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  1. potinho

    TFS 0.X Autoloot MOD - Issue with Stone Skin Amulet

    I have an autoloot MOD that seems to work fine, but I discovered a problem: when I kill a monster and it drops an SSA, if I don't have the autoloot turned on it comes with 5 charges. If autoloot is enabled, it only comes with one charge, how do I fix this? autoloot.xml <?xml version="1.0"...
  2. Daniel Kopeć

    Solved Exp Scroll Problem !

    After using the exp scroll, it adds 2x experience. But after relogging, it adds 1x more. How to fix it? so that he does not give 1x more after relogging? Here are my scripts: mods/expscroll.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <mod name="Experience Stages Scroll" version="1.0"...
  3. potinho

    TFS 0.X [7.72] MOD Autoloot - Restrict by VIP Players

    Hello everyone, everything good? I have the MOD below on my server that works well, but I would like only VIP players to be able to use it. VIP players have 30009 storage on my server, I would like the MOD to validate that and, if it doesn't have the storage, the message appears that only VIP...
  4. potinho

    TFS 0.X [7.72]MOD Autoloot - Show commands

    Good morning people, I have the mod below for autoloot that works for my server. However, when I just type "/ autoloot" to see the commands, it gives the error below on my console, can you help me? [3/1/2021 9:30:32] [Error - TalkAction Interface] [3/1/2021 9:30:32] local cid = 268448572...
  5. potinho

    TFS 0.X [7.72] Autoloot Problem

    Hi guys, Im trying to use this AutoLoot System for my server ([0.4] Autoloot System (https://otland.net/threads/0-4-autoloot-system.272319/#post-2639823)), but when i will add a item, shows "This item does not exist" and my console got this error: [29/12/2020 11:21:27] [Error - TalkAction...
  6. rwxsu

    Why Did We Remove Modules From TFS?

    Why Did We Remove Modules From TFS? It does not make sense. Pros: You can copy-paste the scripts you want easily, because you don't have to distribute the script across multiple files and folders. You can add/remove scripts without touching existing code (such as talkactions.xml). Cons: ?
  7. MagicWall

    [OTClient Mod] Touch Hotkeys

    OTClient module who provide to use hotkeys in OTClient from screen using mouse or touch screen. How to add? Add folder [touch_hotkeys] to "modules" or "mods" folder in your main OTClient folder. How it works? Switch on in right game toggle button. Window will appear (depending on previous...
  8. Fifflaren

    TFS 0.X Mods error

    Hey I found this old Mod in an old Evolera folder called "buffs" and it does what its should do but it has its downsides cuz if you want to relog or have to restart you wont be able to be getting back on. The mod seems like its blocking the login for some reason. if 1 of you awesome guys at...
  9. MagicWall

    [OTClient Mod] Auto Screenshot and Fast Screenshot

    Hello, I want to present two new modules: game_autoscreenshot and client_fastscreenshot. I have presented possibility to making screenshots in OTClient in this post: [OTClient Showoff], now all was be finished and added to OtLand OTClient github repo. It's forked otland repo from main OTClient...
  10. MagicWall

    [OTClient Mod] Tool Monstermaker

    I prepared mod for OTClient who may help with creating monsters for TFS 1.3, in fact it need tests and probably it have some issues, but all sources is open. A few months earlier I showed several screenshots: [Showoff] OTClient Monster Maker In fact, I created it in boring journeys from one...
  11. MagicWall

    [OTClient Mod] Loot stats

    I want to present my loot statistics module for OTClient, who was presented in posts: [OTClient Showoff] Show off your OTClient project/module/UI and other [OTClient Showoff] Show off your OTClient project/module/UI and other What is loot_stats module? This module is created for presenting...
  12. ssiwyy158

    TFS 0.X [MOD] Task

    Sorry for my English. I have a problem with task system [MOD] . Everything works but we can repeat task all time np. !task dragon. When we're done task and get rewards (addons) we can repeat task on dragons. How to make it impossible to repeat ? TFS 0.4 r3884 CODE: Wklejka #3392655 –...
  13. MagicWall

    [OTClient Mod] Health and mana circle

    In connection with posts: New Bar OTC 11 New Bar Tibia 11 · Issue #923 · edubart/otclient · GitHub I was creating game_healthcircle module. What is game_healthcircle module? This module draw health circle and mana circle in game map. So it's alternative method to show status of player health...
  14. MagicWall

    [OTClient Showoff] Show off your OTClient project/module/UI and other

    On this forum is a lot of threads with mapping and spriting showoff, so i want to make something similar, but with OTClient. This thread is created to show off your OTClient: Projects Mods/Modules UI And other Rules: No matter if the project/mods/ui is finished or during work. It's only...
  15. MagicWall

    [OTClient Mod] Touch Move

    A few users has written to me, to share my old mods with others users, which I shows a long time ago in thread about OTClient on Android devices. So I improved some problems and add some features. I think it may be helpful to play on touch screen like: Windows 10 Tablet or Android devices...
  16. MagicWall

    [OTClient Mod] Spacebar Attack

    In connection with post: Attack first/second Battle List OTClient I was creating spacebar_attack module. I don't know whether that is work like this functionality in Tibia 11 because i don't used Tibia 11 client. It's simple to use because it would be enough to copy spacebar_attack folder to...
  17. leonardocy

    Get Messages from chat

    hello guys i'm working in a dice script to a server 8.6 but i'm have an issue, i dont have way to get messages from default chat can anybody help me in this code? @gugu15 are the author. i'm only triying to modify for a ot 8.6. This code is for dice, im trying to transform to System Based.