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[Canada] [ 8.0 / Custom] Ardera (Lunaris) | YurOTS Inspired server - 24.06.2023 20:00 UTC (Saturday)!

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May 6, 2008
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Launch Date: June 24th 20:00 UTC

[ Server Info ]

Location: Canada
Version: 8.0.
PVP Type: PVP | Guild VS Guild PVP-E (Automatic)
Website: Latest News - Ardera.org (https://ardera.org)
Discord: Here

[ Features & Gameplay ]

Welcome to Ardera an unique YurOTS retro-inspired server with a detailed map. Get ready for an adventure filled with unique features and exciting gameplay.

Experience daily bosses that offer special rewards, and watch as monsters drop rare items that will enhance your journey. Our autoloot system dynamically adjusts to make looting a breeze, and the auto-sell system provides a convenient way to sell all your collected loot.

Paladins can enjoy the quivers system, while the task system allows you to take on multiple tasks simultaneously. Train your skills efficiently with the stamina regeneration feature, and conveniently conjure runes directly from your backpack.

Our server boasts an exclusive monster system with rarity levels, and boats are accessible without any protection zones, adding an extra element of risk to your travels. Utilize the highly optimized client with its own modules for an enhanced gaming experience.

Try your luck with our special Roulette system, where you have the chance to win store items. We've also introduced new events to keep the game exciting and fun!

Our client comes equipped with an EXP Analyzer, Frag System, and Trainer Helper to assist you in your gameplay. Unlock new addons through item farming with our upgraded addon system, now compatible with version 8.0, we also have excelent party shared experience with bonus per vocation!

Experience a smoother and more nostalgic gameplay with our improved walk system, reminiscent of old Tibia. Vocations are regularly analyzed and adjusted to ensure balanced gameplay.

Join to our server and embark on an unforgettable adventure filled with endless possibilities. Discover all this and much more in our immersive world. Are you ready to explore?

[ Experience Stages ]​

8 to 20 x20
21 to 30 x18
31 to 40 x16
41 to 50 x14
51 to 60 x12
61 to 70 x10
71 to 80 x8
81 to 90 x6
91 to 100 x4
101 to 120 x2
121+ in advance x1.5

[ Redskull System ]​

[Daily Red Skull]: If your character have atleast 6 unjustified kills in one day.
[Automatic Ban]: If your character have 9 unjustified kills in one day.
The duration of the redskull status is 2 days.​
The client download link on your website took me to an empty page. Hope you don't block other clients with ip changer
The client download link on your website took me to an empty page. Hope you don't block other clients with ip changer
Hello Maldei! We use a custom client, links are available 3 hours before the launch, greetings!

@Nho Gaming Thanks! <3 see you in-game!

@Kresh170 Thanks for you feed back <3 see you in-game!
Website looks really nice. Will make an account and check it out :)
@shiozimu Thanks for you critict and for the comment, we have better items in game and for sure players can win items from store on events and roulette.
@MikeOT Thanks for you comment and positive feedback see you in-game <3!
Fun ot just abit bugged cant mwall properly while running, ladders/doors bugg out and cant use sometimes
Beautiful server @Acubens , i was playing for some days and it was really fun only some changes i would do for a better feeling but as i said before it is a very good server
Overall pretty neat server. Noctrurnal dragons, serpents spawns and maybe elite behemoth switch target way too often.
U so smart @Acubens.
When I start playing this server, i sometimes see processor go 100%
I use xeon 16cores cpu and i start thinking about that.
And i found nice thing inside u client.
How u explain that ?
Otland forum moderators or admins please check it u can't give a some guy adv server with viruses/crypto miner inside on ur forum.
Check ur computers guy if u play there.
process on task manager got name DWM.exe that was crypto miner for sure


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We are using OTClientv8 from official repository i don't know your intentions if that scan is real but if some mod can scan the client for me is not problem.

Look that things that you have downloaded first scan your PC from your softwares like tinytask.

High cpu usage can be múltiple clients opened with no frame límit.
I know i always make limit to 10fps but it dosent matter client on 200fps use more vram than processor
And just client was free but updater inside can download somethings and anti viruses dont see it cuz they extract into system files
Tinytask virus is maded for by me i learning how to code viruses