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[Board Rules] Read before posting.

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Sep 9, 2015
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Rules for OTClient Board
This list of rules are set to keep the board clean and easier to find what you're looking for quickly.

Beside following these rules, your thread should follow general rules of the forum.

1. Allowed Threads
- In order to use this board meaningfully, you should be posting:
  • Mods (i.e Health circle module)
  • Tutorials regarding a specific topic of the client. (i.e compiling, creating new mods, ..)
  • Modifications to already existing modules (i.e How to add more skills to the client, ..)
  • Show-off (you can show off your own work on OTC - styles/modules/...)
  • General discussions (you can open a general discussions about a specific feature/issue in OTClient)
- This indicates the following threads are considered off-topic, and you should use their respective boards:
  • Support (Support Board - and use OTClient tag respectively)
  • Jobs (Jobs Board)
  • Unrelated topics to OTClient (specifically other clients).
2. Duplicating Content & Re-posting
  • You can't post more than one thread regarding your topic. Moreover, duplicated content is seen as spam.
  • Re-posting others' threads is also considered spam!
3. Posting OTClient issues
  • If you found a bug and are familiar with GitHub, then it's preferred if you post the issue there (OTClient's repository)
    We take no responsibility on issues there, so make sure you don't report an issue reported earlier!
  • If you don't have a GitHub account, you may post the issue and explain it thoroughly (with screenshots if required) and someone else would report the issue for you.
  • If the issue has been reported earlier to GitHub and you'd like to hire someone to resolve it, then Jobs Board would be the best place.
4. Thread Content
  • Must be in English (otherwise use the specific Native Board).
  • If screenshots are provided, then they should refer to the topic.
5. Show-off Rules
  • You can't be selling what you showed-off here.
  • Offering help on what you showed is something up to you, but the content of the thread shouldn't contain any sort of private help offer.
  • What you show-off should belong to you and not others' work or a re-post.
There are also some recommended practices:
  • Use screenshots whenever possible to describe what you show.
  • Provide an explanation of how to use/modify your code if provided.
  • Reporting issues on GitHub are preferred to get hints on how to resolve it (or someone else would solve it.).
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