1. Goku97

    Create Character script edit

  2. GhostWD

    C++ Lua in quest description by gesior

    Hello again ;p i wanted to use this feature in my tfs 0.4 Feature - LUA code in descriptions of quests in quests.xml but when compiling is almost done this happens CXX vocation.o CXXLD theforgottenserver quests.o: In function `Quests::parseQuestNode(_xmlNode*, bool)'...
  3. guuraal

    Linux Problem z Gesior

    Hello, I have problem with my Gesior ACC with otx3, instalation goes well but when I'm trying to create account, gesior doesnt save accounts in database.
  4. D

    Linux Problem with Linux (Cannot write in database, create account doenst write anything)

    Hi, im new here, sorry for my bad eng too. My problem is, players caan enter my ot, play, do anything, but in the site, no one can create accounts. But we can login, i dont think is chmod, cause i give 777 to entire folder... If someone can help me i would be glad. Raiz Global - Free...
  5. S

    How do I change the text editor? (Gesior)

    Hello guys, I am having a little bit of an issue. I would like to change the text editor from this: To this: How am I supposed to do that? up up
  6. ECAl

    can't put my server online!

    hi, im trying to run mi ots and well.. im using a web page to create the characters, using "xampp" i created a ip forwarding in the page of "no-ip" i opened the ports 7171,7172,80 i checked it on a web page and it confirms that the ports are open the problem is, when i paste the ip i made in the...
  7. Unknown Soldier

    AAC Gesior + TFS 1.2

    Hello everyone, well... durig development of my server I finally found some problem(s) which I am not able to solve without posting new thread. So here I go... 1. [SOLVED] solution was switching from UniServ to Xampp The first problem is related with guilds. When creating a new guild I had...
  8. bok

    [GESIOR ACC] Request Database Manager

    I come here to ask all WEB developers to join and create a Database Manager where you can manage the player and others as well as the link below. Gesior acc. maker for TFS
  9. F

    Gesior date problem

    I'm trying to create a website for my otservser, im currently using Gesior 3.6, and this is the problem im getting: Warning: date() []: It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings. You are *required* to use the date.timezone setting or the date_default_timezone_set()...
  10. Yusuf El-Shora

    Solved Gesior Shop error & Items Effect on equip

    hello there, I didn't want to make 2 topics for the problems I'm facing Support section stays clean as possible . I'm using tfs 0.4 & Gesior Acc .. My problems are : 1) For Gesior Acc, when i add two items in the - Additional Items - section shown below : the first items takes his original...
  11. E

    Gesior - Global Storage Check

    Can someone help me with this problem? I need a line in which you will check the value of global-storage and will inform the time, example: cooldown = 259200, Storageglobal = 50587 (config.cooldown - (os.time() - getGlobalStorageValue(config.storageglobal))) I need this in gesior, in this...
  12. M

    Problem in Gesior ACC

    I'm installing Gesior on my server TFS 1.2, but i have problem. At the time of creating a character this error occurs: Error occured! Error ID: Cannot save ItemsList. Player ID not set. More info: File: /var/www/tibiaserv01/public_html/classes/itemslist.php Line: 67 File...
  13. Zarkank


    good evening Anyone know which gesior comes with the new store? The same as the global? I found it once, but I can not find it again Thank you very much in advance
  14. TSFMAG

    AAC [Gesior] Fatal error: Uncaught exception

    Anyone can help me? This error happens when i try search a character: Screenshot Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'E_OTS_NotLoaded' in C:\xampp\htdocs\pot\OTS_GuildRank.php:179 Stack trace: #0 C:\xampp\htdocs\characters.php(88): OTS_GuildRank->getGuild() #1 C:\xampp\htdocs\index.php(179)...
  15. Nekiro

    Solved Weird error in php query

    Hello, I cannot get this to work. I'm using gesior. What I'm trying? I'm trying to get "players_record" value into variable. $record = $SQL->query("SELECT `value` FROM `server_config` WHERE `config` = players_record"); echo $record; It's showing nothing... When I try: $record =...
  16. S

    [BUG] Gesior forum doesn't work

    Hi guys, I have had this problem since I installed gesior on my server: I cannot use the forums because of some error. This is the error Fatal error: Call to a member function fetchAll() on a non-object in C:\xampp\htdocs\pages\forum.php on line 338 And my forum.php is attached to the post...
  17. bok

    Solved Erro Create Character in accountmanagement.php

    I'm having a big problem creating a player automatically "Rook Sample", even choosing other vocations.(Druid Sample, Paladin Sample...) //## CREATE CHARACTER on account ### if($action == "createcharacter") { $main_content .= '<script type="text/javascript"> var...
  18. bok

    AAC function rowcount

    <?php if ($action == ""){ $main_content .=' <div class="InnerTableContainer"> <table style="width:100%;"> <tbody> <tr> <td> <div class="TableShadowContainerRightTop"> <div class="TableShadowRightTop" style="background-image:url('.$layout_name.'/images/content/table-shadow-rt.gif);"> </div>...
  19. bok

    AAC Gesior Shop.lua

    shop.lua function onThink(interval, lastExecution) local queryShop = db.storeQuery('SELECT * FROM `z_ots_comunication`') if queryShop ~= false then repeat local id, player = result.getNumber(queryShop, 'id'), Player(result.getString(queryShop, 'name'))...
  20. slawkens

    [MyAAC][Plugin] Gesior Shop System

    This is Shop System taken from Gesior, converted to MyAAC. Configuration you can find in files: system/pages/points.php and system/pay/* Installation: Go to Admin Panel, select 'Plugins', and then select and click upload. Thats all! Enable: Paste in config.local.php...