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ot server

  1. Senzation96

    Team Starting a new 8.6 | OLDSCHOOLUSER FROM 2008

    Hello, my name is Leo more known as Senzation96. I came up with the brilliant idea of starting a new "OT Server" What I wasn't thinking about when I was a kid was assembling a team for making this happen! So if anyone is interested, Write something below! Or Join the Development Discord...
  2. D

    Creating new OT server

    Hello community, I am new here so if I posted something illegal please tell me, I would like to create a OT server, And I am looking for a guide to do it from scratch. Someone can provide me some step by step guide to do it from scratch?? I am looking for the latest guide if possible, Thank for...
  3. Ena

    «REQUEST» (Tibia 8.10) Original/Unedited Evolutions server

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to see if anyone that has the full pack of 8.1 evolutions server (if possible original/unedited) could please upload it because all of the links I find seem to be dead a long time ago, and its a pretty important piece of Open Tibia history wich I want to keep for...
  4. Gitzmo

    [GERMANY] [8.60][CUSTOM] EVERLASTOT -*-LAUNCH 9/23/18-*-

    V-*-FEATURES-*-V Custom Quests including quests for rebirth spells. VIP areas (VIP is basically access to additional spawns and few spawns for high rebirths to hunt at) OFFLINE Messaging system, example if you say "/msg Gitzmo, Hey how are you. the person you send it to will get it amongst...
  5. bajsbajs

    In dire need of help

    Hello! I am trying to make an OT server. I have made progress, got my website and all that jazz. When I run the .exe application to start the server I get this message in the command prompt: Error: [MoveEvent::configureMoveEvent] No valid event name function [Warning -...
  6. dunnish

    Linux Linux Distro & tfs 0.4 8.6

    Hello! im runing right now tfs on windows (tfs 0.4) and i would like to move it to linux. but what linux distro should i have? And what tfs trunk should i have? how can i compile it?
  7. unrealdracco

    Could use some help with RME

    Hello all, To start I would like to say that I haven't been involved with the OT community for quite a while. Lately however, I've started tinkering on my old server again which has been a long time hobby project. I figured I'd work on the map and port it over to the latest version of...
  8. H

    Rune fusion for old 7.6 tibia

    Hello friends, I have come across with a little problem which I don't seem to be able to solve on myself, and I have now searched a resolution for a long time.... but I'm giving up, so maybe you guys can help me. I'm working on a 7.6 tibia server and in that version when creating runes or...
  9. M


    I'm trying to make a webpage using @Znote s geisor and everything is fine on step 1-4 on instalation at (my root ip), but when i get to step 5 to create an admin account i get this error. Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function fetch() on boolean in...
  10. A

    Change health to percent! [help please]

    Hello, can anyone change this script from heal value 500-1000 to : min = 5% max = 10% ? I need percent heal from this script, please help ;) -- Configure the healing here: configHealer = { healMin = 500, -- Minimum heal healMax = 1000, -- Maximum heal distanceEffect = 46, -- Shoots this effect...
  11. E

    VPS or Dedicated Server

    which is better a vps or dedicated server? for ot tibia 10.98 with 100 to 200 players which do you recommend not very expensive?
  12. kariera123

    Windows OTS 8.6 tfs 0.4 Win Server2016 I need info

    Hello, I have VPS with Windows Server 2016 and i want to know do i need xampp on it. I was running tfs 0.4 with xampp on my Windows 7 with acc maker and everything works well. Please tell me do i need xampp on WinServ2016, Link some tutorials what should i do to configure it properly.
  13. A

    Cannot login in the server with Ot Land ip Changer

    Hello i need help, I can not login to the server where I play. There was an error with my IP Changer Ot Land, it stopped working and it didn't open at all. I uninstalled and installed again, and the program would not open. I did the System Restore and did not help, I did Total cleanup on the...
  14. therrax

    Lua [OTX] Error while log in

    Hello guys I have problem with OTX server while I log in to the game. Downloaded from this thread: v(10.100/11) GitHub - mattyx14/otxserver: The OTX Server Error: bump buump
  15. Misha123

    Mapper Looking for a Mapper Forgotten 8.60

    Hello! I'm searching for a experienced mapper for my Forgotten server 8.60, you will be a GM on the server. You will create hunting rooms and also quests etc, the map will prety much be yours! PM me if interested
  16. Misha123

    Apache Failed to start Uniform Server Error

    Hello guys, i've never had problems with uniform server be4, but today it got really messy. First it told me dll files were missing so i downloaded it and it went well. Now it says "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b) click OK to close the application" So i tryed to run it...
  17. SlaughterXd

    what to learn for ot server?

    Hello community, i´ve recently been creating a ot tibia server, but how i don´t know anything how it works, i was wondering what should i learn so i can manage my ot server? I know in the community are lots of experts who know well how ot works, so what should i learn?