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Feb 8, 2021
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But that is not at all what the photo suggests lol, either you've misread or you're tryin to push an agenda. As explained by Aris that is how every death by debug/pinging etc has been refunded, not only the streamer in question. Put some real evidence on the table and I'll gladly accept it but right now you're just making a fool of yourself.
I do not know how crystal clear laying out the definition of corruption - and connecting it to exactly what Aris (owner of Dura) stated - I could possibly make it. I will let others besides yourself (who I'd imagine is a staff member) see and make their own judgement. No need for insults, please.

I'd love to hear from Aris as well, but I imagine he doesn't have any way to respond to the bribery or corruption.



Jul 22, 2011
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Haha no point in taking you serious when you can't comprehend something this easy, it has been explained to you but you don't seem to want to understand. Guess we'll end it here until you can provide something that actually suggests there is corruption going on. The fact you believe I'm staff because I don't agree with you says quite something about you I'd say.

ps. info regarding EU-server??? :p:p:p
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Aug 16, 2020
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I think that this evidence shows the administrators are giving experience, but there's nothing to prove they're doing so inappropriately (i.e., in exchange for money) but rather as a way to off set some perceived unfairness in a death. The biggest question mark I'd have about this whole situation is it seems like their method of 'giving' experience seems to have been given great consideration as to how they can hide it from other players. Either way, the amount exchanged in the picture seems somewhat trivial from my position, but that's not to say it hasn't been 'drip fed' to other players in more substantial ways, this just doesn't prove that's happened - the means of giving exp just seem very.. thought out.. for a corrective measure.

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Nov 15, 2007
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Santiago, Chile (Australian)
It blows my mind that on the same day we host one of our regular discord town-hall meetings - where anybody who wants to speak is welcome to take the stage and speak directly to us and the community – we have people on otland claiming we are out to censor people. If that were true, we would not subject ourselves to a live audience.
Yesterdays town-hall meeting was massive – spanning 8 hours, countless speakers from all sides of active conflicts – and an average of 90 active listeners over the entire duration with peaks of well over 100. I wish Discord had collected some real statistics for us about attendance, but I am estimating we had over 200 unique players join our audience throughout.
We’re real people, you can talk to us, and you can do it in your own language if need be and we’ll have one of our hugely generous supporters translate for you.

Regarding the streamer Jere and the image posted here – The reality is that the refunding of players for deaths due to debugs and some other causes has been happening on Dura since day 1. Before the Jere situation “blew up” we were absolutely applying strategy to how and when we actually attributed the refunded experience and skills because we feared the scrutiny we would subject ourselves to if, for example, a player standing in DP suddenly gained a level for no apparent reason. Not having this transparent from the start was likely a mistake, but we were not too worried about it because so many refunds had been given to so many people – it was common knowledge that this occurred. Refunds are not something we want to do, and we are working hard to get rid of all debugs etc. so we don't need to do it in the future - it's a slow road though.

Over the 5 months Dura has been online it is true that rules and gameplay elements have been introduced, removed and/or changed that absolutely resulted in an “unfair” outcome for some. This is the reality of an ever-evolving game and is not corruption. We are not infallible – we have made mistakes, we won’t always make the best or most correct decision in everybody’s eyes – but I can promise you that we do our collective best.


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May 11, 2008
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@perzoonify- I've also been accused of being staff when I'm not in any way part of the staff. It's painful to watch people clumsily discrediting themselves when I'm actually interested to hear what may be legitimate criticisms.

@lordking25020- I see nothing in the screenshot about "for continued streaming" so that pretty much dismantles your entire tirade. As others have stated, this treatment was done for streamers and non-streamers alike when they had proof of a debug death.

I'm amazed at the level of effort put in by the admins to make all administrative decisions clear to the community. I don't always agree with their decisions, but I respect the hell out of their methodology and adaptability. Based on my experience, the level of perfection expected from Dura by people constantly complaining can't be found anywhere else in the OT community. Speaking as nothing more than a passionate player, Dura is certainly worth trying out imo.


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Jun 25, 2012
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My experience:
Created:Jan 26
A follow up on my previous post about my experiences in dura.

It's been close to 3 months of Dura now. I've logged in every single day to play in some shape or take my runes and my experiences still aren't over. I've had so many fun and frustrating moments which is what a real game should give you.

I found a door with a demon behind it. Deep within the dwarf mines on a lower floor not many have been to. Me and my friend were level 50 at the time exploring all the caves to find some secrets. As I joke, I said into discord "watch me break this door open and unleash the beast." I used crowbar on the door and it actually.. broke.. open. The demon came roaring out, I tried to lure it away from my mage friend to reduce the deaths, and it worked. He somehow made it out and saved my backpack which I thought was 100% gone. It was an intense and great memory. As time passed we gained levels and went back for vengeance. The first one we killed dropped a giant sword. Never been excited to loot such a simple item in the past, however here? I shouted out loud - it was actually such a great, epic feeling.

My friends send me screenshots when they loot boh, extremely excited. They brag about a blue robe when they clear raids. Loot feels great to obtain here, you have that oldschool feeling when you get something nice.

3 Months in and the raids are still exciting, we've started to narrow some of them down, to the ones we REALLY wanna do, vs ones that we do only if we are in a mood. Certain raids will bring us together and make us group and get out in the world to complete the content. We may have just ended up bank staring or house sitting instead. They really do make you get out and do stuff which makes the world seem more alive.

Just want to throw out that me and my friends started very late into this server. I know a lot of people get weirded out by the high levels. Just know that as knowledge is learned about dura, and higher levels/more items enter the economy, it's easier to catch up than you think. We all are near the top of the server even after a very late start. And that's with CASUAL gaming. I wasn't grinding 15 hours a day. And the friends of us who started even later, are leveling even faster with the knowledge the player base has uncovered. What i'm trying to say is it's never too late to start. You can catch up, especially if you like grinding, it's really not as difficult as you think. The high levels don't grind all day every day, there's lots of downtime and hanging out with friends, which a newer ambitious player wouldn't have. So if you get out there and play you WILL catch up as we did.

What i'm looking forward to?
- I really REALLY REALLY hope we get a lot custom items/mobs in the future. New areas to explore and mysteries to solve. More quests, rune charge quests, custom quests, anything.

that's really all I want, I guess i'm a simple dude.

Cya in dura
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