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[POLAND] [CUSTOM / 7.4] - ThornOTS - Create our world - Test Server

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Jan 2, 2020
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Hello travelers!

I would like to invite you to a newly created server in the style of the old 7.4, but it will be completely created from scratch.

WWW / HOST: thornots.eu
DISCORD: Join the ThornOTS - RPG custom 7.4 OTS Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/78Ndxvh8pd)

Website, client - they are left behind for now, so as to focus on creating a place to start the game, only after that I will deal with it. So please don't be fooled by its appearance!

We are creating together again, like in the old days, when Tibia was just starting :)

Many newer versions based on the RL map are being created and dropped. Due to this, despite the desire to install my own 7.4... I came up with the idea to make a custom server, but referring to that version.

Generally, the mechanics will remain as in 7.4 - PVP, skilling, buying houses, etc.
The world I want to create is to work on the OpenWorld principle - most mobs are generally not aggressive unless they are attacked, which gives you the opportunity to explore the world peacefully, and the time for gameplay will be on your terms!

Lots of puzzles, lots of interesting places, strange people, unusual quests... these are just a few ideas that came to my mind!

You have an amazing opportunity to be part of the project, learn the server and the map from the very beginning and create it with me!

I present a test server - which is already operational, but content and a world map are still being created!

As you can see in the videos, the map has already changed, and this will continue to happen. Every day I sit and change something, add something and that's why I need you.
The general outline is already known, but you can still contribute to the creation of this project!

Join today and let's create a wonderful world!
Good server support community and scripers fix fast but on 2k23 community was no point without good adv.
Hail Thorn Hail Łódź/Płock players remember u puszek from 2007/2010k u play with iCzesio and Tanoth on some 7.6/8.0 server :)
going to map some + add mobs :)
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for those who have already visited the server and for those who are just planning to...

this is a server inspired by 7.4 - so if you are counting on a new client, new graphics, etc., you won't get it here!
if you just want to complain... don't even bother to enter !!

I don't want to read comments like "omg, it's a server from 2006 etc" again

All the rest of the old school freaks are welcome :D
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