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Error Core Dumped

Baiak Under

New Member
May 14, 2018
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Good night people,

I am having a problem on my server, I have an 8.6 server using OTX.

There is a person that enters the server and crashes it using the stack, I already tested stack in house giving! Leavehouse, until I took the command, but still did not crash,

my tile limit is 10, it puts brown mushroom and platinum coin, it does something and crashes the server along with rollback,

nothing distro appears, except for this error: ./tos.sh: line 16: 7938 segmentation fault (core dumped) ./tos.

I need a lot of help, I'm grateful to anyone who knows how to solve this !!!

Thank you.

gudan garam

Advanced OT User
Feb 13, 2011
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São Paulo.
Your tile limit is probably not 10. There is other ways to add items to a tile, ie changing gold without backpack slots, buying items from npc with ignore cap activated and others that I can't remember now.

If you trash enough items into a house you can crash the server but it would probably take a while.

edit --
On your tile.cpp you have TileHouse::QueryAdd and Tile::QueryAdd you can add a limit there, I think it helps.