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    Mystic Spirit! -0.2.14.r101 Linkers!

    Sorry to even have to make a request for this, but someone, anyone who can successfully take that clean source and compile it, please share the lib and include folders you have, just save it as a .rar or zip, please, I really desperately need correct linkers, I need to be able to compile and I...
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    Compiling Missing include/lib files

    I am same as this guy! - - - Updated - - - Error 1 error LNK1181: cannot open input file 'lua51.lib' C:\Users\chase\Downloads\Compressed files\forgottenserver-0.2.14.r101.tar\0.2.14.r101\vc10\LINK tfs02
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    [Compiling]MSVC - Compiling TFS under Windows - EASY WAY!

    Someone help me out here, I included everything right, got everything in the right folders and everything, but I get an error... when it comes to the end for the lua5.1.lib, anyone got the right kind for newest mystic spirit? - - - Updated - - - Error 2 error LNK1181: cannot open input file...
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    god commands all wrong

    old, but if you still need to know how to fix this I know...
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    PHP Gesior AAC vocations

    because you are typing in localhost, type in and might be alright :D
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    Vocations.xml ClientID

    I know this is probably the most noob question ever asked, but I searched the sources and didn't get my answer, so.... What exactly is clientid="1" used for in vocations.xml? I just switched distros and its the first time I seen it for anything, and if it is missing the clientid there is no...
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    Warning: [XMLSCHEMA] items.xml could not be validated against XSD

    I understand what it means, but is there anyway I can fix it? How can I edit the items.xsd, I don't want to replace it with original items.xml because I have changed atleast 100 items so far and need to change all of them, working on a completely custom server, COMPLETELY custom, lots of new...
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    No Vocation Hardwired in sources?

    Not what I am doing.... I already have 45 vocations in my vocations.xml, including all promotions.... actually 46.... But thats because I count 0 and it should not be that way, where in the sources would I need to change that? - - - Updated - - - cant I change to and it work? - - - Updated...
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    No Vocation Hardwired in sources?

    I tried creating a new voc, replaced the no vocation in the vocations.xml with a different name, but it still says I have no vocation in game.....
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    MoveEvent Infinity training room [0.3.6 & 0.4~]

    This is AWESOME Idea!!! But, you should show a ss of how the area looks when you are there.... My question to make sure I understand right, anybody can go thru, and more and more players can keep going thru and get training, but not see each other, it would be in their own space of nothingness?
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    Windows Search 9.7 item editor

    Sorry, but I was just trying to see since you have searched all over, did you happen to come across anything so you can see the picture with the items.xml?
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    Difference between locallhost and 127?

    Right I know how that works, I could make my own number up really and redirect it back... Thats easy and I understand how that works, it is just odd for that to happen is it not? did anyone look at the attatchments? pay attention to the time and date, and what was typed in the address bar...
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    Difference between locallhost and 127?

    I have switched between those two before I posted obviously, but it seems that typing it in localhost was slow, like it hadn't loaded the css yet, but then after a lil while after restarting my computer and just refreshing, both tabs open showing one with css, and one without, but then refreshed...
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    Difference between locallhost and 127?

    Can anyone tell me why I type in in and get one site, but type in localhost and its the same site, just not the same site.... here look.... - - - Updated - - - Also some things in the config.php aren't showing up on the site, but changes in the styles.css are..... like I changed...
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    Stylizer And CSS

    Right! I remember years ago when I used front-page you could just select a folder and it would add all the files in it and link them and build your site in the program, so if you already had a fully functioning site you could see it and either choose which file you want to preview individually...