
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Introducing Znote AAC: - LIVE DEMO
Latest Znote AAC news: https://twitter.com/ZnoteAAC

  • - Forum System
    • - Flexible config: required level, cooldownPost, enable/disable guildboards, markup [hidden/closed/sticky].
    • - Create and edit boards. [required access, closed, hidden, guild]
    • - Create and edit threads. [delete, close, stick, edit]
    • - Create tutors board, gamemaster board, god boards etc.
    • - Guild Leaders can create their own guildboard (optional in config.php), only guildmembers got access.(+ GMs)
    • - Guild Leaders got admin access in their own guild board. [delete, close, stick, edit] thread and posts.
    • - Basic BBcode support [bold, image(clickable for fullsize), center, link, text with link assigned, color=anything, list]
    • -
    • - Anonymous feedback system [create threads in feedback section, only threadstarter + GMs can view and reply to threads here]. !+ When GM login he will be notified of numbers of unanswered feedback threads.
  • - Gallery System
    • - Users can submit images to gallery, write title and description.
    • - Admin moderates images through admin_gallery page before they become public.
    • - An OT gallery that is powered by the community!
  • - Cache system that greatly reduces page load. Cache time optional in config.php.
  • - Layout specific sub-page system
    • - Allows any layout to override default views, creating custom view versions tailored for layouts. (etc custom characterprofile.php, highscore.php instead of default one).
    • - (Without touching anything outside its own layout file, great flexibility).
  • - House list, latest deaths, killers.
  • - Optional captcha system when registering account.
  • - Prevention against hackers and bruteforce (etc POST register spam).
  • - Guildwar system (Also integrated with Guilds display).
  • - Guild Management (Create guild, change guild titles, player guild positions, invite, kick etc).
  • - Integrated simple and flexible paypal system.
  • - Integrated simple and flexible shop system.
  • - Database structure that does not alter the original TFS tables at all.
  • - Secure lost account interface that does not require email verification.
  • - LUA scripts for shop system communication for Znote AAC, both TFS 0.2 and 0.3.
  • - Widget system to allow you to add minipages and forms in template. (Like the highscore widget).
  • - Admin Panel which lets you add tutors/GMs, BAN characters, delete characters, reset password to characters, add news, give shop points.
  • - Quick and simple account and character creation.
  • - ALL features fully supported for both TFS 0.2 and 0.3.

Tested and confirmed compatibility with:
  • - TFS 0.2.15 (With war system, TFS 0.2 in config.php)
  • - TFS 0.2.14 (With war system, TFS 0.2 in config.php)
  • - TFS 0.2.13pl1 (With war system, TFS_02 in config.php)
  • - TFS 0.2.14 Mystic Spirit
  • - TFS 0.3.6pl1 Crying damson (Without war system, with TFS_03 in config.php, and config['salt'] = false) (Fixed on Znote AAC 1.2)
  • - TFS 0.3.7_svn_5772 (with war system, with TFS_03 in config.php)
  • - TFS 0.3.7_svn_3777 (with war system, with TFS_03 in config.php)
  • - TFS 0.3.7_svn_3884 (with war system, with TFS_03 in config.php)
  • - TFS 0.3.7_svn_3952 (with war system, with TFS_03 in config.php)

Download version 1.5_dev from Github

Unknown column 'a.secret' in 'field list'

In phpmyadmin, select your database and click on SQL, run this:
ALTER TABLE `accounts` ADD `secret` char(16) DEFAULT NULL;
Its a bug in TFS 1.2 that was fixed 3 days after release, and they havent updated the download. :/

Installation instructions:
  1. - Extract the .zip file to your web directory (Example: C:\UniServ\www\ )
  2. - Without modifying config.php, enter the website and wait for mysql connection error. This will show you the rest of the instructions as well as the mysql schema.
  3. - Edit config.php and modify $config['page_admin_access'] with your admin account name(s).
  4. - IF you have existing database from active OT server, enter the folder called "special" and convert the database for Znote AAC support ( )
  5. - Enjoy Znote AAC.
You can also watch VIDEO TUTORIAL where you see me install and get everything up working:

  • You can find Znote AAC resources/plugins/layouts on THIS LINK.
  • If you want to convert a layout to Znote AAC, wether you want it free or private for a lump of money, I recommend you to contact these persons: @HalfAway, @Tibiamakers. They have done a great job with Znote AAC layouts.

Changelog Znote AAC 1.3 --> 1.4
Changelog: (More detailed changelog available in premium board, this is a huge update).
* many minor bugs fixed.
* Added status checker, which will actively check if your OT and display if it is actually online or offline.
---(check serverstatus widget on default layout).Credits: Nottinghster
* Custom forum system created, works on both TFS 0.2 and 0.3.
* Added Captcha system which you can enable for people who register.
* Fixed house list for TFS 0.2
* Optimized the default layout
* Support for normal BBcode tags in forum and news, making it alot easier to manage if you are familiar with forums.
* Top 5 players widget to use as reference on how to use cache and DB function.
* Separating admin links to an own widget linkmenu. (instead of mixing them with my account widget).
* Added better database communication functions, mysql _select_multi/single, _update, _insert, _delete
* You can now disable "bonus" column in shop if you want.
* Gallery System: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9pEc7T3cJg&feature=youtu.be
* Killers system added (TFS 0.2 and 0.3)
* Latest Deaths added (TFS 0.2 and 0.3)
* More template flexibility - sub page system
* if /layout/sub/index.php exist, it will load this page instead of default index.php site. (Allows custom news designs etc from custom layouts).
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Thanks, I will soon be making tutorials on how to use this AAC. :)

Old changelogs:
Changelog Znote AAC 1.2b --> 1.3
- config.php, connect.php, init.php, shop.php
** Added default item image server, and fixed so items will display
*- in shop. (Images to shop, yaay)!
** Removed old devlayout.
** Tagged version 1.3_PUBLIC

- users.php, menu.php, support.php:
** Cached support list page.

