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  1. CWMsollutions

    Programmer CWMsollutions Sp. z o.o. programming services

    Hello, We are small company located in Poland named "CWMsollutions (CWM [solid]lutions)". We are mainly focused on micro/small/medium programming systems/projects. I'm a Tibia related topics fan and that's why I decided to be open on otland programming requests. We are fluent in C, C++, C#...
  2. B

    I am looking for a Programmer with a lot of experience in c ++, lua, PHP and more

    I am looking for a Programmer with a lot of experience in c ++, lua, PHP and more, to help me in my ot
  3. D

    Programmer TFS Services, Linux/Windows Install+Compile + Setup Database

    Hello im Lucas i am 29 y/o from Poland. Currently jobless so im looking for some job based on TFS. Looking for job: Programer/Scripter(C++ / Lua based on TFS), Additionally: Install OTS on Linux (Acc Maker, Engine, Required libs) Contact; Dakos#7633 Experience; 8 Years with Tibia Servers...
  4. M

    Programmer Looking for polish programmer

    Programowanie to Twoja pasja? Lubisz elastyczny czas pracy? Masz około 2 lat doświadczenia z silnikiem TFS? Mamy coś dla Ciebie, do naszego zespołu poszukujemy programisty c++/lua na pełen etat. Programista musi pochodzić z polski. Praca 100% zdalna, elastyczny czas pracy - ważne, żeby liczba...
  5. S

    [TFS 0.4] Looking for programmer

    I'm looking for a programmer for TFs 0.4 (Source Editing). I have references for previously purchased services. Payment with PayPal. Thanks!
  6. xFlamek

    Mapper Map Conversion 10.98 > 7.72

    Hello, We are looking for someone to fully convert map from version 10.98/or higher/ to work with version 7.72/7.6 base/. Server working on TFS 1.3
  7. Zainox

    Programmer Looking a good programmer

    Hi everyone. I am currently looking for a programmer who knows enough knowledge to patch a tibia client (8.60-10.50) from tibia to make it compatible with Elfbot or conversely someone who can make the elfbot compatible with another tibia client that is newer at 8.60. In addition to this put...
  8. Zainox

    Help with Framework and Windows 7 compatibility with client 8.60

    Good morning, I hope everyone is doing very well. HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR EVERYONE!!!! I WISH THE BEST FOR 2020 I write because I need help with my Tibia 8.60 client. It is a modified client which has extended SPR. The problem is that only players who have windows 10 can run it. Windows 7 players...
  9. N

    i want to hire someone to make a 7.7 nostalrius server. (PAID)

    Hello everyone, I live in the netherlands (holland)and I played tibia and ots back in the day from 7.4 untill 7.8. When I played tibia I always wanted to have my own server but i did not have the knowledge to do so and I still don't. I have noticed there are clones of those tibias around on...
  10. R

    Tibia programming, how get functions, search stuff

    Hello! First i wanna sorry for my english ;) Everyone starting somewhere yes? I wanna create bot for tibia. I wont from you guys done stuffs. If i get proccess by name, i can get the value of variable somehow by name(if not changed on source). How make "clicks" on cords etc. There is some...
  11. Theofar

    Programmer Looking for a C++ devel with OTClient experience [PAID HOURLY]

    Looking for a C++ devel with OTClient experience to fix my OTC protocol issues: 1- client dissconects every time, I sniffed my connection and saw server closing connection with client (probably by receiving bad packet) 2- some modules packs, data and sprites, doesn't works together, client get...
  12. MinekDrewno

    Scripter Looking 4 skrypter/coder

    Welcome ;) I have recently spent a fair ammount of money for a tibia 7.6 server with it's own customised map, monsters, scripts, npc's etc and it's own customised klient that looks absolutely amazing!. It's a legendary server with a good 10 year old tradition. I would like to get it up and...
  13. F

    Programmer client encrypt tibia

    need to encrypt all graphic files to not be ripped
  14. geragera

    Graphic Designer Design and Programming Services in One Place

    english service page in general, we work with pixel art, interface, programming and, c ++ and LUA and many others. come and budget your project with affordable prices. pt-br pagina de serviços em geral, trabalhamos com pixel art, interface, programação e, c++ e LUA e muitos outros. venha...
  15. Z

    Programmer SysAdmin / DevOps / Software Development services

    Hello fellow OpenTibians Since you're here I think it's safe to assume you need help solving an issue or two - if that's the case I will be glad to help you. What can you do for me? Servers (Debian / RHEL): secure your linux-based server(s) maintain / upgrade your linux-based server(s)...
  16. Rorschach2

    Programmer Searching for SQL Programmer - update database to new tibia version

    Hello, I am searching for someone that can update my 8.4 server database to 10.98 server database. I have payed for several services already, JoeRod and Raggaer being the ones I worked together the most. Thanks for the atention, PM me if interested.
  17. Homeslice

    Scripter Wanted Volunteer: Scripter/Game Designer/Questline Developer/Spellmaker/Feedback/Staff

    Hello, I am searching for 1-3 volunteers to: Script, Design/Review Functionality, Develop Questlines, Create Spells, Give Feedback and Act as Staff I'm creating a custom map low-mid rate server. Note: This is not a shit RL clone I copied from OTX github 30 minutes ago. I've been working on...
  18. Nubaza

    [ LUA / C++ ] Offering Services

    Hello ! I'm offering Lua and c++ services. I only accept paypal. You give me the Order, i start and when it's finished I give an IP to enter and test it, after that you process the payment and i give everything. I have Years of knowledge, for any dude please reply or give me a PM. You can...
  19. Way20

    Programmer Looking for C++ programmer for some source edits.

    I'm looking for someone that knows C++ and knows about "old versions" of TFS engine, I need some modifications on the walk system. Informations bellow. Source: OTX 2.6 Server version: 8.6 Payment method: Paypal For more information, please, send me a PM.
  20. slavi

    Programmer Offering programming job

    [Thread is available now, sorry for the long absence and people that i delayed! -- Thread state is now ON, i will be available for jobs until the 1st of march! 5hrs/day] Last Update: 7:50 1/6/2018 CEST Hello! I'm offering to do some jobs from now until the first of October. I accept easy...