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  1. S

    Paladins dont attack at same sqm

    hi people, i have a problem with tfs 0.4. Paladins they do not cause damage in players/monsters at same sqm (only effect poof). how can i solve this problem? Melee (knights) attack works correctly. I think it has to do with the distance from the target. I find this codes in weapons.cpp, Does...
  2. J

    OTClient (Bug)

    I have a problem with these items, they disappear when they came together. Already have a solution for this type of bug? or is it on my spr? or otb?
  3. J


    I need help, can anyone help me with this log?
  4. G

    C++ Bug found by gdb

    Personally, following my server is falling giving this bug of Segmentation fault ... I have decided to use gdb to look for this error. And he accused this first! Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. [Switching to Thread 0x7ffff2d73700 (LWP 5903)] 0x0000000000527323 in...
  5. elnelson

    Lua Creaturescripts temperature bug.

    Hello, otlanders. i have this script. its a temperatura script, when u are underground, desert, etc your temperatura raises and start losing hitpoints over time (1000 msecs) the bug: the event of damage (1hp/1s or 5hp/1s) is not working properly, it removes 1 hp or 5 hp like 10 times in 1...
  6. Luanasar

    Doors bug/not opening (Houses)

    I'm facing some problems with the houses' doors. Even changing the door model in some houses with Remere's Map Editor, it's not updated on game. And most of the doors won't open, saying that You cannot use this object. PS: I already tried deleting the house and then adding it again, but the...
  7. B

    AAC Guild Logo bug GesiorAAC

    Hello OTLand, I have a little bug in my guild page on the website, the images simply don't appear, here is how they look : and here is the guilds.php code, I cannot add it regularly because it is too long; sorry for that but if you want me to post a specific part of it, let me know :D I'd...
  8. elnelson

    Lua [TFS 0.4] Gate of expertise stay open

    Hello, otlanders. I am experiencing a problema, when someone open a gate of expertise it stays open, doesnt close after player pass tru. i am using TFS 0.4 Rev 3884. Hope you guys help me find the bug :)
  9. S

    NPC is not subtracting money when buying potions

    I don't know how to explain this in the most detailed form, but let's try it. In my server if you have an 'x' ammount of money, you can buy infinite potions as long as they cost lower than or exactly 'x'. An example of that is given when somebody is going to buy a potion and he has 200gp. When...
  10. Udun

    Someone, please help! I have an error that causes rollbacks.

    Hello firends, someone can help me please, I have Tfs 0.3.6 Cryng Damsnon, and I had 5 rollbacks on this month, not in all apper the error code, just sometimes, and here I was copy one that appear, I dont know if the crash is always caused by the same error, this is the only error code that I...
  11. S

    [BUG] Gesior forum doesn't work

    Hi guys, I have had this problem since I installed gesior on my server: I cannot use the forums because of some error. This is the error Fatal error: Call to a member function fetchAll() on a non-object in C:\xampp\htdocs\pages\forum.php on line 338 And my forum.php is attached to the post...
  12. S

    [Account Manager bug] Your character couldn't be created, please try again.

    For some reason, I can't create characters on my server, all that appears is tha on the chat: Your character couldn't be created, please try again. And also that on the server log: mysql_real_query(): INSERT INTO `players` (`id`, `name`, `world_id`, `group_id`, `account_id`, `level`...
  13. Dzoqa

    Scripter [10.98] Shop Store, need help, easy money 4 u!

    Hi guys, I'm looking for someone who can fix SHOP SECTION for me, im new in this and can't do this alone. (exampe: if u see Thornfire wolf is an addon gif and next one Frostflare and much more dont have gifs, in images catalog is and Buy Points then i will be so fkn. happy) I'm using tfs 1.2...
  14. demon088

    Linux Something is crashing my OTS...

    Hello again OtLand! I need your help... When I put online my OTS everything is fine, but after almost two days the server crashes and client says 'Connection refused' to every player. I'm running my OTS using 'putty.exe' remotely to a Linux VPS via screens. If I try to run the OTS again when it...
  15. Jompi

    Compiling (8.60) The Forgotten Server 1.2

    I have compiled this [8.60] The Forgotten Server 1.2 and I have noticed some bugs with it. First of, your character walks really clunky and choppy, like if you are hasted and change direction the character moves really strange. Especially when you mapclick, the character lags really much if you...
  16. AdiMit

    Solved [SOLVED] How to implement the OLD NPC system (default channel)

    Hello :) I'm using the [9.80-9.86] The Forgotten Server v0.2.15 (Mystic Spirit) for private purposes (just me and my friends) and as the NPCs Channel/Chat Window is not working (not opening) in >>OTClient<< (though it works fine in the regular Tibia client) I was wondering if implementing the...
  17. L

    Lua [Candy-Bot][BUG]mana item

    hey, i found a bug when use mana item i lag and kick how i can fix it? its look a no exhausted.Problems only on Candy-bot when i use hotkey to mana no kick no lags
  18. Z

    [Real-OTX] [7.72] Few problems

    1. Anyone can put items on the rocks //// Fixed! / Thanks for @Lelodro @Felipe93 2. Ability to purchase only from the addition of the word "buy" 3. Magic wall does not work when I throw it on the fire field //// Fixed! / Thanks for @Felipe93 Someone can help me ? engine: " Real-OTX...
  19. danio4don

    Windows RME map editor bug

    hello I have a little problem with rme editor map for some time on each tab missing graphics for mapping I do not know why it happened as you can see is only a few graphics and so on each tab http://snap.ashampoo.com/xwRl7hrM I will add that I have so each time the map editor, and regardless...
  20. Cmarfil

    Server crash with bug travel

    Hello, I have a problem in my ot server, I use tfs 1.2 with the release of "malucooo" from TK, there is a bug that some players use to put the cpu to 100% and crash the server. I have seen where they do it, they go to a npc of a boat and I think they travel repeatedly, between venore and...