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  1. Dip Set

    [Canada] [7.4] TibiaSucks (EZ PVP EVENT - 250$) July 13th, 11 AM CST

    ### Welcome to TibiaSucks 7.4! #### 🎉 Launch Event: $250 PVP Tournament! Date: 07/13/2024 Time: 11 AM Central Time https://discord.com/invite/gXWzyhHESq To kick off the launch of TibiaSucks 7.4, we are hosting an exciting one-day PVP event with a grand prize of $250! Join us for this...
  2. demon088

    [USA] [13.32] TacoServer | Real Map | Long Term

    Welcome to TacoServer! A free to play Tibia Experience (TacoServer - Latest News) Started on FRIDAY April 12, 2024 IP: taco.servegame.com Port: 7171 Uptime: 24/7 Client: 13.32 Windows /Android Host is located at USA Server type: RPG/FUN PVP type: Open PVP (Protection until Lvl 100) Runes: Normal...
  3. Gwos

    [Poland] [8.54] Naruto Ninkai Taisen | 4fun | Custom OTS |

    Server Info: IP: Nnt-ots.pl |START - 08.05.2024| Client: 8.54 (Custom) Server Map: Open Custom Map Online: 24/7 World type: PvP Server type: FUN Stage Exp: 1-50lvl 100x 51-100lvl 50x 101-300lvl 20x 301-500lvl 10x 501-1000lvl 5x 1001-9999lvl 2x Spawn: x2
  4. T

    [France] [8.60] Rebirth-Highexp | 8 Marc 10:00 CEST

    Server Website: Latest News - HigEXp (http://rebirth-highexp.com/) Server Address : rebirth-highexp.com Hosted in: France, on a dedicated server with 1000 mbits Internet connection. Server port: 7171 Uptime: 24/7 Client : 8.60 / old Clinet Map: OLD , full trap and rpg map Launch date: 8.3.2024...
  5. Apollos

    [USA] [8.60] Almyria Online (Beta)

    ~ Currently In Beta Season Phase ~ We're excited to announce that Almyria Online is now open to everyone for beta playthrough! Dive into a unique gaming experience with a map that's a nostalgic mashup of three classic worlds – Evolutions, Yurots, and Armonia. Game Details Client: 8.60 custom...
  6. D

    [USA] [Custom] Demonia - July 21st 2023

    Server Website/AAC : Latestnews - Demonia- custom tibia server (http://demonia.sytes.net/) Server Address : demonia.sytes.net Hosted in USA Server port: 7171 Client : 12.7 Custom / own custom client Launch date: 21.07.2023
  7. Danger II

    [UK][7.4] Tibiara | PVP Enforced | Smooth Client

    September 29th 18.00 CEST Tibiara is a war server, focusing on providing pure fun and exciting wars. Although the website is still under construction and not yet fully completed, I am taking the opportunity to finalize everything while awaiting the approval of threads on this forum, which can...
  8. Caravaggio

    [Poland] [8.54] Bleach Evolution

    Bleach Evolution OTS is starting at: [17.02.2023] 16:00 - 11:00 The best 4fun Bleach OTS !! Create your account today! Events on start: -Guilds with 5 members can receive points for guilds. -17:00 - 12:00 everyone online will receive a gift! -Dice event will take place on Thursday at...
  9. download123

    [Poland][7.72] Cyra Beta 2

    IP: newots740.ddns.net Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 7.72/own client/custom based on OTClient Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: Poland, on a private server with 3 mbits Internet connection. Website: DDoS protection | CleanTalk (https://newots740.ddns.net) Exp rate: 10x Map: Retro RL, self converted and...
  10. Gwos

    [Poland] [8.54] Bleach Evolution 18.09.2022

    Bleach Evolution OTS is starting at: [2022-09-18] 16:00 [POLAND] 11:00 [BRASIL] Create your account today! Events on start: -All characters created before the start server will receive a 2-day premium account! -People who will have a team with a minimum of 5 people they will receive...
  11. T

