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  1. Theofar

    Information about OTC 7.4 monsters BUG and LAG

    Hello, I'm looking for some information about OTC 7.72 (sprites 7.4) version bugs. When monster are walking near char, appears little rollbacks, like monster goes to wrong SQM than comeback. Sometimes, it goes inside walls than comeback to correct SQM. I don't know what's this, but PP said...
  2. Vantoria

    Problem with Graphics otclient

    hello guys i dont know what is going on with this error or bug but its look weird with otclient otclient sprite error or bug? this is happening in the whole map with otclient i dont know why i have those errors because with normal tibia client it is fine tibia normal client it is fine as you...
  3. S

    OTClient - Character run with MouseRightButton

    Hi guys, I think this function (Run with MouseRightButton) in otclient is wrong. When we use mouse right-click for the character run, if we press the button repeatedly, it walks only one sqm and stops running (StopWalk when i click repeatedly). Can someone tell me where I can fix this? this...
  4. villelagui

    Gesior Guild Logos Bug

    I'm having some problemas with gesior guild logos... At the page Guilds the logos aren't shown and even if i try to update to a new one it wont change. Won't give me any errors or anything like that... Here's my Guilds - Warzera Server <?php if(!defined('INITIALIZED')) exit; if($action...
  5. Togu

    Can't change background

    I've put a image file 1024x719 called background.png in data/images and the background don't load. I tried with mine OTClient compiled today with the latest github version. I tried with the windows latest compiled version (found here in forum). The background don't load and the backscreen...
  6. EaiComeu

    OTClient Chat Bug

    Hello Some players are suffering from the following bug The chat no work, how can I fix ?
  7. P

    TFS 0.X Proboscis Monkey NPC Bug.

    Hello again. Now i have problem. My npc is not Police Officer xd local npc = getNpcCid() doCreatureSay(npc, string.format("%s rolled a %d.", getCreatureName(npc), random_rollval), TALKTYPE_ORANGE_1, false, 0, dice_pos) Help :(
  8. GOD Half

    Solved No SQM = Bug try summon

    Hi, someone help me set to not summon if don't have space next to the character?
  9. Aldo Axel

    TFS 0.X POI Bug on getPlayerHealth

    Server: [TFS 0.4] (8.60) - Regards, my issue is due a poi quest, when the players walk on the fires of vocations, shows me this error: [21:13:13.583] [Error - MoveEvents Interface] [21:13:13.599] data/movements/scripts/PitsOfInferno/FireKnightNorth1.lua:onStepIn [21:13:13.599] Description...
  10. Aldo Axel

    OTClient Tibia 11.49 Bug on open bp

    Tibia client 11.49 crashes when i try to open a backpack and shows this:
  11. Aldo Axel

    TFS 0.X [TFS 0.4] Bug Guilds War System Kills

    Regards OTlanders, today i have problem with Guilds War Sysem, when a member of certain guild dies, only if he is at war (with the shields), he resets it at level 1 and without skills, anyway already having all the war system tables on SQL, as also the system itself with all its respective .lua...
  12. dunnish

    Lua thaiswar_860_bots by Gesior.pl (bot errors)

    Hello! im get this error and not sure about them. [Error - GlobalEvent Interface] In a timer event called from: data/globalevents/scripts/botmanager.lua:onStartup Description: (luaSetPlayerModes) Player not found [Error - GlobalEvent Interface] In a timer event called from...
  13. Jaki Maoh

    TFS 1.X+ Equipping Light Source = Full, wrong light bug

    Hello guys!!!! Sorry for bringing you one new problem to try and fix: Me and my brother, mappers at heart, finally finished our long awaited dream map and are trying (our best) to put the server online, but are facing some issues. One of them - that i can't seem to find any answer to it - is...
  14. War-Ots

    DeadBug tfs 1.2 client 8.6 Char Creation

    Hi guys, sorry for the question, I am building my old war server 8.6 with tfs 1.2. I dont have major bugs (at least as far as i know) but when I create a char with Knight Vocation when I first login in the game I get a deadbug! The second time I log in I don't get any deadbug or other problem...
  15. oshrigames

    Solved NPCs buy from EQ Slots bug. (clost it)

    i've seen many people with this issue, sadly none of the existing threads have a fix for it. (as far as i know.) the issue: NPCs buy item from EQ Slots, example i have royal helmet on me and one in my backpack, the NPC will buy the one im wearing and leave the other helmet in my backpack. and...
  16. A

    RME 3.3 Problem (Bug)

    Hello everyone. When I try to place a fishnet or something on a wall, then the whole wall disappears. Anyone know the bug and can tell me how to fix it? Btw.. I tried both, the x64 and the x32 Version. Both had the bug. And I tested all 10.x Versions right now.. x.x I used this link to get the...
  17. Falacchi

    OTClient - Bug Borders

    OTClient - Last of GITHUB (Updated) Server that Uses: OTX 7.72 - Based on TFS 0.3 Error: Borders disappear and the details that remain on the balconies disappear too
  18. H

    Help, 100% consumer cpu debian

    I have a server of poketibia, until with enough players, a long time it does not fall, however these times is having a problem of 100% consumption in the cpu by the distro, I'm sure it is someone abusing some bug, and probably very simple , I have already fixed two bugs that made the CPU have a...
  19. I

    AAC Modern Acc, Bug Auction House

    Well, I'm sure this has been posted, but after searching for quite a while (without any results that is), I decided to make a new thread. Basically, when bidding on a house, no matter how much I want to bid (say, 200 000), it always shows up at 1. When the auction ends, the house is still...
  20. S

    Error when creating character

    I have the following error when I try to create a character: Error occured! Error ID: Cannot save ItemsList. Player ID not set. More info: File: /opt/lampp/htdocs/classes/itemslist.php Line: 67 File: /opt/lampp/htdocs/classes/player.php Line: 87 File...