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  1. D

    sqm which adds effect to the player when passing by

    I need to change this script so that the player gains an effect when stepping on 2 different sqm and when the player dies or disconnects, the effect is removed. The script to be changed below | | V effect.lua local effect = 30 -- Effect that...
  2. D

    I need to remove the outfit change from this script.

    I need to remove the outfit change from this script -- OutFit Type / Color TEAMS_SET = { {lookType = 128, lookHead = 0, lookAddons = 3, lookLegs = 76, lookBody = 94, lookFeet = 0}, -- Team I OutFit {lookType = 128, lookHead = 0, lookAddons = 3...
  3. Q

    TFS 1.X+ OnEquip arguments muliplies by 3?

    Hi, I'm playing with onEquip / onDeEquip methods and I don't know what is happening. This is my test code : And when I'm trying to get the slot number or item id all values are "multiplies" by 3. So for example: head slot should be 1 but it is 3 armor slot should be 4 but it is 12 and so...
  4. potinho

    TFS 0.X [7.72] Functional script returning error

    Hello everyone, everything good? I have a script that is bothering me: it searches for the monsters that I have and some information about it. Everything works normal, including when I type a wrong or invalid name, it shows me the table with the name of the monsters and the alert that I typed...
  5. drafenous

    Traning monk regen Soul

    Hi There! I'm trying to make my Training Monks to regen a player soul points every 2 minutes hitting. But I dont know why, then just regenerating 2 points and stop... Anybody can help me? In data/events/scripts/creature.lua i have writed this lines: local soulBonus = { target = 'Training...
  6. potinho

    TFS 0.X [7.72] MOD Autoloot - Restrict by VIP Players

    Hello everyone, everything good? I have the MOD below on my server that works well, but I would like only VIP players to be able to use it. VIP players have 30009 storage on my server, I would like the MOD to validate that and, if it doesn't have the storage, the message appears that only VIP...
  7. potinho

    TFS 0.X Vip Scroll - Increasing days

    Hello guys, I have a question: I have a functional script to add VIP days to a player, but when I use it I would like the days to be really added when I use a scroll, as it is, it is just replacing. If I use a 30 day scroll today and tomorrow I use a 10 day scroll, I would like to keep 40 days...
  8. potinho

    Talkaction - Spells

    Im using this code, but he returns a empty spellbook talkactions\scripts\spellbook.lua function onSay(cid, words, param, channel) local t, k = {}, getPlayerLevel(cid) for i = 0, getPlayerInstantSpellCount(cid) - 1 do local spell = getPlayerInstantSpellInfo(cid, i)...
  9. potinho

    Mana Rune with no Charges

    Hello guys, Im included in my server a Mana Rune, but when i sell or create this item, he came with no charges like other runes (sd, uh). Here spells.xml <rune name="Mana Rune" id="2281" allowfaruse="1" charges="1" maglv="4" exhaustion="800" aggressive="0" needtarget="1" blocktype="solid"...
  10. S

    Change town position

    Hello guys, i've been editing a 8.6 baiak server, but i'm facing some issues a lot ot scripts from the server change the player town id to town id 1, but... i dont have any town with id 1 the first one starts with id 2 when i check the database, i see some people with town id 1, and their...
  11. T

    TFS 0.X Area Spell hitting specific creature

    Is it possible to make a area spell hits only a creature if it has a certain name? For example: how to do to a spell like, let's say, "divine caldera" (exevo mas san) hits only creatures in it's area named "rat"? Is it possible to do? Could you help me with some ideas? I'm kinda lost trying to...
  12. MinekDrewno

    Scripter Looking 4 skrypter/coder

    Welcome ;) I have recently spent a fair ammount of money for a tibia 7.6 server with it's own customised map, monsters, scripts, npc's etc and it's own customised klient that looks absolutely amazing!. It's a legendary server with a good 10 year old tradition. I would like to get it up and...
  13. B

    Linux Shell Scripting - Beginners (PDF)

    This is a beginners tutorial for writing scripts in the bash shell.. no I have not read it yet.. so much to do :P
  14. Yusuf El-Shora

    Solved Gesior Shop error & Items Effect on equip

    hello there, I didn't want to make 2 topics for the problems I'm facing Support section stays clean as possible . I'm using tfs 0.4 & Gesior Acc .. My problems are : 1) For Gesior Acc, when i add two items in the - Additional Items - section shown below : the first items takes his original...
  15. Snavy

    Gimme some Ideas bruh

    I have no clue what to do so I thought it would be good to practice some Python (3.x). The problem is that I do not have ideas to work with, ideas that would help me learn the standard libraries in Python 3.x I'd be glad if you could post any ideas & libraries to work with.
  16. Z

    Javascript instead of lua?

    Hi guys I just had a look at OTS scene after few years of inactivity! I am currently looking for some projects to work on to remind myself of C & C++ as I've spent last few years in web dev. So.. I was wondering if there would be any use of abstracting scripting layer to allow virtually any...
  17. Ezzz

    [RME] Added in possibility to script map based actions and movements directly?

    It's a pain in the butt to map and code your RPG map within Remere and OTServ itself when you have many teleports, and switches lying around and it's even worse when they all connect each other as a big quest. I wonder, if it'd seem a bad or good idea to you people out there to implement LUA...
  18. L

    Free scripts - Anything you want made :)

    Greetings all! Someone in a thread I made yesterday suggested that if I wanted to learn about servers I should look at some scripts already made. But that is boring :p I already know how to script in lua and a few other languages :) If anyone would like a script made please provide me with a...