- highscores.php, users.php:
** Recoded highscores.php a bit, reducing server load alot.

- config.php, users.php, TFS_0X/talkaction*/*:
** Default position is possible to set in-case you don't want players 
*- to spawn at their temple.
** Shop system LUA scripts should work better now thanks to sn4ake.
*- http://otland.net/members/sn4ake/

- admin_news.php, config.php, connect.php, users.php, index.php, houses.php, loggedin.php
** Integrated sweet news system. :)

- firstitems.lua:
** TFS 0.2 firstitems LUA script.

- users.php, houses.php, aside.php:
** TFS 0.3 house list added.

- admin.php, twtrNews.php:
** Admin panel has a twitter news connected to Znote AAC,
*- so OT admins can view latest Znote AAC news when they access admin panel.

- config.php, sub.php:
** Sub page system. (Allows layouts to have special sub pages).

- users.php:
** TFS storage value functions
** - getPlayerStorageValue($player_id, $storage)
** - setPlayerStorageValue($player_id, $storage, $value)
** - getGlobalStorageValue($storage)
** - setGlobalStorageValue($storage, $value)

- admin.php:
** You can now give free shop points to character name.
- buypoints.php, config.php, connect.php, paygol_ipn.php:
** Paygol SMS buypoints system created and works.

Changelog Znote AAC 1.2 --> 1.2b
- admin.php, users.php:
** TFS 0.3 ban system works from admin panel. (Thanks to Cykotitan & Diath for helping me out)
** admin panel will now properly show which Znote AAC version you are currently running.

- users.php, myaccount.php:
** You must disband your guild before deleting a character that is a guild leader. 
** Fixed error with duplicate entry when attempting to create a guild name that already exist.

- guilds.php:
** Fixed error messages appearing when clicking into a guild with 0 members.
** Fixed issue with guilds with 0 members displaying on the list.

- Characterprofile.php, users.php:
** Fixed an error that sometimes appear in characterprofile death list if killedby player is deleted.

- users.php:
** Better function documentation.

- register.php:
** It will fetch admin accounts from config and reject people from registering listed admin accounts. 
**(Before it only rejected the default accounts).
** Fixed target blank on links when registering account. Thx to Tibiamakers.

Changelog Znote AAC 1.1 --> 1.2
- Admin panel will now display which Znote AAC version thats running.
- You can now disable IP validation if your having problems with it in config.php
- You can now disable salt in config.php if your TFS 0.3 noobserv dosn't support it. Thanks to ranyo13/rany
- Added firstitems.lua sample to give starting items to characters. (TFS 0.3)
- Fixed a bug in shop which could potentially let people buy items for no points. Thanks to averatec.
- Fixed so you no longer can invite characters to your guild if they already are invited or a part of it. Thanks to averatec.

Changelog Znote AAC 1.0 --> 1.1
- config.php - Added max characters per account.
- Changing your current password on your account now also works on TFS 0.3.
- Changing password on characters through admin panel works on TFS 0.3.
- Giving in-game GM positions works on TFS 0.3 from admin panel.
- No vocation character creation now actually works.
- Fixed some PHP error warnings
- Converter script will not also convert plain passwords (detects ~99% of all plain passwords I assume) into sha1 passwords.
- Configurable town selection in config.php
- Fixed issue with disband guild not working properly.
- Fixed 4 minor bugs in guilds.php
- Fixed 1 minor bug in createcharacter.php
- Choose which vocations can be created in config.php
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Great work!

- - - Updated - - -

Just wondering. Why didn't you use PDO? :x
Great work!

- - - Updated - - -

Just wondering. Why didn't you use PDO? :x

Lack of knowledge and experience when I started this project.
But it dosn't matter that much, most OT servers use mysql. And the query speed difference isn't really that amasing.
A little bit more coding on my part, but ey, I have already done that. :)
Will it work with 0.4? :S

Yes. If you use old rev without password salt and war system, keep config at TFS_02. If you use a new rev (a rev of the new upcoming TFS 0.3 server) write TFS_03 as the version in config.php.

What you refer to "0.4" is what actually is TFS 0.3.7_SVN
Before I first knew about Znote's AAC, I've been so pessimistic about using websites.
I had everything that a website has, already integrated into the game, even a shop system.

The whole reason was simply because of all the problems people have been getting with Gesior and ModernAAC.
They had very messy codes, tons of bugs, lots of outdated stuff, I just never understood why people kept using them.

With Znote's new AAC, I couldn't be more happier. It's just so freaking simple to set up, so freaking simple to use, does not require a lot of resources.
Thanks Znote, your contribution and hard work will definitely be appreciated!
Thank you Znote, it's really amazing.
Can you post a tutorial or something "How make templates"
He didnt make the template, he found it from a open-source developer :p
Though, Tyren made a (atleast beggining) of a template tutorial.

- - - Updated - - -

Heres the source of the template: http://www.css3templates.co.uk/