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[FRANCE] [8.0/Custom] [CUSTOM]--MaskaOTS--[RPG/PVP] [22.09.2023]

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Sep 9, 2022
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MaskaOTS starts 19.02.2023 6 pm POLAND TIME

The first Tibia server that you can end. If you like adventure, plunder and you are not afraid of traps - this server is for you ! Inspired by famous Blizzard games such as Diablo and Warcraft. In this game you go through the stages of the game, which you can save with your position on the map, You can find a lot of items in chests, bodies and get shrines of life, exp, skills, haste etc. Its very nice to play with team or solo in a calm atmosphere. In the future, experienced players will be able to take part in the speedrun tournament of this game where good prizes can be won.

---------------------------------Server Info--------------------------------

Location: FRANCE
World Type: RPG PVP
PvP Exp: yes
Exp: stages
Skills: x2
Magic: x2
Regen: x3
Loot: custom

---------------- No need pacc, sms-shop only with outfits, not pay-to-win items ----------------


-it is adventure stage-game
-real map hard modified, delightful terrain and quest
-checkpoints on map
-shrines on map (life, mana, skills, magic level, exp, haste)
-lot of quest box, traps, bosses on way
-quests with history
-enchanted weapons for knights

-------------------------------What's new & fixed-------------------------------

-healing increased
-increased attack for the knight
-enchanting weapons
-balanced game, monsters and quests
-fixed a few bugs
-added some new stuff for NPCs

-------------------------------Orc raids on Thais-------------------------------

- The raid will take place every day when the most players are online. Orc waves adapted to the level of players. Ability to defend with ballistae. Orcs use catapults for sieges.
-The first orc raid will be 2 hours after the start at 8 p.m.

Discord: Join the MaskaOTS Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/aatWfXQYBf)

Website: MaskaOTS (https://www.maskaots.eu/)


Yeah, I'd definitely try it out if the map was completely custom – I was pretty disappointed when I got to the part saying it's just edited RL map.
there is only part of RL map - 50 % terrain changed, 85 % resp changed, 100 % gameplay changed, 200 % satisfaction
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Starting sunday, 55 characters, arrogant Admin. Dont even bother joining. Willbe dead within week from start
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Yeah, I'd definitely try it out if the map was completely custom – I was pretty disappointed when I got to the part saying it's just edited RL map.
dont waste your time, its another troll ots.FDFD6212-C5BB-4B7D-9EED-0B181304F567.jpeg
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I baned you on dicsord because you trash it.

It's not arogant, it's trash removing
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Although i'd say this isn't fully custom server it's not like it's real tibia either, the concept of gameplay is completely different, the map is edited and you do different things to pass through the "main story" per say.

You don't have to play it if you don't want to i think the bare minimum to do in this case scenario is to make a character on the server play it for an hour, write down a verdict to the owner on what he should do and improve to lure in more people.

But once again you don't have to, you can just you know vocally dislike it because you've seen it's just RL MAP but edited but then again your opinion is irrelevant because you haven't even had decency to try it out.
Yoooo @Maskamen, I will try it out on stream this evening, the idea is pretty interesting, let's put it to the test!

You seem to have invested a lot of time and imagination on it, let's see what it has to offer (Pretty sure will be fun) ;)

Aside from that, there will always be haters that they criticize what you made just because they are nothing and the best way to justify that you are a piece of shit is to criticize others XD

Keep up the good work and as I told you, if this project doesn't succeed it will be cuz of the players are not willing to take it seriously and sacrifice time, nowadays ppl just want easy and fast paced entertainment.... sad....

Hello @Imperator Sync, Thank you : ) . Success is different for everyone. For me, success is having 16 people online :).
I am sure you will like this game

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