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Feb 25, 2019
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This map is literally the best map i've seen so far. Totally, really, whoah! I'm struggling to make any new area for old 8.1 version and while i see this I'm like "maybe I shouldn't do it and just go and change ot to newer version or visit your OT just for touring" :p.
Newer tibia versions give much more possibilities, but the core is about being creative and diligent.
Do you plan to open your server for visitors in the close/far future?
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Oct 30, 2010
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A longer one...

I want to play this. Like right now. kthx
I like your reaction! ^^ Well, it will take some time, since I am doing everything alone. But eventually... I hope I'll see you there!

Looks nice and I like it but these maps miss something... maybe they are too clean?
Thanks! Some of them are clean, some not, I want to diversify - I want one location to be highly detailed, messy as some would say, but on the other hand I want some locations to be really clean, literally just ground and some kind of walls with single detailing items.
Another thing, when the map is too detailed, as I said it could be messy, and for me better gameplay experience is not to overdo with details, because they distract you (if there are too much of them). I do the map caring more about gameplay, than doing just "artwork" only for show-off.
Another thing... We all have limited life time, and I want to finish the map and server before getting old 😅

I must say the general minimap is what has struck me the most – it feels very distinct from anything I've seen before. The river, roads, placement of the city, wilderness in the north – I wouldn't even have to see the in-game screenshots to know this is a remarkable map.

I have a question (and a couple of suggestions) concerning the gameplay, though. You said that your server is going to be difficult – how are you going to ensure this will be the case? There are a few aspects which could potentially harm the difficulty and the RPG feel of the server:

1. Even though Tibia is way above other MMORPGs in this matter, I feel like death penalties aren't high enough. The 10% loss of experience and skills is neglible if you have just started playing, which makes the early part of the game too easy. And on higher levels you can just buy blessings which will reduce your loss to mere 3% and will eliminate the possibility of dropping items. Players definitely wouldn't be afraid of death with such penalties – they'd just treat it as a regular occurrence.

2. The early exp rates seem a bit too high. x6 + 50% for green stamina + experience from tasks (which are shown on one of the screenshots) would ultimately result in a rate around x10. This means people won't even notice when they're already level 20–30. I'm afraid this wouldn't allow players to fully enjoy the early stage of the game. But instead of simply lowering the starting exp rate, I think it would be better to:
a) Disable green stamina.
There are two main issues with it: First of all it makes exploring even less rewarding because killing random creatures once in a while is a very inefficient way of spending stamina (the most efficient way would be to only kill creatures during your hunting session). Secondly it punishes players who do not have time do play throughout the week, but would like to spend some more time during the weekend.
b) Remove tasks.
I've never understood the phenomenon of tasks and why they are included so frequently in different games and OT servers. They do not add any depth to the game, they are boring, they do not make any sense lore-wise. They only annoy players because if you'd rather kill a variety of different creatures instead of killing exactly 200 cyclopses, it'll be less efficient. If you'd rather kill 60 more cyclopses before returning to the town to report the task, it'll also be less efficient. People are rewarded for doing things against their will.

3. While this doesn't have a big impact on higher levels, it surely is detrimental to the difficulty of the early game: health and mana regeneration upon a level-up. This is again a very common aspect in many games, which I do not see a point of, so I believe it would be good to remove it altogether. In Tibia it's also quite annoying because you are encouraged to spend all of your mana shortly before leveling up to train magic level.

4. Offline Training is a way to make your character stronger with almost no effort – you just have to log in daily. On the other hand, we all know that regular training is probably the most boring part of Tibia, which doesn't serve much purpose. Why not get rid of both then? Instead skills could, for example, correspond to the character's level.
Wow, that's a long one! Thanks for feedback! Glad that you like the map!

1. I don't plan to change death penalty, it seems ok to me. I don't want to make the game harder just to take everything from the players, when they make mistakes. I just want some kind of rewards to be more difficult to obtain, making items valuable, I don't even want high level players to leave gold coins inside the monster corpse, I want just people to have fun, and not wasting too much time, just enjoying it. And the difficulty will be mainly related to quests, in game money and quite slow rates (but not just 1x, it's too low, at the moment 5x at the beginning, 2x on 200+) - more or less. However... the first post is out of date, some infos are outdated and I will update them when development is close to an end, because it changes slightly with time.

Regarding the early stage of the game... I want it to be pleasant, and not too quick. Players will start from level 1 (without Rookgaard) and take some time to get higher level, I would say few hours to get level 25.

2. The boring part of tasks is when there is one NPC with 1000 tasks, and you just do it one by one... I do them in a different way. There are many NPCs, most of them have just a single task to do, with a little story background, located all over the map. In addition, there are some... "head hunters", which have few tasks, like 5 or 10 let's say, and you can meet them in places like tavern or somewhere else in the city. And the rewards are different, it could be access to location (related with a short story), mount or addon, item, gold, experience... depends, each one is custom. So I won't remove them for sure :)

3. Good point, will consider it however I don't feel it's really game-changing feature :)

4. I will leave skills as they are, I don't want to create whole new game (well, I would, but just don't have so much time and the proper team and skills).

This map is literally the best map i've seen so far. Totally, really, whoah! I'm struggling to make any new area for old 8.1 version and while i see this I'm like "maybe I shouldn't do it and just go and change ot to newer version or visit your OT just for touring" :p.
Newer tibia versions give much more possibilities, but the core is about being creative and diligent.
Do you plan to open your server for visitors in the close/far future?
Thankssss! :D Yee, I know the pain, I would love to have all the new stuff from newest game version, but I am trying not to do this... There is already so much stuff!
I am planning to open it for some kind of short test server, but unfortunately... not too soon :(


As promised in previous post, I am gonna share the minimap, I have not done this for a long time. Ground floor looks empty, but plenty of undergounds are finished, just need some time for the ground level. There is still a lot ahead of me, but I can finally see it gets shape, I don't know how my personal life will look like in next months, but I guess that on the timeline I am closer to the end of the development, rather than the start :)

Totally empty area to the south is ank-like desert, which shouldn't take much time to create, I love this one that's why I leave it for the end, would be pleasure to map it! Now the dirty work ^^

I moved the area on the west from floor 5 to floor 7, didn't like that the "undergrounds" (on level 6 and 7) were constantly illuminated like the surface.

The big mountain in the middle will be changed to smaller one, because I don't like how it looks now, and there will be many other changes regarding the mountain...

In fact, I have never expected that the mapping would take soooo long, I am creating big and well-dateiled locations, also want them to have some story-background, and all must fit together so I guess that's the reason. Creating one hunting place never takes shorther than half a day of constatnt mapping, and usually it takes from 2-3 days to a week. So you see one mid-size mountain on the minimap, and I see few hunting spots and few weeks of mapping.

I hope you like it!