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  1. hezhwan.hassan

    How is this possible? localhost and poiting to two different websites!

    I have no idea what i did wrong, im using uniform server, no error in logs, but somehow when i enter localhost im getting to a version of my website, and when i enter im getting to another website. I wanna use the layout but giving out the ip to friends, they only get to the...
  2. A

    TRADE-OFF updated

    Good Morning Does anyone have the tradeoff page updated ?? because what I use is a very old version, in it we can not search the items. if someone has, can you make it ?? REP ++ Already in this version can.
  3. A


    Error receiving addon in TFS, it just does not deliver the addon, the item arrives normal tfs OTX 1.3 CREATURESCRIPT/SCRIPT/SHOP.LUA -- ### CONFIG ### -- message to player "type", if delivery of item debugs client, it can be because of undefinied type (type that does not exist in your...
  4. kubqq

    AAC [MyAAC] Problem with wars.php - Wars Menu on Website

    Hello Everyone, I installed a MyAAC, I read this is AAC Maker on Gesior System, I cant add a menu with wars.php I dont have and I cant find in any version of MyAAC file wars.php so I try to copy wars.php from my last AAC Maker Gesior to new. But I have this error and I can't find any fix...
  5. chupaescadatri

    AAC GESIOR can write to file

    I'm giving 777 permission to the files and I update and the gesior keeps giving this information, what am I doing wrong?
  6. DaBlauwk

    TFS 0.X TFS 0.4 and gesior problems

    Hi I’m using TFS 0.4 and gesior but my localhost page is white and logging ingame fails because of wrong password. When I used znote I had the same problem logging ingame because of sha1 but atleast the page worked. Thanks in advance
  7. Dvax

    Webdesigner GESIOR 1.X Layout.

    Hello, I search full layout unique gesior acc 1.x real ots. Custom layout I pay paypal. Please here send ss website or pv.
  8. Ü

    Help on this code PHP

    Guys, I base myself on a system already made to make what is shown in the image work. I work in windows with xampp but when I pass it to Ubuntu 16.04 it is not working. Someone knows? I use Gesior 2012 - Server TFS 1.3 $hpPercent = max(0, min(100, $player->getHealth() / max(1...
  9. Togu

    [OTClient] The Forgotten Tibia Server 0.8

    The Forgotten Tibia Server The Forgotten Tibia Server is a free and open-source MMORPG server emulator written in C++. It is a fork of the The Forgotten Server 1.3 project. To connect to the server, you will need The Forgotten Tibia Client (a custom client forked from OTClient and edited by me -...
  10. Adinots.pl

    Gesior ACC Need new payment method Getpay

    Hello .. I would like to add to Gesior acc new payment method (Getpay) I have script from Getpay but I can not do it. <?php class GetPaySMS { //Request private $apiKey; private $apiSecret; private $number; private $code; private $unlimited; private $url...
  11. Raber

    AAC Gesior 2012 Highscore Page

    Hi, I'm using an global tibia highscore page for my server with gesior 2012. I'm using an tfs 0.4. The problem I have is that, the code doesn't fully recognize the sql code with my sql lines in the database. There is two kind of problems with it: - doesn't show if the character is promoted or...
  12. DukeeH

    AAC MyAAC - Show outfit on Highscore box

    Hello, I'm looking for a way to show player's outfit on highscore box using MyAAC (0.8-dev). Used to use Gesior, changed the code a bit but it's not working <img...
  13. ClassicTiba

    [GESIOR] - Oldschool Layout

    [1] - Create Account (only accepts up to 8 numbers) [2] - Ticket system [3] - CastSystem [4] - Trade Off [5] Guild Wars (with Shield) [6] - Top Fragger (With Outfits) [7] - Spells / Runes (Page) [8] - Buy Points (Paypal) [9] - Report Bugs [10] - Top Level Box (With Outfits) [11] - No Samples...
  14. villelagui

    Gesior Guild Logos Bug

    I'm having some problemas with gesior guild logos... At the page Guilds the logos aren't shown and even if i try to update to a new one it wont change. Won't give me any errors or anything like that... Here's my Guilds - Warzera Server <?php if(!defined('INITIALIZED')) exit; if($action...
  15. S

    Programmer Looking for outfit images 11.75 for gesior

    Hi, I currently have the outfits till 11.75, but need to extract them to work with outfit generator of gesior, If you can do it contact me :), you will be getting paid
  16. cmcpro

    Erro Epic Vocation In Gesior

    I'm having a problem with epic vocation on site gesior Vocation does not appear on the site The third image was to appear Epic Elder Druid my config.php $vocation_name[0][0] = array(0 => 'None', 1 => 'Sorcerer', 2 => 'Druid', 3 => 'Paladin', 4 => 'Knight'); $vocation_name[0][1] = array(1...
  17. tiago cysneiros

    problem with Headline in Gesior

    Guys... I guess I have deleted some importante code some years ago when I smoked fu$%*¨%$ much marijuana, so, now, I need help because my headline content are not appearing in any page. headline.php <?php $text = $_GET['txt']; $text =...
  18. Sotomayor

    Gesior Top level box

    Hello all i need a help on my top level i put a some medal of gold , on side of the Name and level i do it, but my problem is the 5 top have all the same medals i have one medal different for every top example level top have gold medal, second top level, silver medal, and third have bronze but i...
  19. Ricardo Souza

    [GESIOR] - The Real Ferobra

    Hello, i'm Ricardo Souza, from Goiânia - Brazil. I'm developing a website called ferobra, and i'm be happy to share some functions i've been develope. See the project in github and help us in bugtrace. Send the issues you found.
  20. hemrenus321

    Webdesign unnamed layout #4

    credits to cipsoft for background image css transitions: