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  1. Svira

    Feature Windows restarter with log saving function without external programs - only bash

    I saw that many people using Windows have problems with the auto restarter that monitors the tfs process, even if there is one on the forum, it does not save logs for Windows, which can be helpful in the event of various failures. Below is a restarter that starts 3 consoles: 1. Monitors the...
  2. srunobantana

    Compile OTX - error

    I need help compiling this OTX, I'M BRAZILIAN SORRY ABOUT THE TRANSLATION OTX Version: 1.0.X.SERIES Windows
  3. Addams

    OTClient OTCv8 is only compatible with Windows 10

    I have been using my own compiled OTCv8 for a while now, but I just figured out some hours ago that my compiled version of this OTCv8 does not work with any Windows other than Windows 10. Showing this error here The procedure entry point CreateFile2 could not be located in the dynamic link...
  4. 222222

    Thoughts on my dual boot setup?

    It's been a while since I was using Windows but it's time for me to add it as a dual boot along with Linux. I need it for some of the Microsoft 365 and Office suite apps, for work, and also some other Windows-only apps. I've been researching for a while for the most stable and clean version of...
  5. Addams

    C++ OTS statistics 1.4 on Windows

    I am trying to add this OTS statistics by Kondra using TFS 1.4 and Windows. It compiles successfully without any errors or warnings, but I am not getting any .log files in data\logs\stats. I double-checked my source changes and am sure every related change was added correctly. Did anyone try it...
  6. ROKI721

    [Windows] Batch File with del all temporary files + autostart.

    We have here on otland.net people looking for help with ots, I thought it would be nice to share something that can be useful not only in creating a server. Come on if you need it. 1. You need: keyboard + 2 minutes. ---- Click [Windows] + R, write notepad and press enter. @echo off title...
  7. G

    Error after Compiling

    Hello everyone, I downloaded the sources from the OTX2 server, but I can't use the compiled distro because it has viruses, I've been trying for 3 days to compile the server, today I managed to (through Visual Studio, release/64-msvc), but when I open the executable, it presented me with some...
  8. potinho

    Windows CPU consumption varies

    Good afternoon people, I have a 7.72 server (TFS 0.3.6, I know it's old but I can't upgrade) hosted on an AWS machine. Sometimes the CPU consumption goes up to 30, 60% (same number of players) and it is already felt like a crash in the game. Most of the time CPU consumption is at 0% or 3%. Is...
  9. M

    C++ Compilling on Windows

    Hey guys, Im having some issues here trying to compile the otx with windows. I am following the steps on this tutorial Compilling on Windows · mattyx14/otxserver Wiki (https://github.com/mattyx14/otxserver/wiki/Compilling-on-Windows) In the "Install the required software", he said to run the...
  10. zbizu

    useful tricks in Visual Studio for beginners

    Introduction This thread purpose is to get more people into experimenting with TFS sources. Most beginners (and plenty of advanced users) prefer using Windows when it comes to running tfs locally. This is not a disadvantage - most of user friendly tools to build a decent game world are for...
  11. potinho

    Compiling 7.4 server with TFS 1.3

    Does anyone have a 7.4 / 7.6 or 7.7 server that uses TFS 1.3, compiled in Windows, for download?
  12. Qbazzz

    [TUTORIAL] How-To : Manually compile Object Builder on Windows without Flash Builder

    TUTORIAL How to manually compile Object Builder on Windows Hello there OTLand! Due to many years and endless queries and guesswork about "How to Compile Object Builder" because official compiling tutorial on GitHub link is not active anymore, here I come! In this Tutorial i will show you...
  13. Discovery

    Windows Linux Running on Windows

    Hello there! Well, that's a tip for a lot of ppl who virtualize with another programs, use: WSL2. Windows Subsystem for Linux WSL2 it's a resource, developed by Microsoft to install new Linux Images on Windows. Microsoft provides a simple tutorial how-to setup everything...
  14. potinho

    Compiling tfs 1.3 - 7.72 by nekiro - Compiled for Windows

    does anyone have tfs 1.3 - downgraded 7.72 by nekiro compiled for windows?
  15. Daemonium

    Windows How to allow connection on web page and server using xampp?

    I'm really lost here. I can't even connect from my local network. Gesior 1.0.3 TFS 0.3.6 What setup should I use normaly? server config? firewall rules? xampp config?
  16. Fox Rother

    [Guide] Compiling & Running TFS 1.3 for Linux on Windows 10

    About You can follow this guide. What is the goal of this guide: A stable Windows development environment. What is not the goal of this guide: A production environment for TFS. Do not use it as a production set-up. What this guide will teach you: How to set up a Windows environment to...
  17. GugiAllSafe

    Pagefile.sys CLEANER on Windows #TUTORIAL By Gugi _/

    Its my own Tutorial, I am inviting you see how to clear your pagefile.sys with this trick. Regards, GugiAllSafe
  18. P

    C++ Modal Windows 0.3.6/0.4

    Hello. Is there someone who can "copy" modal windows from TFS 1+ to TFS 0.3.6/0.4? I can't find older TFS with modal window. Thanks ;) PS. Sorry for my English, im only robot beep boop.
  19. dunnish

    Compiling tfs 0.4 ERROR: Unable to load config.lua!

    Hello! i have all files in the release folder from the source code. and im getting this error ERROR: Unable to load config.lua! but when i open the The forgotten server manually without visual studio its working in the same catalog.
  20. dunnish

    Solved Console error massage "Killed" on start up

    Hello! on linux i get but on windows its works anyknow why?