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  1. S

    Webdesigner Offering Web Design Service

    Offering my web design service, currently i can do: Website: * Front-end: CSS / JavaScript / HTML / Jquery / Ajax * Back-end: PHP / Node * SQL Znote / Gesior / Myacc: *Layout transformation *Custom functions Scripting: * Lua You can check my works at Works Discord: Seba#6761
  2. HappyFeet

    Webdesigner Modify AAC to my DB

    Haa peopz, I have a server that I build 10-12 years ago with my team. some old and cool 8.0 shit! I will run the server again but there is 1 problem. THE AAC !! After some php courses I tried to modify Gesior/Znote to connect with my database. Unfortunately no result. * What I have: - A...
  3. HappyFeet

    AAC AAC based on Evolutions Version 0.7.8 & SVN 0.6.0

    I made a server years ago with some guys and I like to bring it back online but my site is very deprecated and my knowlegde about php is too low to fix it by myself. is there someone who can help me with my site??
  4. Sotomayor

    Help Gesior Starter intro page

    Hello i have a problem on my website i put a intro on my otserver i create another folder to put the php. files and on the begin i put the intro php. my problem are when i try to login my loginbox dont work and redirect instantly to the intro all work fine but thats my only problem i change the...
  5. Szafi

    AAC create_ip in mysql

    Hello, how i can decode/print on website ip adress?
  6. EaiComeu

    Webdesigner Looking for WebDesigner. [paid service]

    Hello otland, I'm the owner of Melindria.com. And I need a webdesigenr to do a new layout of my site. send-me pm, thanks
  7. sasugan2

    Webdesigner Looking for Gesior Layout [PL/ENG]

    Hello, I will buy a nice layout for Gesior ACC. Send me your suggestions in a private message. Regards!
  8. S

    Gesior news commands

    I have recently updated to TFS 1.2 and I had to completely change my website. Now, the news editor looks really simple, compared to the other one I had. I saw that there are some "codes" that you can use in the news and in the forum as well, like these ones: Screenshot Are there any other...
  9. S

    PHP Gesior - Ranking Frags BUG

    Hi people, I tried to adapt this Ranking Storage by @imkingran in my project: AAC - Gesior topfraggers by storage But i do not want to use by storage. I would like to use only by values contained in table players -> column 'frags'. Resuming, I'm trying to create a Ranking Kills using a single...
  10. D

    [HELP] Problems with IP

    Hello guys, I'm a rookie on server creation. To be honest, it is my second. I got a problem here. First of all, I intend to host my server to my friends, not to put in a 24/7 dedicated host. And I'm using a gesior accmaker with the Uniform Server Zero instead of Xampp. Well, I created three...
  11. A

    AAC Gesior account maker, new table - characters.php

    Hello, i need add new table under level table, this table can be called: Rank, and if we have storage 4848, value = 1, then in this table on the right appear Rank: Master, or if we have storage 4847, value = 1, appear Rank: Newbie, can anyone add this? i dont understand how to add this :/ here...
  12. ratten

    AAC myaac v2.0 paypal problems, i get no points

    Hello, i got this new myaac webapplication and its great! its clean and everything is so damn easy except for one thing. i tried to setup the paypal account and i can't get it to work, old website applications got the paypal_report to fix but this one don't and im not getting my points when i...
  13. Shawno0

    (Gesior, OTX Server 11.49) New Character created with completed quests?

    Hey Guys, Having a bit of a weird issue, when creating a brand new character through the Gesior website, characters are being created with a tone of completed quests, so loads of Player_Storage tables.. I am assuming this is related to the website, as these are appearing before the account is...
  14. orionneox

    AAC [Support] Character Market System

    Dear colleagues, I've been searching for a feasible character market system to be implemented into a Gesior AAC system, but none of those that are available on this forum is neither working as expected or not available for the most TFS's releases. As my knowledge with PHP is considerably...
  15. S

    Error when creating character

    I have the following error when I try to create a character: Error occured! Error ID: Cannot save ItemsList. Player ID not set. More info: File: /opt/lampp/htdocs/classes/itemslist.php Line: 67 File: /opt/lampp/htdocs/classes/player.php Line: 87 File...
  16. Lucas Primo

    [MyAAC-Gesior] Help template

    Hello friends. I've installed gesior since the last version of MyAAC, but it seems a bit different from what I'm used to, and I looked in almost every file where I can change the Submenu, to add pages or to remove them. I want to remove of submenu the page "houses" Could anyone help? TFS 1.3...
  17. Goku97

    Create Character script edit

  18. GhostWD

    C++ Lua in quest description by gesior

    Hello again ;p i wanted to use this feature in my tfs 0.4 Feature - LUA code in descriptions of quests in quests.xml but when compiling is almost done this happens CXX vocation.o CXXLD theforgottenserver quests.o: In function `Quests::parseQuestNode(_xmlNode*, bool)'...
  19. guuraal

    Linux Problem z Gesior

    Hello, I have problem with my Gesior ACC with otx3, instalation goes well but when I'm trying to create account, gesior doesnt save accounts in database.
  20. D

    Linux Problem with Linux (Cannot write in database, create account doenst write anything)

    Hi, im new here, sorry for my bad eng too. My problem is, players caan enter my ot, play, do anything, but in the site, no one can create accounts. But we can login, i dont think is chmod, cause i give 777 to entire folder... If someone can help me i would be glad. Raiz Global - Free...