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OTClient Giving NPCs the [new quest] sign above the head

Jaki Maoh

Sep 13, 2017
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Hello community!

When thinking about giving quests, most rpgs have this function of the NPC having some kind of floating sign above the head, indicating that the NPC has something to interact with.
I am not talking about the speechbubble that appears after the name, configurable in the xml file either.

Is it possible to give a quest marker to an NPC?
I tried to make one and put it as a mount (imagining it was the only way that the sprite would follow the npc's movement) but the result was not good - the npc made the mounting pose and the sprite was between the legs). Perhaps there is another way?

Another thing I need to ask - is it possible to make it so that only the player that has the X storage can see the icon?

If anyone could share some light in this issue, it would be very much appreciated!

Thank you for your time,