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Solved Only clients with 12.87 protocol are allowed


May 27, 2010
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Okay so im trying to run my own server and after downloading forgottenserver from github and downloading the otclient that was linked through the forgottenserver i seem to be having issues. ive gotten through creating a database and compiling and the server is on perfectly. i also made an account. but i try to login through otclient and it wont work. i checked all the previous posts with this issue and ive tried everything. putting the spr and dat files in data/things. ive also tried putting the assets file after downloading tibia from the website. ive tried putting both of them at the same time but nothing seems to work. i get messages like assets cannot load or only 12.87 protocol or that there is something wrong with the dat files. i cant even find the 12.87 client to download it and get the dat or spr files for it so im using 10.98 which is what the otclient guide tells me to use but nothing is working! help me please!
I figured it out i was putting the whole assets file instead of the files that were inside the assets