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[7.4][OTX] RLMAP 100%, Port Hope 7.4, POI, Demon OaK, War System, Shared Exp ...

on map editor everything looks fine, when i run the server its bugged several places missing stuff.. any ideas?
after you finish the quest, there is no reward room nor the items from quest exsist, poi quest does not have every scripts working and reward items are not like real tibia
the poi quest dosent work 100% and you cant get to reward room after finishing the demon oak
Port Hope 7.4, POI, Demon OaK, War System, Shared Exp, Cast System, Anti Clone, Task System.

>> Information:
  • 7.4 Features
  • No Protection zone boats and rugs.
  • Spells, vocations and spells formuled in Tibia 7.4. There are no Hotkleys!
  • War System.
  • Cast System.
  • Anti Clone.
  • Task System (50+)
  • Party Sharing Experience. You can share experience in-party with your friends, and receive 10% bonus experience when actived (!share).
  • Conjures 2x runes more than real tibia (ex Sd 2x).
  • Fast Soul Regen
  • Conjure Runes in a backpack. !
  • No Wands / Rods, Burst Arrowns based on magic level.

>> Vocation Features:
  • Paladins conjure more ammunition.
  • Mages conjure more runes. (ex. adori vita vis = 2 SDs)
  • Damage improved by 10% for Knights and Paladins.
  • Speed attack improved by 10% for all vocations.

>> NPCs:
  • No sell runes.
  • You can buy bp from MF: "buy bp mf"
  • You can buy bp from LF: "buy bp lf"
  • Djinns in ankrahmun (Need Quest)
  • Eremo sells amulet of loss.

>> Game Features:
  • Bank system.
  • Auto-stack items
  • Full HP and MP at level up.
  • Skin Amulet does not have NPCs, drops only from Warlock or Hydra.

>> Extra Information:
  • Full real Tibia map, including all NPCs, Port Hope, monsters and 100% RL quests.
  • POI quest and all rooms.
  • Demon Oak Quest.
  • Client of the last 3 images, does not accompany the server

source is included with datapack in otserv.zip

Hello, how to compile it on ubuntu 20.4 if there is no cmakelist.txt
Nice brother ! Execution that didn't mess with otserver, it took me 3 days to get client to compile, ot and site...
Hi guys.
Most of You will take that as a idiot question.. but i miss times when tibia was 7.1-7.4 and wanted to play little on as single player (locally) can You tell me how to run this on? What do i need to do? Is it that hard xD?