1. nevereq

    AAC Account maker - tiny font - where to change that

    I have some problems with layout made by Crypton, using Gesior2012-TFS-0.3.6_and_0.4_to_rev_370. I dont know how to show up bar with server status etc, and somehow font-size is tiny, only in general informations. I guess it depends on htdocs/pages > accmanagement, but there are only php scripts.
  2. bok

    AAC Conver

    I needed to convert this script to Gesior 2012 is showing the error: Fatal error: Call to a member function fetch() $v = $SQL->query("SELECT (SELECT COUNT(`death_id`) FROM `killers` k LEFT JOIN `player_killers` pk ON `k`.`id` = `pk`.`kill_id` LEFT JOIN `players` p ON...
  3. bok

    Solved function getOrde

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function getOrder() shopguildadmin.php on line 99 $main_content .= '<center><table width="550"><tr BGCOLOR="#505050"><td width="5"><font color="white"><a href="?subtopic=shopguildadmin&action=viewoffer&order=' . getOrder($order, 'order', 'id') . '"...
  4. bok


    Warning: DOMDocument::load(): I/O warning : failed to load external entity "/home/u539562001/public_html/ /home/u539562001/public_html/data/xml/vocations.xml" in /home/u539562001/public_html/classes/vocations.php on line 14 Error occured! Error ID: More info: Vocations::__construct - cannot...
  5. Snavy

    Gesior AAC 2012 - WONT SEND EMAIL

    On lost account page, when you enter charcter name and choose the option which is supposed to send an email to your account with your password doesn't work. The following error shows up: An error occorred while sending email! Try again or contact with admin. I have tried the following...
  6. Snavy

    AAC Gesior 0.4 - Wont send email

    Ive installed gesior 0.4 but it seems like email system isn't working that well. # Emails Config $config['site']['send_emails'] = true; $config['site']['mail_address'] = "[email protected]"; $config['site']['smtp_enabled'] = true; $config['site']['smtp_host'] = ""...
  7. Q

    AAC Gesior ACC For OTHire not working

    Hey i have problem with gesior acc for othire by @Pietia10. When im in install steps, i cant make samples i got blank page/white page, and when i skip step, and make admin passwrd, and change the install.php and install.txt to install1.php and install1.txt , i got blank page on my site like SHUt...
  8. GhostWD

    AAC Account name Check not working

    Hi Otlanders as Title says i can't figure out why this isn't working cause i dont understand php totaly lame i'm using Gesior aac for materiaOTS when i input in Account Name account 'id' which is in data base its saays that its used by someone(that account 'name') but if i input 'name' which i...
  9. Mummrik

    [Lua Function] [0.3.6] doPlayerAddGesiorPoints(cid, points) and doPlayerAddZnotePoints(cid, points)

    Two Lua functions to add premium points for Znote and Gesior AAC shop Developed for tfs 0.3.6 For Gesior AAC function doPlayerAddGesiorPoints(cid, points) return db.executeQuery("UPDATE accounts SET premium_points = premium_points + "..points.." WHERE id =...