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    OpenTibia [10.76] Remere's Map Editor

    Did that, changed it for 10.36 but it still asks for SPR/Dat for client 10.35, is that normal?
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    Quick Question

    What distros/client is the most stable right now and has the least amount of bugs? Thanks
  3. Breakdown

    Moving forward

    All those people selling website templates that are an integration of various graphics taken from the net, and they want money for it, lol.
  4. Breakdown

    Signature God of War: Ascension

  5. Breakdown

    Post your latest work!

    Panda Smudge
  6. Breakdown

    Post your latest work!

    You've gotten really good, i think depth and lighting could use some work but great improvements nonetheless. Digging the textures of the signature
  7. Breakdown

    Post your latest work!

    Sure, why not.
  8. Breakdown

    Post your latest work!

  9. Breakdown

    Signature Hug.. or Some Shit

  10. Breakdown

    Signature First thing ever created =o

    Shift + T brings up re-size tool. Hold down shift while re-sizing and it'll keep the image in proportions. Signatures background and actual render have no relationship, what i mean is it goes from a bright background to a considerably darker render. One thing i always try to do when it comes...
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    Post your latest work!

    There's an issue with THESE forums where transparent avatars don't show up as they should, atleast .png's. So might not be a photoshop issue.
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    [Tutorial] Dark Signature

    The size doesn't matter, since when does this forum or any forum with a size dictate what "makes" a signature? In actual graphic communities, signatures are far larger.
  13. Breakdown

    Signature Stuff I Made I Hate

    So.. these are some signatures i made as of recent but didn't like the turnout so never uploaded them :/ But instead of just having them laying around, figured why not get some feedback on them. Like i said, i know they aren't very good but feedback welcomed!
  14. Breakdown

    Signature Dark Signature

    Tutorial: http://otland.net/f131/tutorial-dark-signature-166263/#post1604084