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  1. G

    Bot Otcv8

    Good morning, is there any way to integrate the bot into a client that is not integrated?
  2. tdp157

    OTX2 - npcs is not teaching spells to cast runes.

    Hello, I have an otx2 0.7 server codename Lord Zedd My NPCs cannot teach rune casting magic, only instantaneous spells. Below is the npc script that teaches spells to sorcerers: local keywordHandler = KeywordHandler:new() local npcHandler = NpcHandler:new(keywordHandler)...
  3. tdp157

    OTX2 - trap hit is accumulating.

    Hello, can anyone help me? I have an OTX 2 07 Server - Codename LORD ZEDD. And it is now possible to add the damage from traps to kill monsters. I send my trap.lua movements script for analysis. function onStepIn(cid, item, pos) if (isInArray(TRAP_OFF, item.itemid) == TRUE) then...
  4. Fortera Global

    [Brasil][13.21+] ForteraOT - [10.19.2023 - 19:00]

    Launch of the new world Osiris -October 12th at 7pm! That's right, ForteraOT launched a new world, Osiris. Our Website: https://www.fortera-global.net/ Our Discord: Join the ForteraOTS Discord With several modifications applied, Osiris offers a series of improved features to make your...
  5. tdp157


    Tibia Titans - 7.4 - https://tibiatitans.com Opening on 18/06/2023 at 4:00 PM. About the Server: Exp: 15x (Stage) Loot: 2x Skills: 3x ML: 2x Complete quests New cities (Svargrond, Yalahar, Liberty Bay) Unique PVP system Unique Bosses Roulette system Constant invasions Events with cash prizes...
  6. G

    [SWE] [13.10] Ambera EU Start 26 May 18:00 CET

    Real MAP EU Ambera 13.10 Website : ambera.net Starting Date 26 May CEST 2023 at 18:00 pm TOURNAMENT GUILDWARS AFTER START SERVER !! A number of prizes of €200 to be distributed among the 3 best teams Features: Soul War Quest/Items/Bosses. TibiaDrome Potions. - Store ingame with...
  7. H

    [Brazil][8.6] - HumildadeOT Baiak Grow - Test Server!

    - > BAIAK GROW (Test Server) <- Hi guys! I'm editing in real time a Tibia server version 8.6. It is a Baiak model (very famous in Brazil). A High Exp Custom, but not that high. Haha. I'm updating, modifying and correcting, daily, in real time, a database that I got from Open Source. A lot...
  8. Bam

    I used to host a lot of servers. I'm back and forming a team.

    I was mainly involved in Green Zebra Hosting, where we created some great enjoyable servers - the most successful one being Zantera. After playing a couple of servers, and even Medivia - I got disgusted with the amount of pay-to-win items. It's gone a bit too far - all for money's sake. Note...
  9. almirtibiaalmir

    Outfits Homepage

    Hello, I have a question regarding the outfits on my homepage. im useing tfs 1.5, 8.6 nekiros downgrade. For the homepage, im useing myaac current version. I added custom outfits on the ot server, for example the outfit ID is 383. If a player has the outfit in the game, is on the homepage under...
  10. L

    Collapser Zulu map

    Download link removed by a moderator
  11. makrow123

    Setup issues Gesior AAC for 8.6 Server

    I need help about to setup Gesior AAC for my server. Always says "STEP 1 Check server configuration" 'i checked so many times sqlType = "mysql" sqlHost = "localhost" sqlPort = 3306 sqlUser = "root" sqlPass = "MYPASS(I configure it)" sqlDatabase = "MYOTS(i create this...
  12. B

    What do you love the most about custom map OTServers?

    Hey Guys, I am really passionate about mapping and got some money to invest in creating an OTServer as a passion project. Beforehand, I'm trying to make some "market research" let's say :D So, what do you love the most about custom map OTServers? And what do you hate the most? The more...
  13. S

    [Poland] [8.60] | Premiera OTS | Legend RL MAP | Start 30.01.2022

    Premiera.mine.nu - Real Map Mobile Android Tibia OTS (https://premiera.mine.nu/) new edition legend real map! lso we would like to tell you that a year has passed since we started the first Premiera Ots (28.03.2010). During this time the server has become one of the leader in the open tibia...
  14. R

    Your very first OT-server: what year is it? what was it called? good memories?

    Title. Which OT were the first one you ever played? What was it called and What year is it? Feel free to share some good memories as well if you'd like! Ok. The OT I personally remember the most when thinking back at the times when I was still learning the basics - were called HelgaOT. I think...
  15. Crx Molten

    Molten - Development Thread

    Molten is an OT Server created from the frustration, boredom, and inadequate management of other servers that I've played over the last years. With a focus on lore and RPG, the objective is to create a new environment where you can have fun and excitement but keeping all the standard tibia...
  16. AlexMercer777

    TFS 1.X+ I need to know if this server has viruses.

    I downloaded this datapack from this page, but I don't know if it has a virus, and if so. How do I remove them. https://tibiaking.com/forums/topic/100062-tfs-13-1098-completo-siteotclientsrcs/
  17. AlexMercer777

    TFS 1.X+ Need Tfs compiled for Tibia 9.1, 9.61 or 9.7. And clean of virus client.

    Hey, i want an compiled otserver, preferably tfs, for Tibia 9.1, 9.61 or 9.7. And the client. All clean of virus.
  18. ralke

    [Chile][8.60] Greed OT

    Hello OtLand, today I want to publish my server. •·.·´¯¨·.·• Greed OTServer •·.·´¯·.·• Greed OT is a dedicated server of Open Tibia, it is open 24 hours all day, our rates are magic (x3), skills (x6), loot (x2). You can join the server by creating an account at Latest News - Greed...
  19. C

    PROJETO GÊNESIS / Gênesis Project

    Não sei se é o melhor lugar para se postar, sou novo por aqui se estiver atrapalhando por favor avisem que eu removo Eu atualmente estou com um projeto ambicioso, de certa forma, no cenário do poketibia já que sempre quis construir um servidor do gênero, porem quando menor nunca tive os...
  20. Jpstafe

    helps configure manafluid!!

    how can I put the manafluid infinite, without it being spent? .. is 7.6 the otserver local ITEM_RUM_FLASK = 5553 local TYPE_EMPTY = 0 local TYPE_WATER = 1 local TYPE_BLOOD = 2 local TYPE_BEER = 3 local TYPE_SLIME = 4 local TYPE_LEMONADE = 5 local TYPE_MILK = 6 local TYPE_MANA_FLUID = 7 local...