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    Hansihinter's Mapping Thread

    oh no, Reign of Darkness, played here 1year ago or smth and got ip banned hahahaha
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    Peroxide's Real-Map Project

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    I do
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    [SWEDEN] RealFeel 10.37 | Medium-rates | Events| Spells 50% exchaust |

    instead of talking bullshit against each other it wasnt even worth it cause it's offline already.
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    [USA] RulaxOT RL MAP 10.41 + Roshamuul

    haha delete this post please, it's offline this ot
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    [Sweden] Iridia RPG | Real Map | 10.41 | 24/7

    GG! server offline already hahahahahahaha =)
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    Lua npchandler.lua error.

    Hello everyone in my console i get a error from npchandler.lua :data/npc/lib/npcsystem/npchandler.lua:455: in function 'onCreatureSay' Somebody can help me? thanks. :) Here is npchandler.lua:
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    Rosha NPCs

    Need fully working Eruaran npc also
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    killinginthenameof Not Working

    Me too, got the same problem over here.
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    [10.77][TFS 1.2] ORTS, a real map project

    Where is download link ?
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    [Poll] Suggested changes

    If this change i will quit for sure!
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    [10.31][TFS 1.0] "EvoRPG by Zbizu" v5

    I think somebody doesn't understand it;P its "localhost" man and not 'online'
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    [10.31][TFS 1.0] "EvoRPG by Zbizu" v5

    I live in Belgium, it has security protection, i only can play localhost but can't setup a server by police. Thats why ^^
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    [10.31][TFS 1.0] "EvoRPG by Zbizu" v5

    Its sqlite? or Mysql like everything else... if mysql make it sqlite please so i can localhost! :)