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  1. Bungelik

    Newcommer spriter

    Hello! I'm pretty new in this forum, referred by a friend of mine @Joriku . I love pixel art and he said that I've got talent and referred me to this community. I've been doing this for a while and would love to see what other people think of my works and if it could be of any use. Here are...
  2. K

    Looking for spriter/scripter (naruto project)

    Hello OTland community! I'm looking for individuals (spriter, scripter) who want to get involved in a new Naruto-themed project. Specifically, I am looking for a spriter. The only requirement I have for those applying as a spriter is a knowledge of the Naruto anime, otherwise please do not...
  3. potinho

    OTClient Resize Outfits

    Hello guys, I tried using some tools but still without success. A colleague shared some outfits with me (I really liked them) but they seem to be too big, I would like to reduce the size of these outfits a little, could someone indicate a method to do this? This is an example. I would like...
  4. M

    I need boat or canoe sprite

    I need a spriter to develop a boat or canoe outfit sprite for me. This sprite will replace the player's default sprite swimming on the server. I will use it as a maritime transport system in my ot. Or if you already have a sprite like this and want to sell it to me, that would be great too...
  5. draconzor

    Draconzor - Pixel Art

    Hi, I've never posted here, so I believe I'm new here. This is my first art, please comment about it and if possible give me some tips, because I want to learn more and more. Thanks xD. Mage
  6. Michy

    AI Sprite generation

    Hello community, I want to show you a tool that I added to my Aseprite recently that serves to generate sprites with artificial intelligence using Stable Diffusion as a base. Recently searching between forums related to Stable Diffusion I found a model called Retro-Diffusion and the truth is...
  7. fschuindt

    Converting 7.72 Tibia.dat, Tibia.spr, items.otb and items.xml to look like 7.4

    Hello there, One of my projects is a 7.72 game with 7.4 graphics and custom map. I'm looking for someone that can create me a set of Tibia.dat, Tibia.spr, items.otb and items.xml 7.72 files that will mimic the 7.4 look. I'm mapping it on RME 3.6.1 with the Tibia 7.72 vanilla .spr and .dat. But...
  8. potinho

    Compiling Dragon Scale Outfit - ODB

    Somebody can share odb file Dragon Scale outfit, to input on Object Builder? I want to put on my 7.6 server.
  9. potinho

    OTClient [Object Builder] Centralized Outfit

    Hello people good night! I exported some sprites and imported them on my server, but they were a little strange. This demon outfit seems to be more in the corner of SQM, is there a way to centralize it?
  10. Jaki Maoh

    OTClient Giving NPCs the [new quest] sign above the head

    Hello community! When thinking about giving quests, most rpgs have this function of the NPC having some kind of floating sign above the head, indicating that the NPC has something to interact with. I am not talking about the speechbubble that appears after the name, configurable in the xml file...
  11. cryptomeepo

    Mix & Match to have some fun.

    Well I was kinda bored so as a dwarf stories lover decided to mix and match some oldies. :p I enjoyed spriting, it is a real therapy. Don't really know why I'm posting it but still. Always good to have something new on the forum! Cya.
  12. pink_panther

    [REQUEST] Cannabis sprites?

    Come on now, we have water pipes in game since nearly the beginning. Has anyone made or do any servers out there have sprites for cannabis?
  13. A

    Graphic Designer (Sprite) Addons for 7.4

    Greetings, I'm currently looking for someone willing to create addons for the original 7.4 outfits. There isn't any preference for how they should look except that they should keep the retro look. What I offer: Payment either for the batch of addons or per outfit. Price is per agreement. If...
  14. chucky91

    Magic Plate Legs :D

    I just made it for my Otserv 7.4 what do you think? Combined? I will leave this to anyone who wants to implement it in Otserv. i did this plague in Paint, it took too long!
  15. Clickzz

    Clickz Spriting Showcase

    Greetings all OTlanders So.. latley i've been looking on some Spriting threads here in OTland and i got really inspired! I have never ever did something like this before but i have allways wanted to make my own cool sprites. So today i started to learn me how it works. Atleast a very little...
  16. lyloloq

    Pokemon Sprites with Blender

    Do not copy, use, or distribute without permission Hello everybody. As discussed on this thread: Using blender to create sprites... there is a possibility to create sprites using Blender. I followed the guide to create the sprites with blender and mixed with some shader work. I'll use this...
  17. Cjaker

    OpenTibia [SPRITER] SpriteSheetMaker

    Hail OTLand and Spriters! Today i'm releasing this useful software for speeding up the step of mounting a spritesheet What i can do with this tool? A: You can use it to mount a pack of sprites into a spritesheet, useful and better than mount sprite by sprite with hands (damn lot of work)...
  18. tekadon2

    Graphic Designer [Sprites] Develop a sprite package for an Indie game

    I am developing an Indie MMORPG on Unity Engine and I am looking for freelancers to develop my game sprites are on average 30 outfits as well as scenery items such as water, grass, trees, walls and etc. You can contact and make available a portfolio with recent works.
  19. Night Wolf

    OpenTibia Weapon Sprites Generator (GAN)

    Dear otland, As some of you were following in my initial thread Swords Artificially Generated (GANs), the future is here! Today I come to share a technology that was recently released, we are talking about articles that were published less than 2 months ago!! I have put up this colab notbook...
  20. Mandy

    Graphic Designer Is spriting still... a thing?

    Of course it is... and now more than ever before. Yes, i'm available! Btw, I want to thank a friend who helped me with all this stuff and my comeback to this forum @Leshrot