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  1. BBlackfur

    Windows Instant Crash

    Hi, just been looking at Znote TFS Setup for about 10 minutes and did exactly all that (But XAMPP instead of Uniserv. I'm trying to start the server, it does start up but after the startup, this comes up: What could be causing it? GIF of the problem: Gyazo - 062b8a7afa88f1b590760f980c54a9d2.png
  2. Sizaro

    Lua Battlefield Event [latest TFS]

    I salvaged this script from another datapack and I want to make it work perfectly but I need help. What it does How to start the event Globalevent every 12:30 and 00:30 ingame. Talkaction by tutor or higher with /btf Entering the teleport Puts you into a random team. Sets your outfit to...
  3. Dzoqa

    Mapper We're looking for 10.98 Real Map (tfs 1.2 dedicated serv)

    Hi guys, Today we're looking for mapper or a man who has real map for 10.98 without bugs. We offer you: 30€ - (with negotiate) or Joining our Team and work for us on dedicated server.
  4. nevereq

    AAC Account maker - tiny font - where to change that

    I have some problems with layout made by Crypton, using Gesior2012-TFS-0.3.6_and_0.4_to_rev_370. I dont know how to show up bar with server status etc, and somehow font-size is tiny, only in general informations. I guess it depends on htdocs/pages > accmanagement, but there are only php scripts.
  5. B

    Load Map Error TFS 7.6

    Hello! I just downloaded TFS for version 7.6 to start edit it and my first error appears and I have tried to solve it but its impossible: 1. I wanted to change the map in the server (original map edron.otbm) so first I just tried to load the map that I wanted in the config.lua and then I get...
  6. Guxi

    Linux Running 2 TFS instances on same the same machine

    I already have one TFS instance running which binds on default ports; 7171,7172. I am able to start the second TFS instance on other ports(such as: 7571, 7572), however when a player attempts to connect to the server it just throws: theforgottenserver...
  7. M

    C++ Global storage in c++ tfs 1.2

    How to check GLOBAL storage value in c++? This is for normal storage: int32_t value; if (attackerPlayer && attackerPlayer != this && getStorageValue(5000, value) == 1 && skillLoss getGlobalStorageValue(5000, value) == 1 <-not work game.getStorageValue(5000, value) == 1 <-not work...
  8. M

    Compiling Buying linux host

    Hello guys I got windows host atm and Im gonna buy linux host and I never used linux before so can anyone fix the host for me? startup the ot fix website atm. Would be so good if someone can do it and my tfs is 0.4 and im using gesior. In my windows host I got no errors / bugs in my console. :)
  9. L

    Lua Change health of summon.

    Is there any function in tfs 1.2 equivalent to "setHealth ()" Example usage Local health = [556] Monster: setHealth (health)
  10. Q

    The Forgotten Server 0.4 7.x

    Hello guys. Someone know where i can download tfs 0.4 for 7.72?
  11. AdiMit

    Solved Massive Destroy Field SPELL (not rune) does not remove fields

    Hello dear community, :) I tried to create a spell working exactly in the same way as the Destroy Field Rune does; however, I wanted to make it massive (=CIRCLE3X3)... I'm currently using the [8.60] The Forgotten Server 0.3.6 (Crying Damson) V8 by Printer, from the thread: [8.60] The...
  12. I

    Windows Monsters lagging/appear to be dashing

    I'm having troubles with TFS 1.3 using 7.4 map/sprites. Monsters appear to be dashing when approaching the target, check recording: https://i.gyazo.com/276e94b77add6042f7c0d1663645bb64.mp4 This appear on both OTClient and Tibia 7.72 client(7.4 spr) When pushing a creature around me they move...
  13. waqmaz

    Compiling Can't find project for Cryingdamson 0.3.6 V8.2

    Hi, I downloaded Cryingdamson 0.3.6 V8.2 source version and I want to compile it, using MSVS 10 Express, but MSVS can't find project in dev-cpp folder. How can I get a project? I use this tutorial [Compiling]MSVC - Compiling TFS under Windows - EASY WAY! Imgur: The most awesome images on the...
  14. AdiMit

    Solved [Solved] Unable to sell items when trading with NPCs

    Hello, I'm currently using the [8.60] The Forgotten Server 0.3.6 (Crying Damson) V8 by Printer, from the thread: [8.60] The Forgotten Server 0.3.6 (Crying Damson) V8; and I've encountered a problem when interacting(trading) with NPCs, the errorlog is as follows(screenshots): gui...
  15. Snavy

    Linux A list of Freeze causes

    I have an RL map server which is 8.6 and im using TFS 0.4. There have been some freeze issues lately which i werent able to catch,(didnt have gdb installed when it happened) so im wondering if you could make a list of stuff that would cause the server to freeze.
  16. Q

    Distribution for 8.0

    Hello someone can tell me what distro i can use for tibia 8.0 /
  17. Snavy

    TFS 0.4 Libraries

    *Sigh* ... I have been looking for TFS 0.4 libs for days now and I can't find them anywhere. Could someone give me a list of libraries required to compile TFS 0.4 - 3777 ?
  18. Snavy

    TFS 0.3.6 VS 0.4

    I have downloaded cryingdamson datapack and am currently working on it. and I have used TFS 0.3.6 but a firend of mine told me that 0.3.6 was bad and that i should be using 0.4.... I'd like to know why 0.3.6 is bad and why 0.4 is good.
  19. Z

    [REAL-OTX] [7.72] Unable to load items (OTB)

    Hello After compiling the engine, the error occurs: ########################################################## The OTX Server Version: (2.X.S - 5) - Codename: (FORGOTTEN) Compiled with Microsoft Visual C++ version 14.0 for arch 64 Bits at Feb 21 2017 01:55:17 A server developed by: Mattyx14...
  20. suicunei

    Compiling Tray System TFS 0.4

    Is it possible to create a tray system to tfs 0.4? For example the GUI versions, when u minimize the console, it goes to the 'hidden icons'... I want to do this for the CONSOLE version... Someone to help me? please?