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  1. Fox Rother

    [Guide] Compiling & Running TFS 1.3 for Linux on Windows 10

    About You can follow this guide. What is the goal of this guide: A stable Windows development environment. What is not the goal of this guide: A production environment for TFS. Do not use it as a production set-up. What this guide will teach you: How to set up a Windows environment to...
  2. GugiAllSafe

    Pagefile.sys CLEANER on Windows #TUTORIAL By Gugi _/

    Its my own Tutorial, I am inviting you see how to clear your pagefile.sys with this trick. Regards, GugiAllSafe
  3. P

    C++ Modal Windows 0.3.6/0.4

    Hello. Is there someone who can "copy" modal windows from TFS 1+ to TFS 0.3.6/0.4? I can't find older TFS with modal window. Thanks ;) PS. Sorry for my English, im only robot beep boop.
  4. dunnish

    Compiling tfs 0.4 ERROR: Unable to load config.lua!

    Hello! i have all files in the release folder from the source code. and im getting this error ERROR: Unable to load config.lua! but when i open the The forgotten server manually without visual studio its working in the same catalog.
  5. dunnish

    Solved Console error massage "Killed" on start up

    Hello! on linux i get but on windows its works anyknow why?
  6. namco

    Can't install vcpkg

    Following this edubart/otclient 2. Set up vcpkg When I try to do .\bootstrap-vcpkg.bat My Git Bash stuck at Building vcpkg.exe ... pch.cpp archives.cpp checks.cpp chrono.cpp cofffilereader.cpp downloads.cpp enums.cpp files.cpp hash.cpp lineinfo.cpp machinetype.cpp...
  7. B

    CrossOver for Linux/Mac/ChromeOS

    Since I am working primarily in linux & the computer I am using has limited resources (memory mainly) I didn't want to go into a hassle of installing playonlinux and configuring the required packages or installing virtualbox & a windows os emulation when I came across CrossOver. I knew of the...
  8. gudan garam

    Windows How to get/open gdb log files?

    Hello, I don't know much about gdb but I see some posts here on otland talking about the gdb logs and I wonder how can I get the gdb of my tfs after it crashes? how do I open it? the only thing I found was how to debug an .exe with gdb step by step but thats now what I'd like. I'd like to have...
  9. Linxsis

    Fix/Patch Cross Platform Linux/Windows - Preprocessor Directive - Solution to missing method

    I recently came across an issue compiling while working both in Linux & Windows. The issue was a method which did not exist in Linux but existed in Windows. To resolve the issue I wrote this within the source document. #ifdef __linux__ #ifndef /* miss_method */ #define /*...
  10. GhostWD

    Cross Compilation linux->windows?

    Hi there does anybody know how to compile OTC for windows on linux ? I was looking for some help and i found something in makefile to change variable to something like i686-w64-mingw32-gcc but i couldn't find that... With Regards, Ghost
  11. ibarhim_95

    [10.00/11] OTXServer, Failed!!

    When I log in, I always get this problem, failed to establish connection to the game server I use Znoteaac and have some pictures of what it looks like when I get the failed connection...... please, I really need help with that I can't solve it I tried everything. :/ I can still login while...
  12. D

    Windows Custom client version

    Hi, guys! I tried changing the version of the client (not server) using ollydbg while following this tutorial: Change tibia client version [7.72] I'm trying to change client protocol/version from 7.72 to a custom version e.g. 6.10 I've also tried through hex editing replacing all 03 04 to 02...
  13. elnelson

    Error OTClient MSVC 2015 (update 3) w/Boost_1_63_0

    Hello, otlanders. Im trying to compile the (almost imposible to compile by myself) otclient. i've followed several guides, downloaded tons of libraries/boosts/crap stuff from the tutorials, but i can not compile this sources. i've followed this guide step by step, several times: Compiling on...
  14. Yusuf El-Shora

    Linux Vs Windows!

    Well as the titled said, I'm thinking about turning from Windows to Linux due to some source probems like (silence /protection potions)..:( I cant fine a source data for windows tfs 0.4 contain both of these but i got the linux source full ..:cool: Here is my question, is it better? Dealing...
  15. BBlackfur

    Windows Instant Crash

    Hi, just been looking at Znote TFS Setup for about 10 minutes and did exactly all that (But XAMPP instead of Uniserv. I'm trying to start the server, it does start up but after the startup, this comes up: What could be causing it? GIF of the problem: Gyazo - 062b8a7afa88f1b590760f980c54a9d2.png
  16. suicunei

    Error in Compiling (msvc15)

    Straight to the issue, I tried to compile the latest source of OTC using the msvc15 and got many wanings(so much that I got hurried). I don't even know of what the warning are telling. Second thing: the compiling process completed and the otclient.exe was created directly to the main folder...
  17. lompik

    Windows Looking for cheap windows hosting!

    Hello. I want to host a 7.6 real map open tibia server. My map weights around 70mb. I need windows host. I looked at OVH but they are very expensive (100 euro+ per month) I'm a beginner and won't be having too much players online that's why I need cheap hosting so I can work on my project...
  18. Aldo Axel

    Windows Error Console TFS 0.3.6

    Regards, My problem is in the console, having the server open for a few seconds i get this error and close the console: How do i solve that? i wait your answers, thank you.
  19. Dawg

    Solved mysql Error 'player_rewards' (OTXServer, 7.7)

    I successfully compiled this distro https://github.com/mattyx14/otxserver/tree/otxserv3/path_7_7 for Windows. I am using Uniform server and Znote AAC, however I'm starting to think that this is not the correct AAC for this distro. This error happens every time I log in (from the server CMD...