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  1. Fribben

    [Poland] OriginalTibia 7.7 [HR] | Yellow skull system | PVP-Enforced | ONLINE

    Server Information : Uptime: 24x7 Datacenter: Poland, Poznań Full 7.7 highrate real map Website: originaltibia.com Worldtype: PvP-Enforced with Skulls (unjust system) Gameplay : PZ on boats (but no pz on carpets) Conjured runes 2x (sd, uh) Boosted spawns (tombs etc) UE/GFB division (for...
  2. BoneZ

    [Canada] RealOTS 7.7 - Cipsoft Files (Playable in Europe)

    About Hello OTLand community, For more than a year now i've been trying to search for the right person to get a RealOTS running that is completely meant for the community and will be based on feedback and suggestions from the players. This is a pure copy of the original game, as it was 2005...
  3. Fribben

    OriginalTibia 7.7 - Discussion thread

    Welcome back to the OriginalTibia 7.7 discussion thread Server Information: Uptime: 24x7 Datacenter: Poland, Poznań Full 7.7 real map Website: www.originaltibia.com World configuration: Highrate 7.7 Realmap Server Worldtype: PvP-Enforced with Skulls (unjust system) Running on old game engine...
  4. Dilera

    [CANADA] Dilera Online 7.72 | RL Map + Custom | OLD SCHOOL | Starts Today!

    Dilera Online is an old school server 7.72 Real Map + Custom Towns and spawns. 100% All Quests, Spawns, Houses and NPCs. Connection: IP: Dilera.Online Port: 7171 Client: 7.72 Website: Dilera.Online Exp Stages: 1-8 = 10x 9-20 = 30x 21-50 = 20x 51-80 = 15x 81-100 = 10x 101+ = 5x...
  5. 1uri

    [BR] Server 7.4 with Client 7.72 - 1X Extreme RPG ! !

    Link server HERE Let's have fun with lots of RPG ! ;)
  6. Drinny


    Welcome to Alzeria! Alzeria is a 7.72 oldschool real tibia map based server that is mainly made for wars and PVP action. We welcome all old tibia players aswell as newer ones, no matter how experienced in tibia you are there is a place for you in Alzeria! Besides the usual features that 7.72...
  7. victoremidio

    [CANADA]FULL Global Narevia 7.4 STARTED !

    IP & Website: Narevia.org Narevia 7.4 Features: No Protection zone on boats and carpet. Vocations and spells formuled based on Tibia 7.4. There is no Hotkeys! Party Sharing Experience. You can share experience in-party with your friends. No runes on Shop. It must be conjured. Edited Charged...
  8. bobxM

    [USA] Tibians 7.4 RESETED 07/06 (3 Season)

    Tibians 7.4 Register your account now at Tibians and receive 7 days of Premium Account! General Information: Promotion only costs 10k instead of 20k. Runes are double charged. You can leave your blank runes in your backpack while conjuring. Vials dissappear on use. Change gold/platinum/crystal...
  9. L

    #1 Custom Server Stamina System Yes or NO

    please vote. and help to create server old school without shit on shop now only need details. #1 Stamina System for pacc YES NO #2 Mounts on shop YES NO #3 ONLY PACC ON SHOP YES NO info: server exp skills 1x custom client anty boot suport 24/7 custom maps,monsters,spells etc... server start i...
  10. RareTibia

    [France] RareTibia 7.4 HR 2x easier 5.01.2017 17:00 CET - Free Pacc - Loot Message - Tasks

    Hosted on dedicated gaming server in: France Hard work and one year of trials. We can assure you that raretibia is complete ! Oldschool server based on Tibia 7.4 and unique exp-rate formula which changes at each level ! Raretibia give you the best gameplay mode which is balanced for all voc...
  11. S


    OLD SCHOOL PK TEAM STREAM ON TWITCH: https://www.twitch.tv/valinorpkteam pack of 13 pk movies https://uploadfiles.io/001b6 pictures + movies Uh trap na emperor trap movies: https://ufile.io/f6564 https://ufile.io/33538 pictures: 50ms movie: https://ufile.io/6c176 pictures:
  12. EaiComeu

    [BRAZIL] [7.4] MELINDRIA |DDos Protected|Anti-bot Client|- OPEN BETA - start oficial 12/11/2018

    Hello Otland. Welcome to Melindria! The server will be realeased on TUESDAY, 12/11/18 at 6p.m (Brasilia), but you can play the OpenBeta NOW. Here you will have the best old tibia experience with some unique features to keep the gameplay challenging, fun and entertaining! Melindria has its own...
  13. iSoftlezz

    [USA] Return Of Tibia | Retro PvP | RL + New content | No bots | 24/7

    Return Of Tibia It is under development and constant updating. You probably find bugs, so don't hate us. Please report them to the Staff. The server version is based on versions 7.x, with graphical improvements, but retaining old school PvP. No hotkey objects - No stackeable runes - No bots »...
  14. EaiComeu

    [CANADA] RECORDERA 7.4 |DDos Protected|Anti-bot Client|- START 25/11 - 03 PM GMT+3

    We make a new client Full Anti-bot, you can see in real time the Frames and your ping, you can recording without other program, and active to run the WASD function. Our server is featured with 7.4 characteristics. Website : www.recordera.com Version: 7.4 >> Rates: Lv 1 to 20 = 7x Lv 21 to 30...
  15. arthas.eu

    [France] Arthas 7.4/7.7 (Mid-Rates) Custom Server, Starting November 25, 18:00 CET

    Thread locked for scam reports First 15 players who put nick in this thread will get 30 days of premium Information You start your journey in the town Stonegate. There is no rookgaard as we believe that everyone that is playing Tibia nowadays already have played it previously. Therefore there...
  16. Fablow


    WorldWar 7.6 IP: worldwar.hopto.org PORT: 7171 LOGIN: 1/1 , 2/2 , 3/3 , 4/4 , 5/5 , 6/6 , 7/7 Old school World War - Dedicated Server RULES: No MC No Bots HAVE FUN Hosted 24/7 - Because why not? I miss logging in and just PVP for fun. Any problems? contact me at [email protected]
  17. Kungenn

    [France] Loeria - Classic Community [7.72] - Friday 11/18 - 16:00 CET

    An oldschool community running on protocol 7.72 with no modifications besides double experience rate, 100% complete. We want to annouce the launch of our first (of hopefully more to come in the future) server called Isera being hosted within the Loeria.com community. Website: www.loeria.com...
  18. Realtibia.eu

    [FRANCE] RealTibia PVP-Enforced 7.4 (+7.72)|RealMap|TASKS|MIDRATE|ANTY BOT|Start 18.11.2016 18:00|

    Level 1 to 20 x20 Level 21 to 40 x15 Level 41 to 50 x12 Level 51 to 60 x10 Level 61 to 70 x8 Level 71 to 80 x7 Level 81 to 90 x6 Level 91 to 120 x5 From level 121+ x3 Skills x5.0 Magic x3.0 Loot x1.5 Regeneration x2 About Server - Balanced Vocations - PvP-Enforced - Always listen...
  19. Peonso

    [7.72] OTHire 0.0.3

    OTHire 0.0.3 The highlights of this release are: - Healing and attacking spells shares exhaust - Players block ranged physical attacks from monsters with shield - Creature events onDie, onKill, onAdvance, onLook available - Monsters change target strategies implemented - Add...
  20. kostas136

    Server 7.4/8.0 RL Map

    is there any chance that any one share a 7.4 rl map or 8.0 ? that dont need any custom client just wanna play with friends on my own computer thanks for answers.