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Recent content by chrillefock

  1. chrillefock

    [GERMANY][8.6] Oraculum

    8cc for 3€😂
  2. chrillefock

    [France] [7.8] Midhem Online | CUSTOM CLIENT | 2ND MAY 16:00 CEST

    How is exp boost not a pay2win?
  3. chrillefock

    Monster Loot Checker

  4. chrillefock

    Monster Loot Checker

    How do i hide so it doesnt show my otdir?
  5. chrillefock


    seems like 7.72 not working
  6. chrillefock

    [8.60] Latest forgottenserver 1.3. Clean downport.

    someone compile it for me please. I had enough with errors
  7. chrillefock

    Custom 7.6 Map by Hartass

    upload it!
  8. chrillefock

    Custom Tibia Server

  9. chrillefock

    Help3R Map :)

  10. chrillefock

    [7.7] ThoraOT distro (7.7 custom rpg)

    can someone convert map to something else than 7.7 my editor have big problems with opening 7.7
  11. chrillefock

    [Open BETA] World of Therran!

    nothing happens when i press play, the program just freeze and i have endless loading, weird thing is i cant find the exe so i have to end it with explorer.exe, anyone got the same problem?