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Build your own OT-like game on the browser using this project


Apr 17, 2021
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Hey everyone, I'm making public this small project I've been working on for a few weeks.

The title explains a lot, but in technical details, this app renders a Remere's map on the browser.
Not only that, it will read your .dat, .spr, and .otb files. You literally don't have to do anything other than mapping, saving your map, and then re-building the app, to see your map on your browser. This is a really good foundation for creating OT servers, or any other games on the browser, using the tools we have available on the Open Tibia community (sprites, maps, & anything in general).

My goal with this project is to build my own game from scratch, using Remere's map editor. I'll use a private repository for that, but I'm making this one public, to honor the Open Tibia community and hopefully inspire someone else to use this foundation and build something else from it.

The GitHub repository is GitHub - cypheredd/otbm-render: Render a Remere's map in the browser. (https://github.com/cypheredd/otbm-render), please take a look and let me know what you think =)

You can also try it yourself the deployed version on otbm-render (https://otbm-render.vercel.app/)


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