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[Mexico] Vincera Online - 8.6 - EVO-RPG SERVER


Jun 16, 2012
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•Ip: www.vincera.net
•Accounts: Vincera - Createaccount
•Version: 8.60
•Port: 7171

Site: Vincera - Latestnews
E-mail: [email protected]

Forget all the hundreds of Real map servers now and welcome back the old and epic Evolution map servers!

Vincera Online is the best and renovated Evolutions map server. We count with plenty of new systems like:
New training system
New fishing system
New addon system
And more…

3 cities:

Despite the new systems, we also have over 80+ new and edited monsters. We also count with Tibia like quests such as Annihilator, POI, Demon Oak, and new quests found in the teleports zone section and on our map where you need to look for them. Also, we count with War System and Cast system.

You can check out our world map by clicking here to find out new hunt zones, and other new places.

New stuff is added on our weekly updates, so there is not probability to run out of fun. There is also more fun with our PvP system and balanced vocations. In order to get a Red Skull you will need 25 daily frags, 80 weekly frags, or 35 monthly frags. This means that you do not have to worry much with getting a Red Skull. You will have fun killing others. We do also have daily events where you can win special items and even Premium points!

In the server, you can obtain new outfits by doing missions with the NPC’s or by completing quests. In a future, we will be adding new information to our website about quests, monsters, and more.

What are you waiting for? Create an account now and enjoy of our new features. Have fun and see you in-game!

For more information check out our server info. Click here for more information.