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remere's map editor

  1. kuhi

    Error not specified when loading map

    I just edited my map, I loaded the tibia 7.60 files as RME requested, the npcs and monsters. Everything was looking good, I was able to save the project several times after hours of edit When I run the server, I get this error: My RME version is 3.5 Any ideas? I just spent all day with map...
  2. tibia held

    Solved solved

  3. unrealdracco

    Could use some help with RME

    Hello all, To start I would like to say that I haven't been involved with the OT community for quite a while. Lately however, I've started tinkering on my old server again which has been a long time hobby project. I figured I'd work on the map and port it over to the latest version of...
  4. SpiderOT

    OpenTibia Remere's Map Editor With Some Modifications

    Hey there! This a modified version of remere's map editor, all edits made to ease the mapping process while developing my server. therefore, you might find some weird functions just ignore it xD I didn't really want to release the sources as most of the edits here made with the worst possible...
  5. Klonera

    7.4 water into 10.100 + rme 10.00 questions

    Allright, i've been searching around for how to fix an rme 10.100 but cannot find any solution and would ask for some help or explain for this. second of this post is about clipping in 7.4 or 8.4 water effect and would it be any recommended thing to try? Thanks for awnsers in the future, happy...
  6. ROKI721

    [RME] Mam pewien problem.

    Kiedyś natrafiłem na jakiś pseudo poradnik i było coś opisane w nim o widzeniu od floor 7 do floor 0 ale tez od 7 do 15. Chciałbym się dowiedzieć od was jak to można ustawić? Właśnie, żeby widzieć co jest pod floor 7 bez przewijania poziomu.
  7. Worr

    [RME] Keeping X/Y-pos when changing floor?

    When I switch between different cloors using ctrl+scroll wheel. I'm used to that items lines up with the corresponding position on the new floor, e.g if I place the corner piece of a house and then go up floor up my cursor will be on the same corner on second floor. This is not the case right...
  8. AdiMit

    [Looking for] Hedge plant/flower ID

    Hello, I'm not sure whether this kind of an issue belongs to the Support subforum, but I thought it would fit here the best since I'm technically asking for help... Okay, without further ado, could you please tell me what's the ID of the plant/flower presented in the following picture? (I...
  9. miens

    rme - cant see lower levels

    Hi. I want to make stairs to the underground. And I want the stairs from the lower level to be visible on ground level. Unfortunately when I delete all items from ground level the tile becomes black and you cant see anything from lower levels. How can I make a tile transparent? Please see...
  10. A

    [Problem] Cant use Remere's map editor for 8.6. Help Please!

    Hello Otland, Im Trying to open a Rl-map 8.6 with Rme 2.2 But it says Could not locate tibia.dat and tibia.spr, Please navigate to you Tibia 8.60 folder (old) So i do that but The same error message comes up over and over again, And i have 8.60 installed and it's working to login on 8.60...