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  1. E

    The Ghostot map full completed

    I hope someone can make a great server out of this map. :p Mediafire mirror: map ghostot.rar
  2. BDG

    [8.6] Interesting pieces of maps

    Hi I would like to share with you the tibia maps ... I am not the author of everything here but definitely useful. Tibia 8.6! Mediafire mirrors: Download mountains Download frost Download orc Download mino
  3. Andy Man

    Pokemon Centurion 4.0

    Today I bring you the server created by, Alexandre. What does the version 4.0 contains that the version 3.0 didn't contain? -Dive System -m1-m12 -New Pokemons -New items -Duel system with NPC's And much more. Images, I just cutted the borders of the images and re-uploaded them...
  4. Znote

    [Znote AAC] Fruity template

    Installation Instructions: Download file. Enter Znote AAC directory, and delete layout folder. Extract .zip into Znote AAC directory. Enjoy!
  5. Matiyas

    Gesioc Acc-Maker(dark-fantasy)

    Hope you like it! Download :ninja:
  6. Extrodus

    [9.6] Outlaw Camp 99% - Only Missing Carrot DreamHouse

    Updated Outlaw Camp + Mammy Longlegs Spawn Point/Quest Well, I got bored so I started tracking the new areas I haven't seen released on here to help out the community. This tracking session contains 99% of outlaw camp (including the bright sword quest). I say 99% because half of the Carrot...
  7. Jeddy

    [9.6] YourOTS - Jeddy

    !-Actions not included, visit link in my signature for them-! I downloaded the best version of YourOTS I could find that hadn't been altered at all. I patched it up but Actions and NPC's may need updating.
  8. Loney

    [8.6] Cave with some monsters

    Hi, I created a small cave (220 kb) with some monster like cycs, minos, ghosts, ghouls, etc Minimaps: (dead screenshots removed) Map Position: x: 1600, y: 1600, z: 8 Some images: (dead screenshots removed) Regards, Loney.
  9. cbrm

    [Znote AAC] Advanced Spells v2

    This script loads spells.xml when requested by the user at admin panel, and creates a PHP file saving all spells in arrays. It has sort options exactly like Tibia's page. It works with both 0.2 and 0.3 distributions. Preview: Setup: engine/function/general.php Before ?> Add function...
  10. wladca

    [Gesior Acc] Paygol Sms Shop System For 73 Countries ! Tutorial

    If you are looking for a good and working sms shop payment system for worldwide for Gesior ACC - here is it ! :) To payout earned money you need minimum 50 EUR . You can payout to Paypal or to bank account . You can earn money from more than 73 countries from worldwide and payout money in next...
  11. cbrm

    [Znote AAC] Account VIP list (TFS 0.3)

    Preview: Edit /layout/widgets/loggedin.php Below: <li> <a href='myaccount.php'>My Account</a> </li> Add: <li> <a href='friends.php'>My Friends</a> </li> friends.php <?php # TFS 0.3 VIP...
  12. cbrm

    [Znote AAC] Staff support list

    Preview: support.php If you use a TFS 0.2 distribution, use: <?php # TFS 0.2 Support List for ZnoteAAC # By cbrm @ otland.net # Credits to: AchTung, Zonet require_once 'engine/init.php'; include 'layout/overall/header.php'; $groups = array(2 => 'Gamemaster', 3 => 'God')...
  13. W

    [9.6] Gnome base 100% (no overspawn, trash spam or missing areas!)

    I tracked all of these areas in person, on my 300 ek. All areas are complete with the proper amount of spawned creatures and no bugs. This map includes the main city, gnomebase alpha, all task areas and all 3 warzones. It includes all all necessary protection zones and is ready to be imported...
  14. W

    [9.6] Yasir's Boat 100%

    Thought some people might like this. The only change that I know of is different flags for different ports. Coordinates 1000, 1000, 7 Included Yasir.xml+Yasir.lua scripted by Darkhaos. Screenshot: (dead screenshots removed) Rep+ if I helped you.
  15. W

    [9.6] Devovorga All Areas

    I have tracked all of the areas from the Devovorga event and set them up in an easy to import map. Ctrl+f for "11794" to find all of the areas Directions: Simply import the map onto your global map and it will add all of the devovorga areas without interfering with any other parts of your...
  16. Loney

    Little Island

    I was bored and I decided to make a little island, so i'm sharing this, enjoy. X: 500 - Y: 500 - Z: 7 Minimap: (dead screenshots removed) Some images: (dead screenshots removed) Regards, Loney.
  17. W

    [9.6] Quirefang 97+% complete!

    I've been tracking and piecing together the new areas, Quirefang is by far the most complex so I will be working on it on and off for the next few weeks until it's 100% Gray Island Coordinates: 33190, 31985, 7 Gray Beach Coordinates: 33500, 31300, 7 The hive is nearly complete, deeplings need...
  18. Jetro

    [Znote AAC] Simple Spell System

    Hi all, this is a simple spell system, it gets the info from spells.xml this is how it looks: go to config.php after this: $config['vocations'] = array( 0 => 'No vocation', 1 => 'Sorcerer', 2 => 'Druid', 3 => 'Paladin', 4 => 'Knight', 5 => 'Master Sorcerer', 6...
  19. Ninja

    [Gesior AAC] Show outfit (characters & whoisonline.php)

    Hello! I've seen in averatec's thread that there's a lot of people who is asking for this, so I thought that I could show how to make this for Gesior AAC. I'm going to use the standard characters.php & whoisonline.php for this. characters.php Another version for characters.php...
  20. hemrenus321

    [MODERN_AAC] hemrenus_poke layout

    by Hemrenus321 4 Otland :p preview: