New game Tibia map in 3D - Unreal Engine + Blender + Own Textures

Dec 31, 2018
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Some time ago I was inspired by a project by two young people, "Tibia 3D".

Tibia 3D Multiplayer Project - what do you think?

I decided to do it much better, more precisely on the Unreal Engine. Below I present the results of my 2 hour work. What the game will contain:
* own textures
* own models
* own spells / item / monster name
* 3D camera view
* PvP system
* Inventory system
* Music / Voice chat in game
* I have my own server room (12x 64 gb ram, all i7 & xeon machine, 2x 1TB symetry)
* PL /ENG / BR language
* Mysql > login / register system / highscore system
* Own page

My YouTube chanell:
Luizianho Gaming

Below i present results of my a few hrs work:

Thais temple:

Mystic Blade:

Fire Sword:

Moonlight Rod:

War Axe:

Club & Mystic Blade & War Axe Fire Sword and Wand of Vortex

Fire Sword & Wand of Vortex:

Fire sword & Wand of Vortex (video render)

Club & Mystic blade & War Axe & Fire Sword (video render)
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