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    OtLand New Staff Members

    👏👏👏👏👏 @Delirium
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    Any oldies left? :-) //silentdefender

    where's migxxx
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    OtLand Attachments & More

    No, thank you! I'm happy to see this community growing, pleasure working here was mine. :)) love u @Mark and OtLand Staff
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    'I cried when...'

    Hello OtLand! Today, we (the Staff) were having a nice and funny chat about the times when we used to play Tibia and we started to share 'that silly moment that happened that caused me to cry a lot'. I noticed that if I read my experience again I feel kinda stupid... but if I read others it...
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    Happy Holidays 2014!

    Greetings OtLand! Another year is coming to an end and we are so happy to receive 2015. We can't believe how fast time is passing, how many victories we had this year, how many failures we survived in our personal lives. But this is it! Take a tame to enjoy your family, have a nice dinner with...
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    The Forgotten Server 1.0

    Congratulations @Mark !
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    OtLand New staff members & anniversary

    Goodbye old mods! @Xenios You'll be missed, you were one of the most significant Global Moderator through all the history of OtLand, Good Luck. @ntmr @Delirium koolest guys on earth! hope you both are ok. Welcome new mods! @Siramix So happy you're here now :) And hbday OtLand! 7 years of fun...
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    what would you think if someone suddenly disappear from everywhere for more than a year!! of course i'm not joking...
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    Stepping down from Global Moderator

    You'll be missed! Now who's going to do my job?
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    Suggestion Chat System - Shoutbox

    What about only premium, developers and support team members.
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    Suggestion Chat System - Shoutbox

    We already have an IRC channel feel free to join #otland at quakenet
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    Suggestion Maybe add back the old fashin Rep point system?

    Why having a Rep System when we have the like button? You know how influential is someone by looking at the likes he/she has received. Influential doesn't mean Good. In the past, we had a reputation system that allowed the users to add bad or good reputation to the ones that desserved it. This...
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    Anybody knows where is he? At least a good bye or suicide letter? http://otland.net/members/migxxx.22335/ Coolest guy in the world disappeared years ago, this thread is a desperate way to find him, i think it's impossible that nobody knows something about where is he right now. I mean he...
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    Suggestion Switch back to vBulletin