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  1. LuisPro

    [Znote AAC] TibiaCOM by LuisPro

    Hello. Tibia.com layout, not edited @Znote version but 100% made by me. Tested on Znote Acc 1.5 Instalation: - rename your layout folder - paste my layout folder Enjoy. Comment please :)
  2. feeniiix

    [8.6] [YurOTS] Baiak Infernium

    Adicioano NPC Santa Claus at Temple 8:54 Sell Items !new Itemsnew Outifitsnew Hunts And Much More .. Added was a new Town Called Baiak City One Fixed Account Mananger . Added VIP System Added 5 New Portals Vip Added New Bixos was Vip , Vip Warlock , Medusa Vip , Bossing of Baiak .. It was New...
  3. G

    New Quest

  4. G

    Edited Evolera Temple

  5. alissonfgp

    [10.10] Global Server 0.3

    Hello! Well I did not want to post in version 0.3 but on 1.0 already, but how have people posting without putting the credits my then already set to 0.3 at once. i have fixed: * Sem os novos sistemas de Browse Field, PVP(10.10) e Guild mark 10.10 * New Ab'Dendriel 98% * Houses De Ab'Dendriel...
  6. G

    [8.6] For fun temple :)

    8.60 map
  7. nevix

    [10.10] Leaf golem Spawn

    Hello guys, I want share Leaf golem spawn near carlin :) Tracked: SharpMapTracker v0.8.3 Please REP+ :) [UPDATED] (dead photo removed) I'm adding photo and Some monsters. Leaf golem, wilding leaf golem, and forest fury Mediafire mirror: Leafgolem.rar Mediafire mirror monsters: 10.10 version.rar
  8. A

    [8.60] Evolera.se Temple

    That's Tempel It's Nice Who Play Evolera.se Know This Temple 8.60 :D:D:D:D:D
  9. Aleada

    [Znote AAC] TibiaCOM -Updated-

    Heya everyone, I saw some things (little things) that were missing from the original layout from Znote. So... I decided to fix them and share them with you :D Here's the original - (Changes are shown by red squares) (dead screenshot removed) And... Here's the updated one! :D (dead screenshot...
  10. Znote

    [Znote AAC] TibiaCOM template

    A tibiacom inspired layout: Installation Instructions: You need latest Znote AAC 1.5 (2018+). [Get it HERE]. Download file. Enter Znote AAC directory, and delete (or rename) layout folder. Extract .zip into Znote AAC directory. Update 07. Mar 2019: - Fixed for latest Znote AAC version, added...
  11. Gesior.pl

    [GESIOR 2012] Change name for premium points

    Very simple script to change name of player for premium points (like in old acc. maker Shop). 1. Create file changename.php in folder pages 2. Paste into it: <?php if(!defined('INITIALIZED')) exit; $changeNameCost = 600; if($logged) {...
  12. tulio150

    Tibia Tibia Time Machine 4.9

    Tibia Time Machine is your new way to record and play Tibia videos! I made it to be very simple, easy to use and update-proof. It's intended to be a replacement to the now discontinued TibiCAM, addressing its flaws and missing features. Here is a copy of the manual: (included in the zip)...
  13. Shepard

    [9.83] Venore

    Hello. I tracked Venore map for myself and now decided to share it for public. It doesn't contain spawns nor houses. It's clean (no corpses and other sh*t). Merga mirror: MEGA
  14. alissonfgp

    Rookgaard v19

    Credits... Adrianootavares: Tracked Free Area 100% and Premium 15% Alissonfgp: Tracked Premium Area 85%, quests and Island of Destiny added and removed errors of clone map Import to x = 0, y = 0 Mediafire mirror: Rookgaard v19.rar
  15. Zysen

    OpenTibia [9.81] OTItemEditor

    News: - Support for version 9.81 (New) - Name of the items on the market - Walk Stacking button - Comparison of items Quick tutorial: 1) Unzip the zip file (eg C: \ Program Files \ otitemeditor) 2) Locate the folder Tibia is usually C:\Program Files\Tibia\ 3) Copy the tibia.dat and...
  16. Bica

    [ModernACC] Spell List

    Sup .. i'm not sure, but i already found many pages "bla bla bla Spells bla bla bla" ... i tested some of them but they didnt worked, so i find this one at my websites folder this one, i tested and worked fine :D So i'm tired watching guys crying to have one decent spells page .... lets...
  17. Jaffstern

    Jaffstern's Temple

    While I was opening my map files I found an old otbm file, it was meant to be for another server. Nothing exclusive at all, but thought I'd share it. (dead screenshots removed)
  18. Zysen

    Tibia Dark Skin [9.81]

    NOTE: This skin is not made by me. I found it on XB forums and just updated it. Download .Pic via Google Drive Download .Pic via MediaFire
  19. JoccE

    [ZnoteACC] Start server from AAC (Linux only)

    So.... i have made a weird admin panel script to start/stop the server from www. if you for example wants to start the server from the phone or like me renting servers too people and don't want them to have ssh access. The old thread in discussing section...
  20. jolle_jkpg

    OpenTibia Tibia Editor 9.81

    Tibia Editor 9.81 I searched for a while and now I found it. Here you go: P Download