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  1. Way20

    Programmer Looking for C++ programmer for some source edits.

    I'm looking for someone that knows C++ and knows about "old versions" of TFS engine, I need some modifications on the walk system. Informations bellow. Source: OTX 2.6 Server version: 8.6 Payment method: Paypal For more information, please, send me a PM.
  2. slavi

    Programmer Offering programming job

    [Thread is available now, sorry for the long absence and people that i delayed! -- Thread state is now ON, i will be available for jobs until the 1st of march! 5hrs/day] Last Update: 7:50 1/6/2018 CEST Hello! I'm offering to do some jobs from now until the first of October. I accept easy...
  3. Jose Rondón

    Programmer New SMS Payment System

    Hi, im looking for a programmer to integrate a new sms payment system. Willing to pay obviusly. PM Me if you are interested. José Rondon.
  4. miens

    Scripter Scripter, programmer, designer looking for work

    Hi, I am looking for work, preferably full time but can also do smaller tasks. I can script in LUA program in C# edit dat and otb files and create maps. I've been professionaly working in game dev for about 5 years. To make it clear - I'm looking for a paid job. If you wish to see what I can...
  5. zetibia

    Programmer Looking for programmer

    I am looking for a programmer capable of developing a custom client from otclient.
  6. Wolffy

    Team Grim Festation Server 8.6

    Grim Festation is the name of our server that we will be working on. ESTIMATED ALPHA TESTING 3/17/17 It is a high exp server in the making. Magic/skill will be useless on this server.(with the amount of rebirths and glitches that come with it the best...
  7. D

    Programmer Looking for C++ Programmer (Budget $400,00+)

    Hi, I'm looking for someone experienced in c ++ to specifically do Prey and Imbuiement Systems for tfs 1.1, my budget is up to $500,00 on both systems, but we can negotiate each one separately .. I hired services from Mark Samman and Gesior, among other great programmers. I prefer to pay with...
  8. SlaughterXd

    Searching for a programmer

    Hello people, recently i have been making a tibia otserver with my brother, i could solved all the connection problems(so now, any one can join), the thing is that i need someone who knows how the server works(wich is a otx server), so if this Project works, and we win money with it, of course...
  9. login12

    Programmer I search for Programmer for TFS 1.3

    I search someone for make on job in my sources 1.3. (C++) I'm brazilian but, i don't want business with brazilian guys! (its so sucks) I will pay with paypal or something like this. I need someone for conversion one cast mine in version 9.8 sources and adapt in my sources 1.3. Thanks =)
  10. EaiComeu

    Programmer Search a programmer to encrypt SPR and DAT

    I'm search a programmer to encrypt my spr and dat in old client. Send pm.
  11. Ezzz

    Programmer Hire me on weekly basis

    Programming Knowledge: High intermediate C++ High intermediate C# Intermediate Pascal Intermediate LUA Intermediate PHP Job Capabilities: Community Manager Server code developer, in both the LUA and C++ environment, need a feature? Ask away, need a downgrade? Ask away Huge imagination mapper...