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  1. potinho

    AAC [GESIOR2012] Bans Page and Powerfull guilds stop working

    Hi guys, everything ok? My @Gesior.pl AAC page seems to be ok until yesterday, today some strange thing happens: my "Bans" page stopped working and "Most Powerfull Guilds" stopped working on Lastest News Page. My only changes are in my.cnf files to optimze, nothing on database. I've got this...
  2. potinho

    AAC [GESIOR 2012]Add "Status" field to Bug Report Page

    Hello guys, Im using this page as bug tracker https://otland.net/threads/gesior-acc-report-bug-system-advanced.211005/page-2#post-2708540 But dont have an status field, to mark as backlog, in progress and done. Someone can help me to add this? I saw @Znote did, but dont work for @Gesior.pl 2012.
  3. potinho

    AAC Monster of the day - Image on default Page (Gesior 2012)

    Hello guys, I have a script who set a monster as "Monster of the day", and have a script to boost monster EXP. I want to set up (automatic) monster's image on my Gesior2012 layout, someone can help me? This is the globalevent to set monster of day function onStartup() local BOOSTED_MONSTER =...
  4. almirtibiaalmir

    AAC Homepage layout

    Hello everyone, im looking for someone who want to create an unique layout for my ot Server homepage. If you are interest msg me and we can talk about design and €.
  5. potinho

    AAC Character Trade Page - Cooldown between actions

    Hello everyone, everything good? I'm using @Gesior.pl system for selling characters and I wanted some help: add a 2-day cooldown as soon as the char is put up for sale (if placed, you can't remove the offer in at least two days) and if you take it off the market, you can't put it back up for...
  6. potinho

    AAC [GESIOR 2012] Spells Page who read information from spells.xml

    I would like a spell page for Gesior 2012 that could read the contents of Spells.xml. I tried the solution in the topic below but the page is not shown to me, only the headers. No errors generated in the apache log. https://otland.net/threads/spells-php.253897/post-2463001 aa
  7. potinho

    AAC [Gesior 2012] Cooldown between leave guild and enter in a new one

    Hello everyone, everything good? I have a War system on my server and my guilds are managed by AAC, but the player can log out and in instantly. I would like to add a cooldown on these actions. It's possible? Can you help me?
  8. potinho

    AAC Gesior 2012 - Openning all submenu tabs

    Hello everyone, everything good? I use Gesior 2012 and I noticed a strange behavior: when I select some menus in the left tab, when I click all the menus are opened. Is there a way to keep only the menu I've chosen open? I looked for a few things, I saw that it may be linked to initialize.js...
  9. potinho

    AAC Fix rank by storage - Missmatching numbers

    Hello guys, I have a rank for task points, who organize it by storage value. In table i dont have null value or blank value, just numbers, but its kind buggy, like bellow: This code for web page <?PHP $storage_number = 176602; $values = $SQL->query("SELECT name, level, value FROM players...
  10. Totten


    Hello everyone, a while ago I started the challenge of developing a new AAC, using modern technologies and focused on bringing agility and especially practicality to OTAdmins. This is ElectroAAC, it is written in Typescript and uses Nuxtjs + Vuetify on the Frontend and Adonisjs on the Backend...
  11. Kawaki69

    AAC Printing level with letter value instead of numbers

    Hi, how do I change the level value in @Znote AAC if I have a high-exp value number changing it for letters for example if I'm in 1000000 printing it as 1M ty.
  12. potinho

    AAC Twitch Streamers - Gesior 2012

    Hello everyone, everything good? I use Gesior 2012 and I saw a nice feature on other servers: they have a page with the streamers who are doing OT live, I found it very interesting. Is there a tutorial on how to do this that is compatible with Gesior? Thank you!
  13. Lucas Giovanni

    MyAAC Global Layout

    MyAAC Global Layout Credits Slawkens (MyAAC) Lucas Giovanni (Updated MyAAC with Global Layout) MyAAC v0.8.6 News Changed box shadow image to css Changed buttons, removed image and added by css Created new buttons based on colors (green and red) Added page load, configurable in config.php...
  14. nik321

    What is the best/most popular AAC?

    Hi friends, So I am return to the OT world, after many years of inactivity. Why? I am honestly not that sure... Maybe I am chasing nostalgia? Or just trying to see how far the OT community has come in the years... I am in the process of setting up my own server, and was just confused/wondering...
  15. Obito

    AAC Account Creation Znote AAC problem

    Hi, today I have installed @Znote AAC and this error suddenly pops up when I enter the website so I have changed the memory cache to false then while I'm creating the account it appears with a blank page and I don't know the reason. Using TFS 1.4/Latest the uniformserver. Edit: I can create an...
  16. potinho

    AAC Wiki Page - Gesior 2012

    There's a Wiki Page format for Gesior 2012? Need one for my server.
  17. P

    AAC Znote AAC change website from using color background to an image?

    currently the website has a dark blue solid color background, what do i need to do to change it from a solid color background to an image ? if even possible.. thanks in advance ..sorry if its a stupid question very new to this..
  18. potinho

    AAC Gesior - Error assigning premium points

    Today I tried to give premium points in Gesior's shop (Gesior 2012) but it's giving me an error, the error below only returns when giving points to a specific player (perhaps for fulfilling the name?). For players with a shorter name it works normally. can you help me? Error: Fatal error...
  19. potinho

    AAC [GESIOR] Account Information - Never logged in

    I use a gesior 2012 and it works fine, but I have two problems: the time shown is incorrect (I put date_default_timezone_set('America/Sao_Paulo'); in indexp.php) but still in some accounts (same with online players) it is shown that she has never logged in. can you help me?
  20. Alkenyx

    AAC zNote - Activation Link Problem

    Hello Folks. I've finally got the Mailer to work. But now I get this error, when I open up the registration link: Page Not Found It looks like, that he is unable to find the register.php?~ generated by the activation process. But I have no clue where I have to configure it.. Cuz the...