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[USA] [13x] World of Fanic RPG 8 Classes (release on 01/13/24)

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Feb 5, 2016
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[NOTE] Servers are now online for a 5-day testing period. Everyone is welcome to participate.

Welcome to World of Fanic RPG, the alternative server that pushes boundaries, offering a unique and exciting experience for players looking for something beyond the ordinary. Our server has an experience rate meticulously developed to provide an engaging and challenging journey.

Incredible Customizations: Explore a vast world full of customizations, from epic Bosses to imposing World Bosses, each bringing with them unique challenges and valuable rewards.


Challenging Dungeons: Dive into elaborate dungeons filled with danger and hidden treasures. Overcome powerful enemies and uncover secrets to earn unparalleled rewards.

Advanced Crafting System: Master the Craft System, where skill and strategy meet. Create unique items, strengthen your arsenal, and stand out among adventurers.

Innovative Vocations: World of Fanic features 8 new classes that offer strategic options and distinct play styles for both [PVP] and [PVE]. Find the calling that perfectly aligns with your playstyle.


Own Map: Explore a meticulously designed map full of unexplored lands and secrets to discover. Every corner of World of Fanic RPG tells a story, waiting to be revealed—bosses to be discovered, dangerous treasures, invasions, and much more.

Unique Items and Graphics: Admire custom items and new graphics that add an extra layer of immersion to your gameplay. Every detail has been carefully crafted to elevate your viewing experience.


Captivating Quests: Engage in unique quests, each with its own intriguing narrative. Uncover mysteries, overcome challenges, and earn exclusive rewards that will boost your journey.

Join us and be part of the excitement in World of Fanic RPG.
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Quite confusing server. The XP rates are high, but it has a bunch of low level spawns that are rendered obsolete in the first 10 minutes of your gameplay. I'm not sure if this truly is USA based either since when I play on US based servers I sit at 110-130 ping, this one has 250-260 and stutters like crazy. I've looked all I can and even walked into the building that has a sign for tools and even there or anywhere else I looked I can't find where to buy a backpack xD

Also may want to get rid of the launch timer on the website that says the server doesn't release untill 2 days when it's already released, that confused me.

-- Edit --

Actually missed it was a testing phase, I didn't see that since I thought based on the title the server was fully released so I retract some of my statements, instead I wanna give some feedback on what can be improved:

My friend played as an assassin, and compared to me being Necromancer I definetly feel he got the short end of the stick, assassin doesn't perform anywhere near as good in terms of both survivability and damage, I can use the green demon servant as a blocker and 2 of any other servant to just nuke everything and I can safely sit in a corner while my friend doesn't have a shred of aoe and a single heal that has like a 15 second cooldown. It's not really fair.

An unidentified item should not fail to identify if you have the liquid to prevent breaking, just let us have 100% identifaction chance if we bought both items because failing and wasting 35k doesn't feel that great, at least where I was in terms of levels.

Replace 90% of all low level spawns with some more interesting medium-high spawns, me and my friend went down the rabbit hole of rotworms in the sewer drains inside the town and just a few minutes later we were level 100, there's no need for an orc/tortoise spawn or a cave with only skeles/demon skeles when you can just go down for 10 minutes inside the middle of the city and walk out level 100.

If you change your gender in the shop you automatically gain the citizen outfit rather than having it changed to your vocation based outfit, something to maybe look into changing.

The dwarf south of the city(I can't spell his name) first says he wants 10 dragon tails for his mission, but once you accept it he says he wants 25, for safety I hunted 25 tails to be sure and that was the accurate number, so might wanna change the 10 to 25.

As a necromancer, if you walk through a door of expertise sometimes the servant walks through fast enough that the door of expertise does not close, so any low level player can walk through the gate afterwards even if it's not intended once the necro opens it for them.

Hope this gives you some info needed from this test phase. :) Good luck, I really liked the necro voc.
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