1. Z

    [REAL-OTX] [7.72] Unable to load items (OTB)

    Hello After compiling the engine, the error occurs: ########################################################## The OTX Server Version: (2.X.S - 5) - Codename: (FORGOTTEN) Compiled with Microsoft Visual C++ version 14.0 for arch 64 Bits at Feb 21 2017 01:55:17 A server developed by: Mattyx14...
  2. suicunei

    Compiling Tray System TFS 0.4

    Is it possible to create a tray system to tfs 0.4? For example the GUI versions, when u minimize the console, it goes to the 'hidden icons'... I want to do this for the CONSOLE version... Someone to help me? please?
  3. Klonera

    Compile error tfs 1.2

    im following this and seems like i cant compile it, any help woud be nice photo:
  4. S

    doCreateCustomMonster for tfs 1.0?

    I do not know if this is the correct area, but someone could update the function doCreateCustomMonster(name, looktype.... ) to the tfs version 1.0, I need it so much!
  5. Saper1995


    Hi. Like in title. How to get uniqueID from target in TFS 1.2? In functions i only found item:getUniqueId() but how to define ItemEx.Uid like in old tfs? I was trying to make it in many ways but everytime nothing happend, no errors in console. I set UID in map editor and make this: <action...
  6. FabianuH

    VPS/Dedicated server lag with walking

    Hello OTlanders! I rented one dedicated server (i7, 16 gb ram, 250 mbps) and one virtual private server (2,4 ghz, 4 gb ram, 100 mbps); I compiling server in dedicated and VPS, and have lag with walking in both. I dont install anything after compiling servers... I changed the operating...
  7. J

    Windows OT Server stuck at char select

    Hello All, Today I wanted to make an OT server for me and some friends to have some fun for old times sake. I did not know much about making a server and I followed this tutorial This tutorial is almost a year old, so I downloaded the newer links (when available). I completed everything...
  8. bobxM

    [USA] Tibians 7.4 RESETED 07/06 (3 Season)

    Tibians 7.4 Register your account now at Tibians and receive 7 days of Premium Account! General Information: Promotion only costs 10k instead of 20k. Runes are double charged. You can leave your blank runes in your backpack while conjuring. Vials dissappear on use. Change gold/platinum/crystal...
  9. paweleq2000

    Looking for TFS 0.4.

    Hello OTlanders, Im looking for TFS 0.4 rev 4269 or other tfs 0.4 attendant 8.7 client I can't find this anywhere or links are outdated, need it so much.
  10. vemvetvad

    Compile forgottenserver 1.2

    Hello guys. Im have some difficulties here to compile my forgottenserver 1.2 I dont really want a download and go server so im trying to learn and appreciate all help I can get. This is what I use: Windows 10 Visual Studio 2015 Tfs-sdk 3.1 Boost_1_62_0 I have also downloaded MPIR and CMake...
  11. V

    Looking for real map 8.0

    Hey there, Im working on a 8.0 tfs and id like to add a real worldmap to it. I have found some links to download it but they seem to either been broken or very incomplete. Im not asking for a 100%bugfree one (that would just make me lazy) So basicly i need the action scripts for the quests, npc...
  12. X

    [TFS 1.0] Only allows one damage over time spell

    [SOLVED BY Andu, SEE BELOW FOR SOLUTION] So I found a nice script here on OTland by Codinablack for an AoE spell that does instant damage AND adds a condition to the target. The script is as follows: Code: local combat = Combat() combat:setParameter(COMBAT_PARAM_TYPE, COMBAT_DEATHDAMAGE)...
  13. Kvn007

    How fix packet problem?

    How :o
  14. K


    i create guild , acc maker znotee error : string(107) "INSERT INTO `guilds` (`name`, `ownerid`, `creationdata`, `motd`) VALUES ('dsadas', '15', '1475937525', '');" (query - SQL error) Type: voidQuery (voidQuery is used for update, insert or delete from database) Field 'invited_to' doesn't...
  15. Kuzyn

    NPC [TFS 1.2] Spell trader (trade window)

    Authors: Base script Spell Seller For Trade by Critico Tabbing by J.Dre Rewritten by cbrm Fixed by Oskar TFS: 1.2 Tested: Yes (TFS 1.2, 1077 client) Warning! Spells list might be not complete or accurate. Remember to edit them by yourself. Lua script: How it works/config: if...
  16. Dumjaevl

    Help with choosing a Distro (7.4)

    Hello again fellow Otlanders! I've been trying out some distros, but I cant really decide since i've never been scripting in a 7.4 server before, and now with the new TFS 1.2 downgraded distro, i'd really like to hear what you guys think about theese distros, and what distro that is the best :)...
  17. Snavy

    GDB Errors

    So my server froze and I use GDB to check for errors and understood ... nothing and thats why i came here, asking you guys to help me figure out what the errors are whining about: #0 0x00007f02ecfbc14c in recv () from /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ #1 0x00007f02eed5cf5b in vio_read () from...
  18. E

    Solved Segmentation Fault TFS 1.2

    Hi, I already tried what was said here: This didn't fix the issue, but it is a problem with something in /data from what I understand. I pulled this fresh about an hour ago, so it already has the above mentioned...