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[BRAZIL] [8.0] Exordion 2x GLOBAL - 14/11/2022 19:00 (GMT-3)

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Oct 4, 2022
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Official Opening: 14/11/2022 - 19:00 (GMT-3)

Host BR

bandeira do brasil grátis ícone

Creation of accounts and characters released! Everyone will receive 3 days of Premium Account 1h before opening!​

It is with great pleasure that after months of development, adjustments, corrections and 1 month of test-server we would like to announce the opening of our Server: Exordion!

A very quality server, serious and dedicated team.

We have Host BR in the best version of Tibia 8.0 with several new features for better gameplay.

We don't have anything PAY2WIN, all our SHOP is for server maintenance and improvement.

In addition we have an AWARDS system and many more...


Awards System
Task System (+70 Tasks)
New respawns (+10)
Party Share Bonus (Same vocation 10% / 2 vocations 20% / 3 vocations 30% / 4 vocations 50%)
Conjured runes 2x more charges
Soul Removed
Balanced Vocations (Strong Knights with UH and spells / Paladins with SD - UH and Assassin Star / Sorcerers with high damage / Druids with reduced mana cost in exura sio and with 2 new damage spells: exevo pox hur and exevo gran mas pox)
Removed PZ area from boats and carpets
Loot Channel
Possibility of having 2 Djins in same Character
Better NPCs (ex: buy bp mf / buy 10 uh)
Quests 100%
Low cost houses
And much more ...

We also have a Whatsapp and Discord group!

Some friends recommended it to me and it seems to be a good server. While I'm on another server I can leave my bot character.
I recommend it to those who want something slow and don't have time to play but still want something difficult.