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  1. A

    [SWEDEN] tricksters 8.6

    Welcome to tricksters.hopto.org 8.60 server port: 7171 ip: tricksters.hopto.org YOU HAVE TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT FROM THE WEBSITE. full customized evolution server. it is a pvp server with skull system, but you will get exp from killing people. You will start with mana rune and uh rune, and...
  2. god bobby

    [france] Azura 8.60 Custom EVO - 25.03.2016

    We're inviting you to play on our server: Azura.sytes.net Start: 25.03.2017 (saturday) -> 19:00 CET Server informations: IP: azura.sytes.net Client: 8.60 Server type: EVO/PVP-Enfo Website: azura.sytes.net Uptime: 24/7 Frags for rs: 25 daily, 50 weekly, 150 montly Frags for bs: 50 daily...
  3. Knighterka


    WELCOME TO TIBIAFUN Do you remember old TibiaFun server? Now u can play it one more time! New edition with some new maps and quest, start 25.03.17 At this moment we got 116 character created! U can be one of them ! This server is not pay 2 win! Of course you can buy some items in Donation...
  4. A

    [France] [RL-MAP 10.97 - 10.99] Thornia | Starts this Friday (17 March) on 18:00 CEST

    What is Thornia? Thornia is a fun and easy to enjoy 10.97-10.99 RL-map server, with perfect exp stages and lots of great unique features. Thornia will start Friday, 17 March at 18:00 CEST. There will be NO resets at Thornia! Ip: Thornia.net Clients supported: 10.97, 10.98 & 10.99 Hosted in...
  5. Kodak

    [USA] Atheia - 8.60 - 100% Custom Map - Mid EXP Rate

    Welcome to Atheia We are a small community that lives on a mysterious island. The island features numerous climates including a rich forest, a vast desert, a boggish swamp, and a lush jungle. Version: 8.60 IP:atheia.servegame.com Website: atheia.servegame.com Explore the lands and discover...
  6. K

    [FRANCE] Matera 10.99 [RL MAP 100% - PVP/RPG] | Start 05 Feb 2017

    Matera.global - 100% RL Map server 10.99 [PVP/RPG] We would like to present you one of the most completed RL Tibia server with almost all new quests, places, monsters and items, very good balanced and daily updated. Server is a highly replicated RL Tibia server with higher rates what gives you...
  7. Kanqwerty

    [Poland] fanuria - New Evo 8.6 with medium stages

    Hello everyone! I'd like to show you very new ots fanuria. This is a great chance of becoming one of the best players. So, something about gameplay now: -Professions are balanced, everyone is useful, -There are many quests for items from shop on our site, -New map, new spells, new scripts. -New...
  8. Realtibia.eu

    [FRANCE] RealTibia PVP-Enforced 7.4 (+7.72)|RealMap|TASKS|MIDRATE|ANTY BOT|Start 18.11.2016 18:00|

    Level 1 to 20 x20 Level 21 to 40 x15 Level 41 to 50 x12 Level 51 to 60 x10 Level 61 to 70 x8 Level 71 to 80 x7 Level 81 to 90 x6 Level 91 to 120 x5 From level 121+ x3 Skills x5.0 Magic x3.0 Loot x1.5 Regeneration x2 About Server - Balanced Vocations - PvP-Enforced - Always listen...
  9. Evilor

    Armonia 7.6 map please

    Hello I'm looking for a armonia 7.6 map for my 7.4 mimic project. Please help me out so I can create this cool 7.4 pvp server.
  10. Saper1995

    Lock summon in area

    Hi guys!. Is there any function like setPlayerSummon = 2? I'm trying to make pvp arena and want to lock capability to summon any monster there. Is any solution for it? When summon kill player on arena then owner of that summon and other summon stay in locked arena but this lasthit summon is...
  11. X


    New PvP • New Balance Profession • New Planets Data: 14.10.2016 r. #18:00 REGISTER Rates Exp: Own Skills: Own Loot: 1x Home: http://Priority-Servers.pl lub http://Prioritygame.pl Forum: http://board.dbp.prioritygame.pl/ FanPage: https://www.facebook.com/priorityservers...
  12. elnelson

    [USA] Lunaria | Custom rates | Huge Map | Intense PvP | Survival | RPG | Daily rewards |

    Register on Facebook for closed private testing! Rates Fixed stages Loot 1.4x Spawn 1.8x Features +300 Custom monsters Unique hugue map WoW-like raids Reputation Teleport Crafting Buffs Survival Auctions Anti-bot. Personal Off-line Shops Dynamic World bosses High-end PvP-E and war zones...
  13. God qut / qutor

    [FINLAND] - Outcast 7.6, Worlds oldest OT, 13 years online | CUSTOM | EXP BOOST WEEK | WAR SERVER ON

    NOTE: This thread isnt completely ready yet, some essential information might be missing and I will update more details regarding the new updates in here. If anyone has any type of questions regarding the Outcast server, just throw a post in this thread and I'll be more than happy to answer it...