    [Poland] [7.6] TIBIAFUN START FRIDAY 17:00 GMT+1

    We invite to TIBIAFUN 7.6 Classic: IP: tibiafun.zapto.org Port: 7171 Our website: - Latest News (http://tibiafun.zapto.org/) START 10.06.2022 (FRIDAY 17:00 GMT+1) BOTS ALLOWED! NO ITEMS IN SMS SHOP - WE OFFER ONLY PREMIUM ACCOUNT.
  12. N

    [Poland][8.60] Evolaris (Beta)

    Hello dear players! We would like to invite you to Evolaris beta, where you can play and help us improve our server! Test Server is ONLINE, and you can join in every moment :) Everybody who will help testing and will get some profits on official! You can every bugs and your ideas write on our...
  13. kawon

    [GERMANY][8.6] VRIST OTS - START 10.02.2022 |custom evo|200+ exp places|70+quests|low expstages|DailyQuests=free premium points| casino |

    Hello players! After few years we are back to be online! One of biggest evolution map for Tibia 8.6 Low exp stages, a lot of hunt places and quests. Come and take fun! Website - www.vrist.io About VRIST OTS: We focus primarily on good gameplay, not earnings. A few years ago, the record of...
  14. Tibia74.org

    [France] [7.4] Tibia74 RL map #New Sever # START 18th of June 20:00 CET

    [France] [7.4] Tibia74 RL map #New Sever # START 18th of June 20:00 CET #Server Information# Here you will find all basic information about Tibia74.org Some of news from the server : We have armor with light! Just use it to turn the light on or off. Ankh in the corpse of death. 1/3...
  15. Awesomedudei

    Path of Tibia - Development Thread

    Path of Tibia's idea happened because the more stuff me and @oen432 added to Revolution (Inspired by Path of Exile), the more we realized that, This could actually work and be really fun. You will start out as an Exile where you get to pick between a few skills upon your first login. and...
  16. glydeforce

    [ENG] Project Mera 12.64 Realmap - Vanillaish Rates - PVP - Dedicated Server - 24/7

    Project Mera is a new English Open PvP 12.64 Global OT Launched on 5/6/2021, Mera's development is driven by players and developers have designed the server as a NO "Pay to Win" server. When you enter our world you find a tight-knit community of players committed to having a fun and legitimate...
  17. Source

    Team For fun (learning) oldschool server <= 8.6

    Looking for a team to make a fun server for learning & good times. All positions except for leader/lead developer are open (developers are still welcome), you decide what you want to do and can switch roles whenever you want to. Tibia protocol version <= 8.6. We'll be using fresh OTClient or...
  18. mRefaat

    [Germany] [8.60] OxygenOT | RPG/PVPE | NEW EVO | Sunday 2-8-2020 12:00 GMT

    Hello, I would like to invite you all to join our new server OxygenOT! Here you are some information about the OT: Login information: IP: oxygenot.com Port: 7171 Client: 8.60 Create account: HERE Server information: Exp rate: Stages Loot rate: x2 Skills rate: x40 Magic rate: x30 Exp...
  19. Pluto

    [Poland] [8.6] Bloodcrab | SEASON 2 | 10 JULY 18:00 CEST.

    [Bloodcrab S2] Season 2 start date: 10 JULY 2020, 18:00 CEST Welcome to Bloodcrab OTS - a unique 8.6 server. We invite you to join us in season 2! You will find Rookgaard with its' classic look expanded by some extra lands, quests and a hint of magic, which can entertain even high 200's levels...
  20. Ceasar

    [10.98] Nefaria FUN Project (unfinished)

    Hi! This is our little fun project (teleport-type server), which is also just a mix of downloaded maps, but maybe someone will find something to use. About map: Size: ~40mb 48 teleports for quests 80 teleports for exp places 1 continent with medium sized city, exp places which are not...