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  1. vicki24

    [Netherlands] Moltera | 8.6 | 7171 | CUSTOM-EVO | STARTS: 03.03.2017 | HIGHEXP | 18.00 CET

    ~~~Start 3 March 18.00 CET~~~ Website: Moltera.Online Moltera Online was originally created by Kostas aka GM Abiat who hosted the server for over 2 years with 500+ active players. Unfortunately he decided to shut down the server back in 2009. After that there have been multiple different...
  2. T

    [CANADA] MORTEM 7.4 |DDos Protected|- START 13/12 - 06 AM GMT +3

    IP: MORTEM.IGZHOST.COM Features: - Custom Sprites, hunts, monstros. - Realmap 7.x - Facing to PVP/RPG. - Host from Canada (OVH), Anti-Bot, Custom Client, Cast System, War System, POI, Port Hope, Etc. - Exp/Vocations balanced. - Server on a super structure, Anti-DDoS, leaving the game without...
  3. RareTibia

    [France] RareTibia 7.4 + Poi Dls - HR- START 25.12 - Free Pacc - Loot Message - Tasks - Party Exp

    First 10 players who put nick in this thread will get 1 point in shop 1 point = 1 Item from shop Hosted on dedicated gaming server in: France Website: Raretiba.com Map: 7.4 + POI dls Exp rate : Tibianic-hr exp formula 1 - 40 is 3x amout of exp from every monster 41 - 90 is 2x amout of exp...
  4. arthas.eu

    War Server 8.60 Desert War 0.6

    Frag Look [x] Addons per level [x] Anti-Mc [Shawak] [Cykotitan] Buff System [x] (quando player nasce no templo ja ganha um determidado buffs) Lottery System [x] (REQ 30+ Players Online) Download:http://www.4shared.com/file/f7EzFURD/Desert_War_06.html if u need any help pm me and i help you!
  5. xKrazyx

    [USA] Waropolis Old School War [7.4-7.72] war server back online 2/1/17 waropolis.net/war

    Waropolis V4 2-1-17 Web: waropolis.net/war Web: waropolis.net/war countdown on website. BACK ONLINE! More antibot code added Double kills, triple, etc are now tracked and shown ingame 3 new maps(Fibula, shadowhomes, 1 secret map) 3 new events team1 vs team2 vs team3 vs team4 zombie...
  6. V

    [8.6] Venore war&enforced

    Venore City 8.6 edited for war servers Screenshot: Download: Venore.rar
  7. 0567891234

    Full Venore Map For War

    Hello for The First Time I Share My Map ^_^ Venore-War MAP Only Venore Without All Citys MediaFire Mirror
  8. ZooTeam

    [BRAZIL] War-top 8.6 | WAR | Top100 Remake | Real Tibia War 2009

    Server information: IP: top-100.servegame.com Port: 7171 Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: Brazil Website: http://top-100.servegame.com Login info: 1/1 World type: WAR Description: War-top OTS (Open tibia server) is a remake of top-100, novawar, worldwarOTs, etc. The server currently has the top 100...
  9. Mattt

    [8.54] War Map

    This time i made a war map, its not very big.. but.. It has pretty good amount on top detailed areas but not over detailed. Also has a cave. Note: It's not complete. If your just gonna leave a comment saying it sucks or something without help..dont bother even posting please...I just want...